Friday, May 29, 2009

Maternity Photoshoot

So yesterday not only was my last day of work until August 17th (Maternity Leave) but it was also an amazing evening w/ a dear friend, Stacy of Cloud Dust. She did an amazing, fun and memorable photoshoot of me and Shelby, while we're still "one". I love each of them so I can't pick a favorite. Here's some of the ones Stacy has edited and that are "print ready." :) Thanks again Stacy! Can't wait for you to take Shelby's pic's when she's here in my arms! Which, by the way, could be ANY DAY now!

This one below was the first BARE belly shot we did and I was very hesitant b/c shelby has "Blessed" me w/a some stretch marks on my sides and then in the last 2 weeks on my lower belly but you can't see them!! yeah!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Presenting, Shelby Lynne's Diaper bag:

YEAHP! I FINALLY finished it and it's packed, as you can see, and ready to go! It's made out of chocolate brown minky dot fabric, Michael Miller's Dandy Damask cotton, and since I didn't have any solid pink, I just cut up a pink flannel blanket we had received as a duplicate from one of our showers and used it! I LOVE how it turned out and how original and special it is. No one will have one like it and I love that! It was rather difficult to sew the minky dot fabric but it was worth all the broken needles and seam ripping.

Well, today is my LAST DAY of work until August 17th! I'm on official maternity leave from my full-time job as of 5:31pm this afternoon! Knowing this made it a little easier to get ready this a.m. since I'm still sick with this horrible head cold that I got MAYBE 4 hours of sleep from and still feel yucky this a.m. OH, another angel was brought into this world last night! Our friends, Wes & Ashley, have a new niece, Ryne Michelle. She weighed 7.88 lbs and was 19" long. Ok, honestly, I was a little upset because her momma, Natalie, wasn't due until 2 days AFTER me and I feel like I'm the only one not delivering, but then I realized, Shelby's just comfy and not ready to make her grand entrance yet and she wants the spotlight ALL on her so that's why she's waiting to come out. :) I keep telling myself this so I won't cry. haha..

OH, another cool thing about today, my dear friend, Stacy, texted me yesterday and is doing a maternity photoshoot of me this afternoon after work too! She even blogged about it yesterday and said, "i'm wanting to give her another chance to feel pretty before miss shelby arrives..." SOOO thoughtful and sweet and JUST what I need! I'm so excited! We're gonna take some shots around the square here in town in these cool alleys and then some at my house outside and inside. :) Can't wait! I'll be sure and post them when I get them from her! She just got a new fancy camera and her work is beautiful! She said last night that she doesn't know what she's doing but you SURE CANNOT TELL IT! I love all the pics she's done so far! Go to her blog and look at some she's done of her kiddos lately: Cloud Dust
Have a blessed day!
~God bless,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

38 weeks, Woo & Boo Hoo

So as of yesterday we are considered FULL TERM! Yeah!! 38 weeks down and HOPEFULLY a few days left and not weeks...Our actual due date isn't until June 9th but I'm hoping Shelby decides to show earlier.
We had our weekly dr.'s appointment yesterday and all is well, WOO HOO! She is now head-down (Praise the Lord and Thank You for answering that prayer!), still extremely active 24/7, heart beat is great (she had the hiccups when doc was doin the doppler....haha), my vitals are great (whheewww!) and she's dropped (thanks for the new stretch marks on my lower belly Shelby. Haven't had these before and last week they just popped up and she dropped down so now I feel like I've got a cantalope between my legs so the "waddle" is in full-force now). The "Boo Hoo" is, I'm STILL not dialated AT ALL... So, the goal now is to walk, walk, walk and do anything else ANY OF YOU suggest to at least get the ball rolling. I even ate mexican food last night and I HATE mexican food! Still nothing... I am having more intense Braxton Hicks contractions and her kicks, jabs and stretches now hurt a lot more but still no progress. We go back Tuesday for our next visit. I think we may take the camper and go relax, just us, this weekend even if it is in-town at our lake or close-by.
OH, I almost forgot! I will be officially on "Maternity Leave" from work, my full-time job, 5:31pm TOMORROW (Thursday, May 28)!!!! I'll be off until August 17th! :) I'm soooo excited and hope to get at least a couple days of rest and time to organize my house more before Shelby arrives but if not and she comes, so be it! I am not stopping it!
Oh, one more thing, I also finished Shelby's diaper bag, but my camera is packed and I forgot to download the pics so I'll TRY to do that this week sometime. IT IS GORGEOUS and unlike ANYTHING I've done and my Mammy (Mother-in-law) thinks I'll have a HIGH demand for these when I start taking orders again. haha... oh boy! Our bags are packed (95%), the carseat is in the Tahoe, the baby clothes/stuff is washed and we are READY TO GO.... now only if Shelby was ready! haha...
~God bless,

