Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hootie Hoo!!

Something about owls always has made me smile. After seeing a bedding set in Target that was owl themed, I've wanted to do something w/ an owl. Today I got the idea to do a paci clip for Shelby since all her paci clips that were cute have either broken, too nasty or I don't like how they look/fasten...So, I got out the felt, scissors, needle & thread and let the creative juices flow and came up w/ this:

I'm starting these felt animals and they can be paci clips, hair clips or on a headband. Each animal is handmade and handsewn piece by piece! :)
~God bless,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy girls...

When I think of "Happiness" I immediately think of God, Josh, Shelby and the dear friends who are close to us.
"Happy girls are the prettiest girls ~Audrey Hepburn"

Nichole is extremely talented in making jewelry, as you've seen, but SHE BLEW MY MIND W/ THIS:

SHE MADE THIS!!! The flowers, the details, the picture, ALL OF IT! She left the top part blank b/c she said, "OK, so I can't paint and you can so you'll have to do that part." LOL... so funny! Well, being the 24/7 creative-thinker that I am, IT HIT ME lyin in bed last night! I have several pieces of vinyl from Shelley and JUST KNEW the Audrey Hepburn quote would work! It MORE THAN WORKED, it was PERFECT! I had to cut the "girls" part off the end and put it below but other than that, IT FIT! It's even the perfect shade of pink!

I hung it on the wall you see when you walk by & enter Shelby's room as soon as you enter in! I now can be reminded and see Nichole & Cambry every morning and every evening as I lie her down to sleep & dream. This piece of artwork is Nichole, Cambry, Shelby & myself all in one and I AM TOUCHED to have this true treasure! Thank you Nichole! I love you & MISS YOU SO! Our next trip can't get here soon enough!
~God bless,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lives Forever Changed

So we are saddly back from Memphis, TN. IT WAS AMAZING!!! MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED FOR THE BETTER! Not only has God placed a WONDERFUL family, THAT I KNEW WAS WONDERFUL before we met, in our lives to be friends with through phone calls & Facebook but He allowed us to meet this family in person and we are never going to be the same! We've already began planning the 2nd trip! :)
We came from Magnolia to Memphis (4 hours) while The Hawkins came from Indiana (6 hours). Nichole and I have known each other (through email, phone calls, texts, & Facebook) since we were pregnant w/ our girls and we just sealed the deal this weekend! Meeting her in person was the most excitement I've had in a long time! She is JUST as I thought she'd be! Cambry Paige is the cutest little thing, next to Shelby, I've laid my eyes on! We laughed and said Cambry waddles like a duck when she walks and Shelby walks like a Teradactile (sp?) lol... It was surreal seeing a child that's the same age (Cambry's 7 days younger than Shelby) and stages as Shelby! It was also nice traveling and hanging out w/ parents in the same stage of life as we are too who FULLY understand the schedules of life right now. We had a blast and really just relaxed! It was really hard to leave yesterday but "absense make sthe heart grow fonder" right? I am so blessed to have 3 BFF's (Josh, Nichole & Lydia) so thank you God for these wonderful people in my life!
Meeting Nichole felt like we've known each other forever!
here's a slideshow of all the fun we had:

~God bless,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


(Ok so when I say "OMG" I mean "OH My Gosh/ Goodness"; just to let ya know!)
Shelby's been having Night Terrors off and on for like 2 weeks now and it's BAAADDD!! Last night she flipped out and was kicking, slappin, crying, screaming & just FURIOUS!!! No idea why but at 3am this started and it didn't stop until almost 5am! AAAHHHHHH but she woke up smiling & happy w/ her pap pap in my face saying "Momma Momma!" LOL...silly girl...

So that was a negative OMG but on the positive OMG, we are going to Memphis this weekend to meet Nichole!!! :) Soo excited!! Nichole and I have been BFF internet friends since we were pregnant w/ our girls and have gotten closer since our girls were born. we talk almost everyday on the phone, Facebook or through texting. Our girls are 6 days apart and so we can't wait to see them together and how they act!! Nichole and I are SOOO INCREDIBLY similar and so this is just icing on the cake!! :) There will be TONS of pics to come from this weekend!

Sorry i've not updated my blog's been nuts and a lot of changes are going on! :) Pray for me and our family as God is moving INCREDIBLY IN OUR LIVES RIGHT NOW in directions I NEVER DREAMED OF!

And I STILL can't get a video uploaded to ANYTHING so by the pics, you can tell, WE HAVE A WALKER NOW!
~God bless,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brock's Bag

I got A LOT done today! I'm soo proud of myself! I got my house cleaned (fully cleaned!) and got the diaper bag & wipe case I set out to get done, done!
This is for a sweet family here in town that recently were blessed to adopt & bring home their sweet baby boy, Brock. He was born July 6th weighing 6 lbs 15 oz. Amanda asked me to make her sweet little man a diaper bag w/ wipe case and she chose the MOST ADORABLE fabrics ever! This is my new favorite boy bag!

~God bless,

July Camping Fun

This past weekend we went camping w/ my mom & dad and Shelby had a ball! It rained every day (we were there Thursday thru Sat.) but it was still fun! Shelby is now walking :(! It's bittersweet but so funny to watch her!It's surreal to see her this big! I never realized that when you say, "time flies & they grow so fast" that THAT'S ACTUALLY TRUE! OMG!

