Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NEW! Coin Purse

So this is item #1 of 3 for the October Indiana auction. I have mentioned before about this auction but in case you're lost, it's an auction in Indiana to benefit the Children's Hospital there and a lady contacted me after talking w/ Nichole to donate some items to be auctioned off so what a better time to introduce my new items than now! I will be doing a coordinating clutch w/ vintage clasp as well as a matching checkbook cover, which by the way, WILL BE SHOWN AS A TUTORIAL SOON! :) STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO. ON THE CHECKBOOK TUTORIAL TO BE SHOWCASD!!
My original idea doing the coin purse backfired; remember I DO NOT use patterns or other's designs, I invision it and create it! That's my process! My ideas usually come to me during my sleep which keeps me from sleeping....lol... so anyway, the original idea was goin great until I realized, OMG THIS WILL NOT FIT UNDER MY MACHINE FOOT (sewing machine foot that is) AND IT WILL HAVE TO BE COMPLETELY HANDSEWN!! Good thing my mom taught me how, so this coin purse is VERY ORIGINAL AND COMPLETELY AND LITERALLY handmade and is all sewn by my two VERY SORE hands and 10 fingers.

The Zipper Coin purse can be done in ANY fabrics or colors you prefer. It measures: 5" wide x 4" tall and fits your drivers license as well as all your other plastics, coins & cash, and all those little bitties you don't wanna lose! I added a little extra last minute, a loopy strap to tote it around.
For any other questions, please message, comment or email me!
~God bless,

Monday, August 30, 2010

And the winner is..."WOOT WOOT"


Thanks so much Alisha for entering and for being such a great participant! :) If you will, email me your address where I can ship the finished zipper coin purse to you! :)
Alisha so kindly wrote:
"I love your work and now I am a follower.
My favorite pattern is the Amy Butler Modern Garden Maze in Lime. Love her prints!
I also just added your blogspot link on my blog for others!"
I also love that Amy Butler print too Alisha!
I want to do a giveaway once a month, maybe, so I HOPE to have more participants for next month's so spread the word!!

So, my dear friend from Brazil I've been missing since I lost her blog link and couldn't remember it, ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK LAST WEEK AND WE ARE REUNITED ONCE AGAIN!! YEAH!! I've prayed for Kecia and her sweet sweet family continuously and have never forgotten her, especially when I see my Brazilian soap on my bathroom soap dish each morning and evening! So...Kecia sent me the link to her blog again and also this AMAZINGLY HEART-WARMING poem she wrote the day Shelby was born!! Kecia writes:

"I saw this on my blog today and i remembered that i wrote it for Shelby on the day she was born...


You came like a sweet miracle;
A special present to 2 longing hearts;
The reason for laughter, after a hard long wait.
You came to touch hearts, here and afar...

On June 12 the Angels sang a new song.
Congratulating a blessed couple for their new born.
Like Abraham and Sarah their received a new meaning for laughter... Their Isaac, their treasure.

For you sweet Shelby, deserts where crossed...
Dragons where slayed...
Castles where conquered...
Because of you... A new kingdom was made!

Sweet Princess Shelby... Welcome to the world


My heart completely jumped outta my chest and I am sooo thankful for sweet "family" like this in my life and as a support system! Thank you Lord for Kecia and for her sweet family across the sea! I am soo posting this poem on Shelby's page!

Ok, so onto the explanation of the "Woot Woot"....

for some reason when I get excited I say, "Woot Woot"! I'm not sure why..it's mainly on Facebook & text messages...What's funny is that Mollie has picked up on this and brought to my attention the other day on FB when I posted something in regards to how many days I had left till my last day of work and how Shelby wasn't sick anymore and she said, "you left off the 'Woot Woot." LOL...so, I've decided to do a blog graphic for my Woot Woot moments! LOL....so, here's what you can do, you can let me know via comment to this post if you would like to add the "Can I get a Woot Woot" to your blog and let me know and I hope to make a Linky post of all who want to do this!
I think it's funny and we can all post what makes us go "Woot Woot!" I'm easily amused so it doesn't take much for me! LOL...

