Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We saw God (appt. update)

OMG, yesterday was soooo amazing!! Not only did we get to hear Baby Kee's amazingly strong and healthy heartbeat but we got to play around on the ultrasound machine! It was sooo cool. Our pinto bean does not look like a bean anymore but looks like a baby! He/she is the size of a large plum (exactly 5.76cm big)and at first, Baby Kee was real still and mellow but in a split second, Baby Kee started DANCING!! SERIOUSLY! ALL 4 LIMBS WERE MOVING AND DANCING AROUND! It was hilarious! My dr. got some great shots of Baby Kee on the Ultrasound machine but sorry the pics aren't too clear like they are in person. I took them w/ my phone so I could upload them before we get off work today at noon.
In this one, you can actually see toes and one of his/her hands. Baby Kee immediately spread all 5 fingers out so we could take a picture of them. Almost like Baby Kee was saying, "See mom & dad, I grew fingers!!"

In this picture below, Baby Kee was turning completely away from us w/ his/her back to us and gave us the "talk to the hand" gesture as he/she was using his/her arm to manuvere around.

At this point, Baby Kee was irritated at dr. Tom so he/she gave a mean face (the picture itself vividly shows this aggravated expression; the face is on the right side).

And lastly, this is a picture of Baby Kee's back and tiny little booty (head to rump goes from right to left).

Aren't they cool?! It absolutely shocked us how our baby went from this tiny little baby at 8 weeks

to this in only a month later!!!!

I just keep thinking how we actually SAW GOD YESTERDAY! There is a song that George Strait sings about his daughter that's called "I saw God today" and what's even cooler is that the song played on the radio while we were going around town after our appointment. It was amazing to hear and see this little life grow in such a short time and to see how it is a living baby and not just a little blob like some people say a "fetus" is. I hate that word...IT'S A BABY SO CALL IT THAT! I can't imagine life any sweeter than it is right now!!!
Dr. Tom said by our next visit, which is Dec. 23rd right before Christmas, that I should have or will feel the baby by then! :) yeah! We won't find out what we're having until probably January. OH, and I've only gained 1 pound!! Course, I did lose 5 the first 8 weeks but I've only gained 1 pound from my original weight! He said everything is measuring fine, including my baby bump, which was comforting b/c I feel like a whale. lol..

It is sooo easy to know what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving and I hope each of you know what you're thankful for and what you give God glory for! Enjoy time w/ your family and friends this Thanksgiving and have a happy one!
~God Bless

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 Weeks, sewing and an appointment!

WE'RE 12 WEEKS ALONG TODAY AND HAVE AN APPOINTMENT!!! :) Baby Kee-Lime-Pinto-Monkey is now, Baby-Kee-Lime-PLUM-Pinto-Monkey! :)

We go today for our 2nd OB appointment at 1:45pm. I'm soo excited b/c we will get to hear the heartbeat and HOPEFULLY get another ultrasound done. My dr. and his family are really close to me and my family and in fact, I grew up w/ his oldest daughter, his wife was my photographer for ALL my wedding pictures and one of my reception pictures, has my dr. IN HIS SCRUBS getting food from my table. LOL... everyone always asks who that is and I ALWAYS tell them, "Oh, that's my OB/GYN." haha... always a conversation piece. lol.. and his wife is supposed to come up to his office when I'm there and she wants to play around on the ultrasound machine b/c she wants to see the baby. She's a nurse so she can do that kind of thing! Anyhoo, another good thing, I get off at noon today! woo hooo! AND, tomorrow we only work till 12:30 and we're off for THANKSGIVING!! YEAH! Today is such a busy wonderful day!

So a friend of mine that I grew up with asked me to make a Sunday Diaper Bag (the first pic; the smaller bag w/o the brown border or monogramming) and the Standard Size Diaper bag w/ the soon-to-be baby's name, Ava on it. I love this print and is in fact, my most popular and my personal favorite! This is the first time I've used this print and color combo for a baby girl. I think they both turned out adorable. I added tiny bows on each side of the Standard Size Diaper bag to give it just a little touch or "girlyness."

I hope you all have a great day in the Lord and I will update ya tomorrow on how the appointment went and HOPEFULLY have more pic's of Baby Kee to show ya!
~God Bless

Monday, November 24, 2008

Minus 7"

Before Haircut:

After Haircut:

I went for a "minimal cut/trim" on Saturday to a random salon while we were shopping w/ mom and dad and came out with 7 INCHES gone! I ended up donating ALL 7 INCHES for it to be made into wigs or hair pieces for those suffering from cancer or other hair diminishing diseases, so I felt a lot better about having that much cut off. I had my hair cut like this a long time ago and just loved it. It's really choppy and textured, which the picture doesn't show :(.

