Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9 more days!

My body cannot get any bigger...omg...39 weeks now
yeap! we have 9 more days til we meet baby Rhett!! I told shelby this when she woke up this morning and she threw her arms in the air and shouted, "I AM SO SUPER SUPER EXCITED!" and had the biggest smile on her face! :) That made my ENTIRE DAY! :) She is so ready to be a big sister and I hope Rhett's ready for all the lovin he's goin to get because she's coming!
I think we finally decided on a game plan for when he arrives and how we will have her occupied and what not. This week and next week will be spent preparing bags, the room, cleaning up, etc...for his arrival! I feel so different this time than I did at this point when I was pregnant with Shelby! It's funny to read how I was feeling at 39 weeks with her and how calm and just ready I am for him to be out and in my arms. I have NO anxiety about my delivery, partially because it's a scheduled csection and I know what to expect and because I KNOW I won't be in all the pain I was in for the length of time I was in when I had to be induced with shelby, prior to the csection (You can read all about that fun experience here.).  I feel so prepared this time. I know what the csection will be like, how recovery goes, and how the whole newborn thing goes and since Shelby wasn't an easy newborn, I feel like we are prepared for the worst but something tells me he will be more laid back and easier. Shelby is going to be such a great big sister and I can't wait!

 Shelby had a cheer event at SAU last week where they cheered at the SAU Basketball game. It was sooo funny!

playin at Mammy & Pop Pop's makin a flour and sprinkles cake outside
 This past sunday it was sooo beautiful outside and warm! Josh and Shelby planted an apple tree, which we've been informed must have another one planted next to it for cross am I supposed to know this?

 Rhett's room is 95% finished!! :) Just a few more details and it's done! Guess I better get on the ball since I have 9 days!
I painted him a small pallet for this wall and the "Rhett" banner was from his shower! :)

I painted 3 small canvases and hung them above the twin bed. The middle canvas I found at Walmart. It's covered in burlap! LOVED it!

His changing pad is in place as well as his diaper changing essentials in the organizer hanging off the end of the dresser, you can kinda see that.

His hospital wreath won't hang there on my sewing nook door but for now, that's where it is.. Big Bear fits right into place there in the glider :)
 This week's Mommy & Me Monday we had a dr's appt that morning in Texarkana to check on Rhett and then Daddy went to work and sheebs and I had our baby lessons all day. She is so super smart and knows so much already since I've been gently coaching her how to properly care for her baby dolls that it's actually sunk in and she's associated it with how to properly care for her baby brother that's soon to come! We had a diapering and washing/hygiene lesson this time and she did so well! She said, "Thank you mommy! I didn't know how to put on diapers the right way before!"

we also had stroller and car seat safety as well. She loves to push her baby around the house all buckled in safe and sound.
 I think I've figured out how I want the changing pad. Originally, I was going to make a cover for the pad out of orange minky dot or orange fleece but I've run out of time. I took a blanket mom made for Rhett to see how it would look and just tucked it in and it looks great! It's soo soft and perfect fleece for this. I remembered mom saying she had some of this fabric left over and so I asked if she would mind making him a cover for his changing pad with it. She said she would! :) Yeah!!! much better than a tucked blanket and now I can use the blanket! I need to get some of those changing pad pads to put under it, even though the pad itself is water resistant and it has a white terrycloth cover under this tucked in blanket. One trick I used when shelby was a baby was I always used a cloth diaper under her on ANY changing pad/table I used not only for sanitary reasons but for those little Ugh Oh's that happen and I'M TOLD will happen a lot more w/ a little boy.
Just 9 more days... 9 more days....

Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby Shower pics

We were so blessed and fortunate to have an awesome baby shower given by our co-workers here at SAU! Our office staff is THE BEST and soo sweet to do this for us! The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD, the decor was SOO SUPER CUTE in our theme of "the Little Hunter" and the gifts were so sweet and cute! Shelby was a huge help and had a blast opening all the presents!
My sweet co-worker, Vicki, took the pictures and captured the sweetest moments! :)
Thank y'all soooo much for helping us welcome baby Rhett! :) We are so blessed....truly blessed...
the ADORABLE wreath that Jenn made that greeted everyone as they came in that is also to be my hospital door wreath that we'll fill in the info. with chalk when he arrives.

amazing cake from the Magnolia Bake Shop :) Mmmmm.... the baby bootie cakes are always the best! never seen a camo printed one though! First ever~!! thank you Ms. Pat and Ms. Jeanie for the yummy cake!

AWESOME deer cupcakes Chantal, my co-worker, made and I wish I had a pic of the was camo cake inside!!

awesome spread of food! :) mmmm

gifts galore and the ADORABLE banner of his name. I just love seeing his name :)

cutest diaper cake ever w/ the softest little monkey blankie/pallet ever!

3 generations...Momma, me and sheebs

the grandmother's and "babies"

Ms. Vona, Sue Sue and Ms. Pat

The most beautiful blanket ever for Mr. Rhett made by Ms. Vona. Love it!

Thank you Sarah and Vicki for the PRECIOUS camo gown!

It has a "Mule Shoe" on the bootie!

Mom made a bag FULL OF Quilts and burp rags....the BEST EVER! she did this for us when we had shelby's shower and we STILL USE IT ALL!

Shelby LOVED all the outfits. She would say, "Aww Momma, LOOk!" at each and every thing :)

 We cannot describe the love and joy we felt from this day from our family, friends and co-workers.  Thank you for making us feel so special and thinking of us during this exciting and special time in our little family's life!