Well, today marks Day 1 of the SAHMood!! :) "WOOT WOOT!"
~God bless,

Friday, August 27, 2010


(yes, the necklace is one of Nichole's :) MY FAVORITE SO FAR!)
TODAY IS MY LAST DAY AS A CAREER MOM!! After 5pm today, I will officially be a SAHM!! :) My heart is literally LEAPING out of my chest w/ joy and happiness! Shelby didn't sleep well AT ALL last night so I'm exhausted! This week has had it's up's and down's: finding out the insurance we were going to add me and Shelby too and take her off of Josh's will not accept me w/ maternity b/c of me having infertility but then finding out to be added to josh's isn't as much as we thought and almost equalivent to what we were going to use; shelby getting sick Wed. afternoon and me having to stay home THE DAY BEFORE MY LAST DAY & having to take her to the dr. yesterday to find out she has a sore throat/cold and what could have turned into strep throat and to find out she has a top-left molar in that we didn't know existed, but is back to herself today, on antibiotics, but is still stayin home w/ Gwammy to be safe while i finish up work stuff that I should have done yesterday but had a great day holding and cuddling my sweet Sheebee Shake, AND Josh gone to Oklahoma this weekend for the Oklahoma Steak Cook-off in Tulsa :( (so if you're in the area, look for the BLUE AND GOLD b/c LOOK OUT TULSA!! THE MULERIDERS ARE COMING!!... but Shelby and I are going to Texarkana to spend the weekend w/ my parents!!
Today is soo bittersweet! I have enjoyed my almost 5 years (would have been 5 years Sept. 1st) working here at SAU and w/ my boss. I've learned so much about myself and others and have grown tremendously but also realized my calling and place right now is w/ Shelby, my home, family and helping w/ my church's children's ministry. I will never again have these days w/ Shelby and I don't want to miss anymore than I already have with her and her development. Being a Summer SAHM was tough, so I know this is no gravy-train but I'm always up for a challenge and when you do what you love, that outweighs the difficulty. I'm sooo ready for this new adventure and change in our lives! Please pray for us as we transition into a single income family/household. God has tremendously provided for us and blessed us and we will be fine b/c we are doing what He has called us to do! Also, please pray for Bizzy B's. I want this little passion of mine to glorify God w/ all my heart and also provide a little for us. As of right now, a leap of faith is what I'm jumpin out on b/c I have only two orders and that scares me but God always provides and never ceases to amaze me! He's given me a great opportunity to send some items to Nichole in Indiana for an auction there that I HOPE will get my name out there and keep me on my toes. :) I'm sending a clutch, zipper coin purse & checkbook cover set as well as some hair bows I have already made up from the festival Nichole participated in that got rained out. Just pray.... my heart is in the right place but the world in me is kinda anxious and nervous....God will provide! He always does!


One last thing,
Thanks to Karen, I'm gonna try out some of this "Blog Hopping" business! I'm taking one step at a time...slowly but surely! :)
I've also taken away my buttons on the right-hand column that I read and follow/support and added them to their own page! ;) It was becoming too long and I'm still not happy w/ how long my right column is but o well....a work in progress!

ONE MORE THING.... I say "Woot Woot" a log..I guess....well I know I do on FB & through the texting world...so, I made a graphic that I'm gonna make as a button IF i CAN REMEMBER HOW TO....for now, it's just a pic in my right column at the top... lol

i'll blog and explain more later... lol...



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Fav's & GIVEAWAY!