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A quick request I have...
Please pray for my tolerance & strength. I am SEVERLY starting to swell in my feet and ankles and it makes it very painful to sit, stand or walk. I swell if I sit, if I stand, or if I walk for a length of time and I sure can't lay down at work and even if I could, that's also extremly painful. I am trying to be strong and not lose it and complain/whine but with the temps rising here in Arkansas, it's tough to control. This is a selfish prayer but one I ask you to giggle along with and remember. Afterall, all I can do is laugh or else I'll cry...haha...

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend! We are off until Tuesday and even on Tuesday Josh and I will be off at 3pm for my weekly dr.'s appt. so that is something to look forward to for sure!
~God bless,

37 week Appt. Update

So our appointment yesterday was really short and sweet! haha... Weight is great (only 2 lbs of fluid this time instead of 4 so i've not gained), blood pressure is great, belly's measuring about 39" (which is about 2" bigger than my progress; i'm 37 weeks so an exact, perfect size belly would be 37"; but doc said is fine and great :) ), Shelby's heartbeat is strong and great, she's measuring about 6 lbs 7 to 9 oz, and no progress... I've got so progress or dialation or anything. He said there's about a 10% chance he might see me before my next appt. on Tuesday but other than that, he'll see me Tuesday when I'll be considered...
WOW, that's hard to believe! I think I'm ready. I know I'm ready to be comfortable again and have my body back HOPEFULLY close to what it was but I don't know if I'm ready to have her and be a good mommy for her. That's a lot to take in but honestly, who is ever ready for this?? God is preparing us and with Him, we'll be great parents and we'll be ok. :)
OH, and we took a tour of the hospital's Labor and Delivery Unit (Wadley Regional Medical Center in Texarkana, Texas) and it was GORGEOUS! I feel sooo much better and at ease now seeing where I'll be. The rooms were huge and it's a one-stop-shop (I'll deliver and recover in the same room/bed!)! We were VERY impressed and it looks just as good as St. Michael's rooms, which is what I was concerned about b/c after the horror of seeing our hospitals rooms here in town, I was getting very sceptical...I am proud that we'll deliver our baby in THE SAME hospital & have our angel in the same nursery as me and my brother.

OMG, I'm sooo excited that Kris Allen won American Idol!!! :) He's from Conway, Arkansas, which is just a hop, skip & jump from here! I think he was a lot more versitile and could sing any song where Adam was just rock. He reminded me THE WHOLE season of someone who would be a good fit w/ KISS and low and behold, who did he perform with last night as his "celebrity"? KISS...haha.. anyhoo.. he kinda scared me too with the make-up and crazy-lookin eyes he'd make when he sang. He was and is a good artist but to me, not very well-rounded. Kris, OMG, he is so humble and seems like someone you could walk up to and he'd give you the shirt off his back. If I'm not mistaken, I also think he is/was a music leader/ worship leader at his church. I am thrilled for him and his family! What a great representative of Arkansas and Christ's Kingdom!
Congrats Kris!!
~God bless,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

37 weeks Pics

Ok, so here are the belly pics I promised I'd take last night. These are at 37 weeks, yesterday. I apologize for the facial expressions. I was tired but these 2 pics are a great description of how I feel, unknowingly "expressed" this...haha.. I knew I needed to take a pic just in case something happens so they're better than nothin!! We go today at 4pm to the dr.! I PRAY for some progress!! I may cry if there's not any. haha.. Last night "Miss Thang" was like a Chinese Acrobat in there and Josh just laughed b/c it looked like she was having a dance party in there. haha... it's still amazing to me but now when it happens (when she moves), it really hurts...but it's all worth it and we are so close!!

