Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Circus Came to Church

We had a blast last night! Our church sponsored the Carson & Barnes Circus on our church property and boy was it fun! I'd never been to a circus and neither had Shelby! It was all I hoped it'd be!
The circus was a fundraiser for Expecting an Encounter which is a ministry our pastor and our church is apart of and supports.  Expecting an Encounter exist to help others realize that no matter what issue they face in life Jesus Christ is the answer.
Expecting an Encounter ministries desire to work through the local church for the kingdom of God. It is our hope to identify those who are hopeless, desperate and hurting. Our message is simple; healing and restoration are possible through the grace of Jesus Christ.
The Word was given and there was a packed house both times and so I know someone was reached!! :)
Here's a photo-recap of our night!

Needless to say, we all had a blast!!! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

This week's Woot Woot is just a photo dump.... not much to say but a lot to show :)
new hair color!

CrossPoint weekend




Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

This week's Woot Woot Wednesday is random... i guess it's about baby boys?? lol

I've been busy  making a lot of boy stuff lately and it's continuing throughout the next few weeks! It's unlike what I'm used to since I"m usually doing pink, sparkles and frills... LOL..
My dear friend Mrs. Claus asked me to make her new grandbaby two onesies and I think they turned out great!
 I also made a project for Miss Minna, my dear friend and has been Shelby's teacher since she was 4 months old when I worked and is now her PreK teacher....She has it hung in their classroom :)
It says, "M is for Miss Minna...a very special teacher and friend.."
I'm knee deep in projects til April 1st and after that, I'm gonna take a break for a little bit... I've got to sew up 8 or 9 Jazz Costumes for Shelby's Jazz Dance Class recital and those are due April 1st before pictures.... PRAY FOR ME... LOL....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Girl bag

So a friend of mine asked me to make her a diaper bag for she and her hubby's new baby girl they WERE expecting and so I got sick, shelby got sick, and then life got busy and then I sat down friday and did it and got it to her Friday afternoon and she LOVED it...then... she had the baby SATURDAY! HEE HEE just in time!!!!!

She wanted the bag to have bears, pink and purple... as well as her name "Somer Jo." she adored it! :) I"m sooo glad because I felt bad enough letting my issues get in the way...

I'm currently working on BOY STUFF... i know!!!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Woot Woot Molly B

After I wrote this week's Woot Woot post, I received the sad news of Southern Arkansas University's Mascot, Molly B the Mule, passing away. It's only fitting that this week's Woot Woot go out to MY FAVORITE MULE EVERY, MOLLY B and the memory our family has of her....I met her when I started college back in 2001 and since then she's been, to me, the jewel of SAU.  She stayed in the pasture next to Josh's office where everyone that drove on the bypass could see her and anyone walking the farm road could meet her and feed her!  She was sooo awesome and such a beautiful animal! She has been SAU's leading lady for 20 years, the longest living mule SAU has had I believe. SAU received her when she was just 6 years old so SHE LIVED TO BE 26!!
This is the BEAUTIFUL write up my coworker and great friend, Toni Walthall, wrote.  

Molly B was always gentle, unless you touched her ears; she hated that, and was such a beautiful animal as she would run the end zones for those touchdowns during football season.  The games won't be the same this fall without her.  Here's some pictures of our glorious time w/ Molly B.... I wish I had taken more pictures of us with her.... Once I find the others I have I will be posting them.....
this is on the fence where she was for everyone to visit and meet as they visited SAU

These pictures of Shelby and Molly B were back in 2011...i'm still in search of recent pics we took with her and throughout the years...there will be a Memorial service for her and for those who want to pay respects to such a great and beautiful Mule.
this pictures my coworker, Aaron Street, took for promotional use for the college....

Molly B with her amazing rider, caretaker and friend, Megan Maye

Aaron Street shot this promo video that is shown in regional Movie theaters as well as a TV Commercial of the Mulerider and Molly B did fantastic!

Molly B when we had snow a few years a go I believe...

Molly B at her finest, SAU Football Game in the end zone waiting for that touchdown to show everyone what she did best!

There is a website dedicated to Molly B and the memories we have of her. You can go HERE to write your fondest memory and even upload your pictures to it!

Molly B will be forever missed and it's not goin to be the same EVER when I drive to Josh's office and don't see her there or when we take our spring and summer farm road walks we've done since we were college students at SAU and continued to do when Shelby was born and is now 3 1/2.... We love you girl and you are now in the greenest pastures and running on the streets of gold!!