It's soo surreal to see 3 camping chairs instead of 2! :) She's such a little person now and A TODDLER! :( sooo fun & love everyday of my life! "Bliss" is how I feel everyday I wake up! PURE BLISS! When I hear Shelby wake up, my "bliss" is full-throttle and 100%! I walk in and she's standing in her bed smiling and waving her sweet little wave at me and I go up to her and she gives me a hug, EVERY MORNING! Life can't get any better than this! If Josh and I were to lose everything and just have each other & Shelby, I would still be happy & praising God for everyday b/c life is not about possessions or who has the best car or house or nicest clothes or jewelry/shoes, even though those things are nice, it's about the ones you love and those who love you and praising God for these blessings in your life everday!

Who can resist this?! I mean really?! Is this my child? Whoever can declare there IS NO GOD IS INSANE b/c seeing this, JUSTIFIES IT 100% if there's any doubt! Only God can create something this gorgeous and wonderful! This is our old trailer that is now mom & dad's and then that is our new-used motorhome that we call, "The Rolling Turd" (if you've not seen the movie RV, then you're unsure why we call it this so I recommend you see it! Robin Williams...that's all I can say! LOL)! The motorhome is soo much easier and fitting w/ Shelby now! We just load up our clothes and food and go, park it, plug it in and we're set!

I tried uploading the video of her walking but Blogger kept giving me an error so any input any of you have to help, IS appreciated!
~God bless,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good morning! Today was an early one but good considering I was awakened to Shelby needing her "momma." She's been having nightmares a lot this week around 2a.m. every morning and such was the case again last night but she also decided to wake up at 6:45a.m. as well so I'm a bit wiped but thankful it's her that awakened me :)! I have TRULY found my calling.

I was chatting w/ my friend (who I get to meet for the 1st time July 23rd!!) Nichole yesterday and was telling her how I've never been the "motherly" type. Lydia can testify to this as well! I was the one who was happy as the 2 of us, happy w/o kids, happy not being around kids, etc... God OBVIOUSLY did a work in me b/c I'M THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE! Not only am I FULLY engrossed and addicted to my sweet Shelby Lynne, but I'm the Assistant Nursery worker for Nursery 2 at church (walking to 2 or 3 yrs old), helped in Crafts at VBS, Crafts Coordinator for our Mission VBS coming up in Waldo, AR, LOVE to hold babies, do the baby-talk thing, play, read & FULLY focus on Shelby & other kids needs, etc... I AM A MOM! WOW... I never would have thought I'd be satisfied as being labeled as a "Mom." I am IN LOVE FULLY, HEAD-FIRST, ALL-IN!
I've also done a 180 as a wife too! I LOVE cleaning, cooking (learning!), and being a housewife!! :) I also have fallen in love w/ dresses!!! LOL... If you knew me before Shelby, I HARDLY EVER wore dresses! lol.. Now, it's odd if a day doesn't go by w/o me in some type of dress! LOL.. I do need a cute apron so I think that maybe my next project to sew/create (after the few orders I have of course!)! LOL...
I've also seen a negative change in myself as well. I get over-engaged as a mom and forget about my calling as a wife 1st. I admit, I am not the wife I used to be and I do neglect Josh b/c of Shelby's needs. This balance is something I'm having a hard time doing but I'm trying. It's tough but I do feel God has a plan for me. I am taking it day by day to become the woman & wife Josh needs me to be b/c he needs me just as much as Shelby does. I am working on my attitude & tone I take w/ him as well as the "little things" in life. I am trying to be more understanding, listen FULLY to him, be engaged in his interests and not take anything or any time with him for granted. I fall in love with him more and more every day and especially when I see him w/ Shelby.

Please pray for these challenges in my life and for God to continue to do a work in us!
here's some cutie pics of my little Tooda...(we now call her Tooda Tooda Pumpkin Nooda...dunno why, but we
"See my boo boo's?" she had to have 5 SHOTS last week for her 1 yr vaccines! THEY'VE NEVER given her shots in her arms and for the 1st time she got them there she got 2 IN EACH ARM (1 in the leg)! She's never cried or gotten upset w/ any shots she's had, which I always thought was strange...but MAN OH MAN! SHE MADE UP FOR A YEAR'S WORTH OF NOT CRYING IN JUST 10 MIN. W/THESE! She even pointed at the nurse and squalled, like she was telling on her to me! lol.. poor baby... In this pic I asked her to show me her Boo Boo's and SHE DID! LOL

OH AND Shelby's walking more!! For the first time yesterday, she would hold my hand and walk w/ me! I put her baby's baby stroller together that her Uncle Wes & Aunt Ashley gave her for her birthday and it's helping to encourage her to walk A LOT! However she does put her baby in it and then grab her, throw her out and tries to sit in it herself! LOL..but she took her baby for a stroll w/ Mommy & Daddy the night before down the sidewalk & driveway!

It's very difficult to see her growing so fast but I LOVE THIS AGE & STAGE in her life! She knows what we say, I know what she says & wants (95% of the time) & she's still cuddly & yet independant! PERFECT BLEND!! If I could get pregnant, give birth to a 5 month old, I'D HAVE LIKE 6 KIDS! LOL...

~God bless,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independance Day!

Wow what a change in just a year! This was Shelby on July 4th last year...

and here she is today...

~God bless,