Also, my in-laws put together & delivered the rocker/glider & otoman my grandpa got us last night!! Here's a pic of it, not where it'll go and I apologize for the mess, I'm in the "bag-packing-process" right now..haha..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow...37 weeks today!!

So I KNEW IT! I KNEW I HAD A WATERMELON UNDER MY SHIRT!! Haha... It truly does look like that's what's happened! I NEED to take a belly pic... I KNOW...I KNOW...before it's too late too.. I'll jump on that tonight, hopefully! It's been a busy few weeks..give me a break! haha... but wow! 37 weeks pregnant today! O M G... this means that Shelby is officially a full-term baby and BOY O BOY do I feel that. Geese...this child is a mover and a shaker (gets it from her daddy, haha)! I am experiencing A LOT of discomfort now and crying occurs quite often because of that so PLEASE pray for Josh and his patience and nerves. I know I'm shooting them all to pot w/ my insanity these days. My back feels like a rod is being shoved in my spine 24/7, my legs throb and cramp up constantly, I can't stand or sit for a lengthy period of time w/o feeling like I'm gonna pass out, I waddle like the AFLAC duck, and I'm having intense Braxton Hicks contractions on top of Shelby still thinking my bladder is a trampoline or one of those fun bouncy-moon-walk things. I am officially to the stage where I am ready for her to be here. Never thought I'd say that outloud, but I am. I cannot bear this constant pain and discomfort 24/7 any longer and the hotter it gets the worse the pain becomes. I am ready to hold her and love on her! Who knows...we may have an early baby! My boss and several others seem to think we'll have her this holiday weekend! haha.. Fine by me; not too sure if Josh is though! haha...He gets this ghostly-white-panic look on his face when I say that. haah... I think we're gonna try to get away this holiday weekend but our only options are: camp here in town at our lake (Lake Columbia), camp in-town in Texarkana, stay in a nice room in Texarkana, or stay home. That's it... considering I'll deliver in Texarkana and we don't think traveling any where else would be wise. We will be taking all the baby stuff though just in case. OMG, it's amazing to think that she actually could come soon! :) hee hee.. I don't know if she'll come as soon as this weekend but we'll see! :)
~God bless

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ok, so it's not really a secret but I was waiting to post this post until after this morning to make sure it was ok to do so... :)

