Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Got to sew!

So after much frustration and agony of watching the election results off and on, I decided to go finish up this diaper bag for a friend of mine who is married to SAU's baseball coach. They have a baby boy named Calloway and some time back she asked if I would do a diaper bag for her and wanted it to represent baseball, SAU, etc... So, I found the softest baseball fabric and yellow fabric and had the SAU logo and his name monogrammed on it. This was a sweet one, I think.
The Back
The Inside
On a heavier note...
Last night really got me down (McCain/Palin losing the election) but then I woke up realizing that God is still God and has a plan regardless of what our opinions are. I just worry about what this baby may or may not be born into. I fear that our new "leader" who is Pro-Choice, which is one of my BIGGEST disagreements, will hurt all that America stands for. It's so tough to be joyful today because my heart hurts and is confused that people voted for someone that they didn't even know what they stood for or against and only voted because they see dollar signs and because of race. When I vote, I MAKE SURE I know EVERYTHING the candidates are for/against, not just because they promise "Change", which only GOD CAN CHANGE, NOT ANY MAN, or because they promise to "give you more." My faith is in God and was in our leaders but today, it's really difficult for me to have faith and trust in our soon-to-be President.
~May God bless us all


Amy Hightower Murphy said...

As for the politics stuff, you said everything I was thinking. I totally agree with you. I hope things don't turn out to be as bad as they seem like they will be under our new leader. On a positive note, president's usually never do anything they promise anyway... right? lol
Cute bag by the way!

Stacy said...

cute....warnock picked out that same flannel for some pj's last week!!
love the sau logo on it!

Kecia said...

You are so true!Lets pray for the future President... That God have mercy on Him!
Love you so much... A bighug on you and baby Kee!
God Bless!