I LOVE fabric, thread, buttons, trims, and basically ANYTHING from Hobby Lobby but since I do not live in a town that isn't blessed to have a Hobby Lobby ( I think the husbands of Magnolia were applauding as I typed that)my "hobby lobby fetish" is satisfied and masked by Fabric.com; SPECIFICALLY

Premier Prints are BY FAR, my favorite selection of fabrics EVER (not to mention this and this as well...they are equivalent in my "fav's" category!)!! Premier Prints, Amy Butler & Heather Bailey are EXCELLENT in weight, color, and just overall FABULOCITY!!! Premier Prints come in the best weight (canvas) for the diaper bags b/c they are durable and keep their colors and shape a lot easier than just your plan-O cottons but I must say, I LOVE to work w/ the prints and the quality of fabric Amy Butler and Heather Bailey provide!
So, the new "rule" is, you can still choose your own fabrics for any creations you might want, but if you ask for "advice" or "suggestions", these are the 3 I'll give! :) Now, the rule for the new clutch bags I have is they will ONLY BE MADE in Amy Butler or Heather Bailey prints unless you find something I think is just to die for! The clutch bag is a more high-end, chiche bag that I want to remain that way so that's why I'm more specific on it's design and overall look. I am offering you a choice on the clasps. You can either have a vintage more decorative clasp,

like I talked about more indepth here or just a general clasp like you see on this clutch below:

(NOTE: this clutch is NOT my design but is a picture from a pattern to give you an idea of the general/plain clasp I am offering.)
Also, I am offering more decorative touches to the clutch that will incorporate fabric flowers, vintage broaches, buttons, etc....that will add to the cost but be an added detail you can have as well.
My last day of work is in two days and so next week is my official week as a Stay At Home Mom and I will get to be blessed to spend my day caring for the sweetest little smile and person, clean my house, cook and get to sew sew sew, in between naps that is! LOL!! I cannot wait!

Have a blessed Wednesday and rest of the week!
**OH, here's something fun! Since my last "giveaway" was a total bust and I lost the info for the winners and haven't heard from them by just comments and so on...and ended up just X-in the whole ordeal, I'd LOVE to TRY TO do a giveaway again and choose a person from my comments to give away one of my new-to-come-and-be-shown-not-yet-finished-or-even-seen-by-anyone-yet zipper coin purses!! The way this works is:
1) LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS POST saying what your favorite fabric print is from either Premier Prints, Amy Butler OR Heather Bailey
so, so far you could have 3 entries!!!
5) You can get 4 entries if you do all of 1-4 AND add me as Facebook friend!!

So, here's the dealy-O, I will give you until Monday to do all this and on Monday, I will review the comments and choose ONE winner and will announce that winner on my blog post that day! ;) good luck!!
~God bless,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Melting heart

Not only do these eyes pierce my soul but Shelby now gives hugs to any and everyone!! She is sooo passionate and loving!! I am soo blessed to have such a caring and social child that is soooo vivid in her tiny little body already! She also cracks me up w/ her giggles and vivacious personality that she expresses 24/7!! She's ALMOST running so WORLD, WATCH OUT!! She's to that stage that she wants "down" to walk and explore on her own, which is great but also sad b/c she's becoming more and more independant and less dependant on us :(....I know someday I'll have to let her go, but for now, I cherish that she still lets me rock her to sleep for naps and bedtime and runs to me when she's hurt or sad or needs love!
Thank you God for this amazing little ENORMOUS miracle you allow us to teach and love each day!

~God bless,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I love the color in my house right now. However, I am ready for fall b/c I've got some CUTE decor from Hobby Lobby that I can't wait to decorate with! I love the colors of fall and nature that time of year instead of right now where it's too hot to enjoy anything outside!