We, as you know b/c I've blogged about them before, have these AMAZING friends that we've had for at least 4 years. They live away from us in Crossett, but never-the-less, we are still "besties." Josh and Wes have been best friends since college so we've been friends with Wes for at least maybe 9 years or more, can't remember exactly but A LONG TIME and when Wes asked Ashley to marry him around our wedding in December 2004, Ashley and I IMMEDIATELY clicked! I always think that since Josh and Wes are PRACTICALLY THE SAME PERSON that it's funny that Wes married someone who's practically just like me! It's always funny because we'll usually buy each other the same type of Christmas gifts, usually in the same wrapping paper, unknowingly, or Ashley and I will have the same outfit/type of outfit or accessories/shoes so it's just MEANT TO BE that we're "besties!" Well, when they got married in July of 2005, about 7 months after us, we were of course there and the fear crossed my mind that since we were all "real adults" now that our friendships may suffer or we may drift apart like most distant relationships do. Well, God had other plans. We continuously grew our friendships, even if it meant only seeing each other maybe 2-3 times a year around holidays or on lake trips, and God blessed that. It was like we had never parted and we always just picked right up where we left off.
Wes has always been there for Josh whenever he needs him to be and vice versa; like when Josh's grandma died. Wes and Ash were at the funeral and regardless of how much Josh verbally thanked them, his heart was forever grateful for them beign there in the deepest, darkest time I've ever seen Josh in...but they were there and THAT'S FRIENDSHIP. Ashley has been here for me, even if it is a text message or email, through it all. She was here when we were constantly struggling to have a baby and month after month of tears, dr.'s visits, cries out to God...she was here and always said, "I'm praying for you and I KNOW it will happen..just in God's time." Ya know when you're struggling for something you want RIGHT NOW and you hear those words, it's usually hurtful or annoying but coming from Ashley, it was comforting and uplifting.
The best description I can give to make you see how close we are as friends, even though we live apart, is like a soul-mate-marriage. Through the good and bad, we support, love, nurture, uplift, lean-on, comfort and guide each other through the blindspots of life and even though we have have different jobs, live in a different city and county, we are still like a soul-mate-marriage that has always stuck it out regardless of what the world throws at us.
Ok so with all this said...which is a all know that we are expecting our 1st baby, Shelby Lynne Kee, on June 9th (she'll probably be early I'm guessing). Well I've always wanted Wes & Josh's kids to grow up together and be best friends or maybe "soul mates" one day, like we are and so when we got pregnant I was kinda disheartened because Wes & Ashley were not trying to get pregnant and as much as I wanted to be selfish and say, "Umm, excuse me? Our kids HAVE TO grow up together, what is your deal?" I didn't... there is a time and place for everything (can't remember the exact verse of scripture but IT'S IN THERE) and I just refrained from the pressure that I'm sure they already received from many others. We are all about the same age, I'm the baby (26), Ashley is next (29), then Josh (will be 30 Sept. 24th) and then Wes (will be 32 Sept. 30th), so in my mind, I didn't want them to wait and struggle with what we did and I'm a lot younger. As bad as that sounds, I wanted them to have an easy time getting pregnant and it just "happen" for them when they were ready. Well, Monday night I get a text message (as does Josh so I later found out from Wes) from Ashley saying "guess who's gonna be a mommy (and of course Wes' said, "Guess who's gonna be a daddy?")" so I IMMEDIATELY freak out and text back, "OMG!! YOU!" and I get an "Yes!!" Well at that point I'm about to hit the roof, as high as my big butt can these days that is, and so I immediately start texting her back.... no then I call... no answer.. so i text response..and leave a after many ugly texts of "you know i haven't slept well and now you're gonna rob me of that tonight also b/c you won't answer you phone"... she calls me and apologizes b/c they went to tell and visit some friends and left BOTH of their phones in the car... come on guys! heart attack for a pregnant woman is NOT good.... thanks! Well, after talkin for about 30 min. gettin all the details, she tells me that it really did "just happen" for them! She mentioned how surprised Wes was that it happened so fast (one month, i think is what she said) and was in disbelief! haha...everyone has reassured Wes that it only takes ONE TIME. haha... I guess though since seeing all we went through as well as others, you kinda lose that thought/hope...
Wes & Ashley McDougald are PREGNANT and what's even cooler is that their approximate due date is JANUARY 9TH! EXACTLY 7 MONTHS AFTER OURS!!!! NOW, remember, our wedding anniversaries?? yeahp, YOU GUESSED IT!! 7 MONTHS APART! HAHA... HOW AMAZING AND AWESOME IS THIS! I told Ashley that she'll be getting A LOT of unwanted/invited advice but when she wants me to stop, I will. OUR BABIES WILL GROW UP TOGETHER AND BE FRIENDS AND MAYBE EVEN BEST FRIENDS ONE DAY! I told Josh, "how cool would it be if they had a boy and he asked Shelby to marry him one day?" Josh's reaction was a smile and, "I cannot EVEN BEGIN to think about that!" haha...
SO, congratulations to our "Besties" and their GREAT news! Here's some pics of us that we took back in the Summer of 2007 at Gulf Shores & Orange Beach (OH I pray to have that body again... PLEASE LORD & SHELBY let me look like this again...haha.. sorry, a vain moment...):

WE LOVE Y'ALL AND ARE SOOO HAPPY AND THRILLED FOR THIS NEW JOURNEY IN YOUR LIVES AND MARRIAGE! I'm not saying it'll be easy b/c it won't be, but we are here to help and now that we've been through some of it, we hope to be that much more of a help to you! I can't wait for Shelby to meet her momma and daddy's "besties" and the little "McNugget" on the way! Thank you for always being there for us whenever we need you and even when we just need a friend. You are truly amazing people and we could not ask for a better couple to share our lives with! You are truly gifts from God! Congrats again kids! Love you!
~God bless,

36 weeks Appt. Update...

