Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CrossPoint Back from Nashville, TN!

I mostly blog about Shelby and our family adventures, if you're a reader, you know this, but this blog is all about CrossPoint, my husband's amazing Southern Gospel-mix-with contemporary Christian-group.  Josh has been w/ CP for almost 2 years now and it's been nothing short of amazing! They were a trio up until September when they added a bass singer and let me tell you, the group is complete now! You can go to their website or facebook page to keep up with them and listen to some of their music as well as purchase CD's.
The reason this post is all about CrossPoint is because they just got back from an amazing weekend in Nashville, TN recording at Daywind Studios! Their producer is the one and only, Marty Funderburk! He even wrote one of the songs they're releasing! This recording studio is where the best of the best have recorded and also, if you've ever sung in church or somewhere and needed an accompaniment track, that's where it came from!  AMAZING!  They recorded 10 songs in about 17 hours, which is insane for me to wrap my mind around! They left early Friday morning and came home late Sunday night.  Their new CD should be released sometime in March and we are soo anxious to hear and get it!  Here's some pics the guys posted from the weekend! 
the Marty Funderburk in black

Dennis laying down his part

one of the studio rooms

Josh I'm sure is texting me and brian probably Cena!

beautiful studio room dennis recorded in


brian recording

the WALL OF DOVE awards! OMG

Jimmy T and Marty Funderburk, engineering and producing

beautiful piano in one of the studios

Josh recording

 I am sooo proud of them and can't wait to see where the Lord takes this ministry this year!!!

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