Target had a great sale on some decor pieces and I scored on the green w/ cardinal accented orchid candlescape! It was $39.99 and I got it for $7.99!!!!!!!
I am also a HUGE sunflower fanatic so the sunflower arrangement is in my FAVORITE glass vase from Hobby Lobby as well that I scored for $10!! :) I just love that vase! It's great for ALL SEASONS and so multidimensional! Christmas ornaments, rocks, jewels, feathers, flowers, stems, branches, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!
Just wanted to share some of MY colors :)
~God bless,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mountains & Valleys

**Make sure you check out the bottom to see the gorgeous creations of my BFF, Nichole**
This week's been full of mountain's & valley's, that's for sure!
Mountain 1) turning in my 2 weeks notice to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)
Valley 1) worrying about turning in my 2 weeks notice to become a SAHM & my boss'/work reaction

Mountain 2) made it through turnin in my 2 weeks notice and got a positive response from all co-workers and the University
Valley 2) Our A/C going out the same day I turned in my 2 weeks notice and KNOWING it was gonna cost a small fortune and an arm and a leg when I need my arms, + more, and my legs

Mountain 3) God provided the cost for the A/C units (inside & out) to be replaced and the start of the replacing process was beginning
Valley 3) being out of our home for 4 days straight and out of our routine, as well as Shelby not sleeping well

Mountain 4) God continuing to bless us through the opening arms of Mammy & Pappy letting us live w/ them in their home and help w/ Shelby while our A/C is being fixed
Valley 4) we thought the A/C was fixed only to find out yesterday when we were "moving back in" that our NEW UNITS are one of the "few" that have come from the factory w/ a faulty valve that doesn't let the "cooling stuff" cool the air.

Mountain 5) Sleeping in our own home & beds in a comfortable temperature (even though I'm for being frigid) and the A/C guys replacing our faulty valve today

THE MOUNTAINS OUTWEIGH the valley's this week, don't cha think?!
God is good and is our Strong Tower and Shelter, even in 100 degree weather!
5 days of work left... :)
then it's on to being w/ this wonder 24/7!!

(old pic, i know...gotta upload pics from my camera that I just found this a.m.)

Another HUGE mountain in my life, as well as strength, comfort, support, encourager, strong-hold, shoulder to lean-on as well as blessing in my life is my BFF, Nichole! She is such an inspiring and uplifting word, and is 10 hours away!! I miss her every day and our Memphis trip made it that much harder...even though another trip is in the works! She is also an AMAZINGLY talented and gifted designer! if you are interested in ordering, please email her and say you heard about her from Bizzy B's that way she doesn't think you are spam mail! her email is: nicholehawkins@hotmail.com
Here's a few of her previous designs she's sold and made. Each piece she makes is 100% ORIGINAL and cannot be duplicated. She can replicate as best as she can but since her materials are mostly vintage and unique, the replicates will not always be 100% the same. That's what makes her creations UNIQUE! :)

This one below is the one she did for my mom. All my mom said was, "I want lots of color (gave her her fav colors)" and Nichole did this:


I AM IN LOVE W/ ALL HER DESIGNS AND PIECES!! I've got several myself as well as my mom and some friends of her's! I love you Nichole and God has truly blessed you and has AMAZING AND GREAT THINGS in store for you!

thank you LORD for your ABUNDANT blessings!

~God bless,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess what?!

So my summer home ended Monday :( and I came back to work BUT God is definitely at work b/c....
when I came back...
I turned in...

I AM GOING TO BE A SAHM (Stay At Home Mom for those of you not sure what SAHM is)!!!!
In the same day, our A/C unit WENT OUT!! COMPLETELY!!! BUT, once again God has provided and we are replacing the inside and outside units today. We were beginning to question our decision if me quitting my job was right or not but the peace we have from that decision quickly turned our eyes back to our Father and realized we had!
My last day is Friday, August 27th and I am sooo excited to be blessed to have this opportunity! This is my dream and it's still unreal to think it's going to happen! I am also going to get to devote A LOT more time to Bizzy B's and continue to re-vamp and introduce new creations and items and so thank you for all your prayers and thoughts and all I can say now is..
sorry no pics....maybe next post :)
~God bless,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