So yesterday was my 36 week dr's appt. and it went fine! It didn't rain on me driving there but was very cloudy and yucky looking the whole way. :) Blessing #1! I got there at my usual time, 5 or 10 after; why show up right on time at your dr's appt.'s b/c you'll have to wait anyway and at least 5 or 10 min's aren't wasted freezing to death and reading magazines :)! haha...
All is well in Shelby's world... Heartbeat was a great strong 153, mommy's doing well, gained about 4 lbs of fluid/water but that's normal considering so I've got to drink more fluids and rest my feet as often as I can, no dialation or progress (which I'm ok with considering my dr will be out of town friday through sunday in Charleston, SC for his youngest daughters wedding so I'm ok with that.). I go back Wednesday, May 20th for my 1st weekly appt. and will continue to do so until "the end" as Dr. Tom said. haha... My hips are starting to hurt when I sit and get up after a while and of course when I walk, I mean, "waddle" anywhere...but like doc said, "It's all part of it." He said, "everything is great" so I'm happy with that. I am bummed about gaining 5 lbs but ok that at least 4 of those are water/fluids and not anything I've brought upon myself. I was shocked b/c I KNEW I had not eaten enough to cause that so I'm glad to know it's not that! :) Oh and no pic's so in case you forgot what Shelby looks like, here ya go... this was at 32 weeks so I KNOW this isn't as accurate but it'll do...:

Well, I'm HOPING to get to post the "secret excitement" update this afternoon if I hear from A CERTAIN SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHO THEY ARE this afternoon, but if not, I'll post tomorrow! :) Hee hee.. oh and btw, it's nothing to do w/ me or about me but it is pretty dang exciting!! :) hee hee.... suspense...
~God bless,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

36 weeks and OMG!!

So today we are 36 weeks pregnant! My o my!! I cannot believe how time has flown and how close to the end we are! I'm in shock actually and a bit freaked out. I go today for my last 2 week appointment and then after today, I go every week... that means driving an hour for at least 3 more, maybe less, but it's sooo worth it b/c I have THE BEST dr. ever and he is so patient and caring and loves what he does and does it all for the Lord's glory! :) Can't get any better than that!
Oh, I also have an "OMG" but I'm gonna wait and use it for another post later on in the week b/c it's that good! :) Ashley, you know what it is :) hee hee... if I had NO self-control, I'd blurt it out right now but let's just say, it's great news and I'm stoaked! :) haha....
wish me luck at my appt. today! I PRAY I'm ok in the weight category and that there's some progress goin on but not a lot b/c I need Shelby to "bake" a bit longer. haha...
~God bless,

Monday, May 11, 2009

You might be tagged in this!!!

Thanks to Jenn, I am a Queen of all things Awe-Summm!

The Rules Are:
*List 7 Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
*Pass It On To 7 Bloggers Who Are Awe-Summm!
*Be Sure To Tag Your Awe-Summm Bloggers To Let Them Know!
*Then Link Back To The Queen That Tagged You!

7 Things that make me Awe-Summm:

1. I would have to say the #1 thing that makes me Awe-summ is that I am washed in the blood of the Lamb and have Him on my side! God is soo Awe-summ!

2. My husband for sure! NO matter what mood I'm in, which can vary any time at any second, he is always on my side and supports me and loves me for ME, the good and the bad. He accepts me and all my faults and makes me feel so secure and safe regardless of what mess I'm in.

3. My family and family-in-law's. I have such a diverse and supportive family system that I am soo blessed to have and they are all awe-summ!

4. The fact that I'll be a 1st time mommy VERY soon makes me really awe-summ! We have waited so long for this day and now that it's fastly approaching, it feels pretty awe-summ and TERRIFYING! So, Shelby Lynne makes me pretty awe-summ!

5. My friends and their loyalty. We've gone through some ups and downs w/ friendships but no matter what, the few that have stuck it out w/ us will always be our "besties", Wes & Ashley! They are amazingly "awe-summ" people and I am so blessed to have them in my life!

6. My dog, Dee Dee. He's my little protector, cuddler and momma's boy. He'll be 6 years old on the 21st and I remember the day I got him! I love him so much and can't wait to see his reaction to his new little sister! haha.. should be interesting!

7. I guess I'm not sure what makes me really awe-summ other than those I'm loved and surrounded by so... I guess my talents that the Lord has blessed me with and the ability to use those talents to glorify Him make me pretty awe-summ.

7 Bloggers Who are AWE-SUMMM:

1. Jenn

2. Kelly

3. Shelley

4. Stephanie A.

5. Stephanie N.

6. Jill

7. Stacy

Thanks again Jenn for naming me a Queen of all things Awe-summ! You're the best and can't wait to see you! Hopefully sooner than later! Miss ya!
~God bless,