Monday, April 30, 2012

Relay for Life Kitty

 Wow, so Shelby never ceases to amaze and excite me! She had a BLAST dancing for the FIRST TIME at Relay for Life Friday night.  Her little tap class (which I can't brag enough is the 3-4 yr old class and yes, she's not 3 yet so she's advanced because Miss Karen said she needed to be!) was 6th or 7th in the line-up to dance and it was HILARIOUS watching Sheebee mimic EVERY SINGLE DANCE FROM EACH GROUP all the while me keeping her off the "stage (which was just the concrete at the track)" so the class could dance.  She was soo excited and clapped for each class and said, "Did you see dem mommie? they did sooo goood!" hahaha.... memories....
Her tap class danced to the Siamese Cats song off of Lady and the Tramp but it was remixed into a hip-hop-like version and was sooooo stinkin cute! And the costume.... OMG.... MELT-WORTHY-CUTE! My favorite part was towards the end of the routine, which I didn't know they did this, they cross their arms and nod their heads like, "yeah, we're cool! " hahaha soo cute!!!

this was Shelby practicing and "stretching" at home before her debut...

 Posing soo pretty! Left the tutu off til we got there to keep it nice and poofy
 Checkin out the other girls in their "preeeety costumes"

 "heel, step.."

 "squish da bug"
 "yeah, i'm cute! uh huh"  thanks Deborah for getting this cute pic!
 "heel step"
 "meow!" thanks Angela for gettin this "sniper shot"
 "yeah! they did so good, huh Josie?!"
And my favorite "sniper shot" thanks to Angela...
This was RIGHT WHEN she ran as fast as she could after her dance was done, into my arms saying, "I DID IT I DID IT MOMMIE!! YEAH!!"
I couldn't video, because my iPhone shattered and this loaner phone is sooo hard to figure out, but these pics are PRICELESS and we can't WAIT til Recital, May 11th!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Her 1st dance pics

Shelby is growing up tooo fast and had her first dance pics last week. She's had a blast her first year of dance and recital is almost here! Her first performance is this week at the Relay for Life Friday. She and her tap class are doing their kitty cat dance. It's sooooo cute! They're dancing to a remix of the Siamese cat song from Lady & the Tramp and it's adorable!!
Her ballet costume is just beautiful and Girly! I don't know what she's dancing to in ballet but what she's shown me in her routine is beautiful! I can't believe she's so grown up!!
It was so special to dress her for her first dance recital pics and put make up on her for the first time. I cried like a baby in the studio in front of the mommas. Hahaa
The other girls are her dance "frands" (friends) and love each other!! Shelby is actually in the 3 year old class even though she should be in the 2 year old class. Miss Karen moved her up because she learned so fast and was bigger than the other girls. A proud momma!!
Oh and FYI, we've been 8 days without pap pap!!!! Totally gone!!! It's been hard at night the first few days but it's nothing like I thought it would be!! Woohoo! She also gets her BIG reward May 11th! A Calico kitten my friend Lydia has and is raising for her til she's ready! I think we're gonna name her Kally Kee!

I've still not found a way to blog from my iPad. I need HELP. I can't organize the pics either. Sorry

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Derby Day

SAU Hosted it's 2nd Annual Ladies Champagne Bingo fundraiser and this year's was to support the SAU Baseball team and had a Derby Day theme.  It was a blast! Over $4,000 was collected alone in TIPS!  Way to go ladies!
This was my hat prior and after decorating it ($16 hat with $5 worth of decor! SCORE!) lovely model:

Here's some pictures from the fun event of my wonderful table hostess, with the MOSTESS, and our friends...aren't the hats neat?! Julia is such a great woman and friend to have in my life (the lady in pink w/ the pearls on her hat)
This is us below (left to right): Julia, Me, Wanda, Sandra, Debbie, Debbie's Mom, Brandy's Sister, and Brandy (SAU Baseball Coach's wife)...for the life of me I forget Debbie's mom's name and Brandy's sis...oops....

 Coach and Julia....

 Julia takin hat pics
 Debbie and the sea of hats behind her
 Julia won a round of Bingo and got some lovely stuff including a yoga mat!

Such a fun fundraiser!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shelby and her first fishing trip

Still needing blog help. So I'm beyond sick about my iPad approach blog with any tips? What app do u use?
Pictures. Well I love to show pics of the things I love most. I also don't scrapbook or journal, except my Quiet Times I journal those to God, so this is my memory book to show what went on in our lives and to look back on.
Last weekend, Easter Sunday afternoon to be exact, we all decided to go fishing at a friends pond. This was the first time Shelby has been and LOVED it!!! She caught 6 and even got to see DaaDee catch a catfish, he caught 5. She had so much fun and to see her light up and get so excited was worth it all! I tend to take these moments for granted.
Lord, let me be like a child and be excited to fish for You and bring the lost to Your Kingdom!