Tomorrow is our 2nd doctors appointment and I'm so anxious and excited. I can't wait to see what we get to do tomorrow!

~God Bless

Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st Belly Pic!

So, here's our first belly pic! I'm 11 weeks and 2 days in this pic on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2008. :)

I woke up like this SERIOUSLY! Looking at the picture makes me feel better b/c all day, I have felt huge! haha... It's so funny to see and try to suck this in and it won't go anywhere! haha.. Josh laughed when I asked him to take the picture. He was in a hurry so this is the best we got! :) My boobs look humongous too and they are! haha...
love you all and thanks for all the support, congrats and upliftment daily!
~God Bless you all!

Revelation Song

The first song my player below plays is, Revelation Song by Gateway Worship. This is my favorite song lately. I love the message of this song and the intimacy of it. I think this is a wonderful praise song to our Lord. I just love every word of this song. I hope you enjoy! I love making it repeat over and over! :)
I'll be posting, if I can remember, our first BELLY PICTURE tomorrow! YEAH! I woke up this morning w/ a VERY prominate baby bump. Haha.. it made me self-conscious at first until I saw Josh's face and his smile over it. This is such a fun journey! God is so good and is blessing us beyond my wildest dreams.

~God Bless

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks Kecia!

So I received this award some time back from Kecia but kept forgetting and losing time to post it and do what the little awards thingy says. Haha... it seems since being pregnant that I am losing my mind and track of time. I've got so much to sew and do before Christmas and I haven't even started so pray for me! Anyhoo, here I go again off track....ugh...haha..
So,I have to say 7 weird things about me... And choose 7 people to receive the same award. Fun huh?! :) Here goes!
Weird things about me:
1. I enjoy cheese all day every day.
3. I have a certain order I do things every day.
4. I collect bumble bee anything.
5. I bruise really easily.
6. I am TERRIFIED of turkeys (looonnngg story that involved me at 5 or 6 and a turkey attack at the fair...very tramatic. I don't even like to eat turkey. haha)
7. Umm, and I can sleep anytime, anywhere.

Here's the lovely ladies I've chosen to award the "I love your blog" award to:

1. Kecia (b/c she's a true inspiration to me and gave me this award as her #1!)
2. Kelly, Scott and Little Harper - from Kelly's Korner
3. Angie - from Bring the Rain
4. Trav & Steph & baby to be - from Happily Ever After
5. Mandi - from Immeaurably More
6. Meredith
7. Kelly's Korner's Mom - His Doorkeeper

~God Bless

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11 Weeks!

We are 11 weeks today!! yeah!! Baby Kee is the size of a lime! wow! I can definitely tell there is growth. Josh & my parents went shopping Friday night and he took me to the Motherhood store, which by the way was having a GREAT sale, and i got 3 pairs of pants for $80!! I am NEVER going back to regular pants again! I love maternity pants! I got these in brown and black and LOVE THEM! I also got those cute jeans too!

They have a blue tummy thing though, not flesh colored

OMG I love love love maternity pants and was not expecting them to be so cute and comfy!

It is so hard to believe that my "pinto monkey" is now the size of a lime! Wow!! We go a week from today (Nov.25th) for our next appointment and we'll hear the heartbeat!! I'll be 12 weeks by then! Each day is filled w/ new blessings!!

~God Bless

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kelly's Bloggy Shower

So I met Kelly through blogspot when she posted a comment on one of my first blog posts about the Razorback outfit I did and how she MUST HAVE ONE for Harper, which she now does thanks to Meredith's order! I began reading her blog posts and ended up spending an hour one evening catching up to her story that I missed and felt as if I was reading about me. Josh and I seemed to have the same struggles as she did w/ her loving husband and I was so inspired and comforted by reading the words of her heart. We are now expecting our first (Due in June on the 9th) and as soon as we found out, before we told ANYONE, I emailed Kelly 1st thing to tell her the news. She immediately responded w/ joy and congrats and how she had receive 3 or more ladies from the blog world sharing the same news w/ her that week! I was amazed!
Kelly is such a warm-hearted inspiring person and I look up to her so much and enjoy each day that I get to read one of her posts or see her wonderful pictures. I cannot wait for little Harper to get here and show her beautiful face to all her Blog Sisters!