changes are high & low

So boy oh boy is God at work! He's at work in ways I'D NEVER HAVE DREAMED and even ways I would not choose, however, HIS WAYS ARE PERFECT! I have to keep telling myself this or I'll break down. Life is changing and I do not do change well AT ALL.... I've never embraced change very well, as most I'm sure. However, God's change is ALWAYS GOOD and like I put on my Facebook status last night, God is good on the mountain tops and in the DEEP LOW valleys!
So, the change in my life is amazing and UNREAL to think of but I can't share it just yet but just know God is definitly hearing the cries of His children and He is in control of EVERY part of our lives! :)
Change is also occuring that's hurtful and heartbreaking in our lives but again, God is still God and is still good. Just pray for His children to follow HIM and not man.

Another "change" is that Bizzy B's is branching out into making more items that are not children-related!! I am in the process of making clutches, zipper bags, checkbook covers, cosmetic cases, jewelry bags, etc.... MORE ITEMS FOR THE MOM/WOMAN and not the kiddos! :)Don't get me wrong, I'll still be doing bows, kid outfits, wipe cases & diaper bags, but I've been encouraged (Thx Nichole!) to use ALL OF MY CREATIVITY and do more items for women and not necessarily for just mom's! :) So.... here's some items I will be making (these are not my pictures and are examples of the designs I will be doing but will have my special touch! all pictures came from etsy.com)
These clasps are on their way from China to my workspace!! Vintage clutch clasps!!
I can't wait to get these babies in my hands!!!!

this is an example of the size of the clutch I will initially sell:

My clutches will have vintage clasps and added details like sewn flowers, vintage broaches, pins, etc...
You will also have the option to have a matching zipper coin purse and checkbook cover to match your clutch! :) Tomorrow is my sewing day so look for pics to come soon of the new creations! I am still patiently waiting on the clasps so I HOPE to receive them soon!! :)
I have been commissioned to make a clutch, zipper coin purse & checkbook cover for an auction in Indiana to benefit the children's hospital there! :) I"m soo stoaked! It is due before Oct. 1st so I've got PLENTY of time! I am taking orders now for any and all type of designs! 1st come, 1st served! I do work according to when I receive the orders(which includes payment). My list is quickly taking off! :) God is soo good and SO ARE HIS CHANGES IN OUR LIVES!
You know I can't end a post w/o talking about Shelby and posting at least 1 pic of her! She is now an official walker and is VERY good at it and can wear her squeaky shoes! They are a little big still (she's in the in-between size of a 3-4 shoe) but are soo cute on her! Mom bought her RAZORBACK SQUEAKY SHOES FROM SHOE BOX HERE AND THEY ARE ADORABLE! They are maryjanes w/ little red and black flowers on the strap!! :) Sooo cute!!!! She's also A LOT MORE VOCAL these days! She's a huge mocker as well! It's soo fun and she's growing TOO TOO FAST!

She will be 14 months old on Thursday!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

short & sweet

So this week I volunteered to help w/ our Children's Day Camp at our church so I'm MIA from blogger this week as well as from sewing, cleaning, etc... BUT NEW BIZZY B'S MERCHANDISE IS TO COME AND IN THE WORKS!!! I will let you know more and give you sneak peaks to come later :)...basically when I have time to be creative w/ pictures lol.... so....just a mini update real quick
* shelby's no longer crawling; FULLY WALKING/RUNNING
* still miss Nichole & Cambry daily/hourly; plannin to see them in Oct. or Nov.
* got a phone call to make items for an auction in Indiana in Oct. to benefit the Children's Hospital there
* new designs are exclusively for those that may or not be mom's and need a little something for themselves that DOESN'T hold wipes, bottles, rattles, yogurt melts/puffs, or diapers! :) Interested? :) wanna see?? :)
here's a hint...

the rest is up to your imagination and...
wait... :)
can't think of anything else just yet....
**OH there's one more NEW thing happening in my life but it's a secret and not ready to be told to the world yet (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT SO DELETE THAT FR YOUR MIND NOW!)!! :)