Monday, March 1, 2010


"Behold, children are an inheritance from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3
Shelby Lynne Kee was dedicated at Immanuel Baptist Church Magnolia, AR, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010. She was 8 months and 16 days old. Bro. Steven McAbee dedicated her to the Lord, prayed over her, presented her w/ her very own bible (In Pink of Course w/ her name on it) and certificate of recognition. My dad and husband both wore Shelby's fav. color (in my opinion ;)), PINK! My dad also played a special arrangement of "Jesus Loves the Little Children" for the service music special on the piano. It as precious.
Baby Dedications are not to be confused w/ baptism or accepting of Christ. Baby Dedications are "dedicating" them to the Lord, accepting we are "borrowing" the child here on earth. Dedicating the child also publically announces that we as the parents give our word to the church as well as God that we strive to raise the child in a Christian and Godly home serving Him and raising the child up in The Word. This is also and outward symbol to the church to stand by us in the word we are proclaiming and for their assistance in raising the child as well.
Bro. Steven dedicated a verse, he found, for each child and underlined it in their bible. Shelby's verse is Philippians 3: 1 "Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord..." He prayed for Shelby to rejoice in the Lord always as we do for her.

Shelby is wearing the very same dress I wore when I was 8 months old and had my baby dedication. My mother and grandmother made this dress by hand; every little french knot, piece of lace, every hem. This preciousl heirloom has always been a treasure for me to have but now to know my very own daughter wore the dress for her dedication when I was this very same age, is just amazing. To see her in this dress so beautifully adorned and wearing her "Phi Mu Legacy" bracelet adorned w/ pearls and crystals as well as her "Miss Minna Pearl Necklace" was almost more than I could stand. I didn't want anyone to take her from me. I felt the same sense of love and protection I had the day she was born; wanting her all to myself, but she is God's and we are merely borrowing her for a moment. She slept through THE ENTIRE service for her and the other 3 children and woke up shortly after, but was precious and let me hold her, which is uncommon. She's usually bouncing off the walls or in someone elses arms. So thank you God for letting me hold her and cherish her warmth and love and for getting to have that moment w/ her that was so special.


jill said...

precious! my fave is the one of shelby and her daddy - adorable!!!

Sandi said...

love the pictures and the dress, just beautiful!!

Mollie said...

Great song your dad played!! I am sure with all the talent in the family as Shelby rejoices to the will be with all the talent she has learned from a wonderful family!!
So happy for all of you!!