Congrats to you Kelly & Scott from Magnolia, AR! Love you...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just As I Am

This morning I woke up in the Christmas spirit so I added my very favorite Christmas song that my very favorite singer, other than my husband who is my #1 favorite vocalist, singing "O Holy Night" to my music player. So, naturally I decided to go to David Phelps website and see what's new and there's this video of him singing one of my favorite songs and messages that he's done in the past. I wanted to share it all with you. You will have to turn my music player on the bottom of the page off before you play the video or you'll get two songs at once, lol.

I'm getting a new WORKING phone today so I will be back into texting mode soon!
~God Bless you and have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NO phone ;(

So today went really well all day long; got a lot accomplished at work while my boss was gone, felt good all day, etc... UNTIL...
I was walkin towards the elevator to go home and dropped my FAVORITE phone on the CARPET (NOT TILE, CONCRETE, ANYTHING HARD!) and my phone broke completely IN TWO PIECES.... the phone I had was a flip up screen phone w/ a key pad made by Kyocera and so the screen is now separate from the keyboard. :( Good thing is that my Alltel contract is up so I can get a new phone and all but not till we go to Texarkana on Saturday after hunting w/ Josh. I told him I'd go sit w/ him in his stand. SO, email, message, etc.. but no texts or calls till then :(. i'm soo lost and am a habitual texter. Guess God thinks my fingers need a break. I hope I can get all my numbers back!! I had a million and don't know but 4 numbers. I don't even know my BFF"s number :(. Pray I don't go nuts :(....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 WEEKS!!

Good morning on this rainy Veterans Day! No, I'm not off work as much as I'd love to stay in bed and listen to the rain. I'm up and already at the office...yeah....haha...
I'm 10 weeks today!! yeah! "The Bump" tells me today that my baby is the size of a prune... how appetizing.. :( It's so hard to believe that I'm now in the "Teens" of this pregnancy! We are super thrilled and excited for the many weeks to come. I've even got a bump already! It seemed to have happened overnight. It's not much, but it's definitely there! Our next appointment is the week of Thanksgiving, Nov. 25th, and we'll get to hear the heartbeat then and I'm hoping he'll do another ultrasound because it seems like forever since we've seen Baby Kee!
Well, I got to finish another project last night! I was asked by a friend from high school to make 2 headband bows for her soon-to-be neice, Rylee. She wanted on in Razorback colors and one with this adorable cupcake ribbon I have. I finished BOTH of them last night! Yeah! Here's the pic's of my lovely assistant, Sir Fidel, modeling these 2 creations:
Razorback-colors Headband Bow:
Cupcake Headband Bow:
~God Bless

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Got to sew!

So after much frustration and agony of watching the election results off and on, I decided to go finish up this diaper bag for a friend of mine who is married to SAU's baseball coach. They have a baby boy named Calloway and some time back she asked if I would do a diaper bag for her and wanted it to represent baseball, SAU, etc... So, I found the softest baseball fabric and yellow fabric and had the SAU logo and his name monogrammed on it. This was a sweet one, I think.
The Back
The Inside
On a heavier note...
Last night really got me down (McCain/Palin losing the election) but then I woke up realizing that God is still God and has a plan regardless of what our opinions are. I just worry about what this baby may or may not be born into. I fear that our new "leader" who is Pro-Choice, which is one of my BIGGEST disagreements, will hurt all that America stands for. It's so tough to be joyful today because my heart hurts and is confused that people voted for someone that they didn't even know what they stood for or against and only voted because they see dollar signs and because of race. When I vote, I MAKE SURE I know EVERYTHING the candidates are for/against, not just because they promise "Change", which only GOD CAN CHANGE, NOT ANY MAN, or because they promise to "give you more." My faith is in God and was in our leaders but today, it's really difficult for me to have faith and trust in our soon-to-be President.
~May God bless us all

Monday, November 3, 2008


I FINALLY finished all 24 Scream Team bows for the Christian School here in town! My best friend is their sponsor so she asked me if I would make them hair bows and a pom pom bag, so I agreed and man, do my fingers hurt! I wasn't expecting all of the girls to order at least one bow but they did!! She's already got 10 wanting a pom pom bag too! O M G...haha... It's worth it though! Seeing these little girls in their ADORABLE cheer outfits and matching bows melts my heart!
Here is what the bows look like. I only took one picture b/c all 24 wouldn't fit! haha..
The pom pom bag is my next adventure after the 4 or 5 other orders I have to fill first! OMG... now being pregnant and having all this extra sewing is really starting to wear me out!
~God Bless