Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Bump bump bump...

Ok, so Yes, I was humming the "Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack" song in my head when I wrote this title because that's the cute little song Josh says when he sees me. :) haha. He always says, "Baaabbbbbyyyy... Bump Bummp Bump..." It's so cute and sweet. haha....
So, I FINALLY TOOK ANOTHER BELLY PIC! YEAH!! I know, I'm horrible at this. The last one I took I was 11 weeks and in the pic below I am 16 weeks and 6 days (Tomorrow I'll be 17 weeks but we're going out of town w/ friends and so I won't get to post then so I had to post tonight!)!!

So... now that I've seen this picture larger than just on my camera... OMG.... I know this was taken at the end of the day w/ my hair sooo not fixed anymore and my make-up worn off but geese.... I look a glorified mess and how funny is it that my boobs are huge and my tummy is just sticking out there like I swallowed a melon whole?? OMG.... this picture looks so funny to it just me?? I'VE GOT TO MAKE SURE I LOOK CUTE FOR THE NEXT PIC! HAHA...
A lot has changed since 11 weeks when I woke up that morning with a baby bump. I have and am feeling the baby move. It's very subtle but definitely not gas! haha... I mostly feel him/her at night when I'm lying on my back waiting to go to sleep and trying to get comfy for sleep. That has become a huge challange as well; COMFORT! Josh and I went shopping today out of town and the main items I was looking for were shirts and BOY OH BOY DID I FIND SOME! I racked up at the GAP Outlet! I got 8 new shirts that aren't maternity but are comfy, professional enough for work, and look good w/ just about any pant. :) OH AND THEY WERE ALL ON SALE, BIG TIME! What a great day! The belly pic above is one of the turtle necks Josh found me at the GAP. We were having a fashion show this evening. Haha
Well, Baby Kee, Josh and I are great and loving every minute of this pregnancy now that I'm not sick! haha.... I am having A LOT of dizzy-spells and feel like I'll faint if I stand for a length of time and I'm also ADDICTED to water and eating us out of house and home! haha.... I am monitoring my food intake though since I am enjoying hearing good things from my dr. each appointment we go to about how my weight is great and all. I've only gained 4 pounds so far; could've foooled me b/c I feel like a cow! haha....
OH, here's our ultrasound pics also from our last visit (Dec. 23, 2008; 16 weeks):
This one below is of the head (on the left), arm and one whole hand w/ him/her showing us all 5 fingers on one hand:

This is of both feet; the bottoms of both feet w/ all 10 toes; on the left-hand side of the ultrasound:

It's amazing how much he/she has grown and how blessed we feel! Our next visit is Jan. 20th and I'll be 20 weeks then! Can you believe it? Those months of infertility seem soo far away and like they never existed. God is soooo good!!
~God Bless & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Prayer request

Well, this Christmas was good and we have so much to be thankful for however, my grandpa is in the hospital again and has been there since Sunday and has a long road ahead of him. He went in w/ chills and a temp of 103 degrees so they thought it was some sort of infection and it is. He has a blood infection, kidney infection, had renal failure, heart failure, and now has thrush in his mouth (a yeast-like infection) as well as he has more fluid build-up; which is an on-going problem with him and why he was admitted not too long ago; they just drain it off but now it's building up a lot faster. He is on heavy antibiotics and doesn't look good. He will be in the hospital for at least 10-14 more days for them to monitor him.
He told mom today that he was tired and ready to "throw the towel in". His wife, my grandma and mom's mom, died 13 years ago Dec. 23rd so this time of year is tough on him and mom as it is but he's 91 and has gone through so much. I'm not ready for him to go yet. He's always in good spirits though. No matter how bad he feels he's always in good spirits and funny. He is so excited about this baby and we even took pictures to show him all the ultrasounds on Christmas Day. He was even cracking jokes then saying "he can see how much Baby Kee looks like me." haha...that's something that always makes me feel better but I know he's so sick and is tired but PLEASE pray for him. His name is F.M. (yes, just the 2 initials and i don't know what they stand for, haha), F.M. Butler and he's my grandpa whom I love dearly. Just pray...
~God Bless

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

16 weeks today & Dr. Appt update

Today we are 16 weeks pregnant! That means 4 months!! wow!!! For some reason I cannot upload any pictures, something to do w/ using my MAC. I was going to show my weekly fruit/veggie comparison of the size of Baby Kee but I can't get it to work so.... Baby Kee is the size of an Avocado. :)

Also, our dr.'s appt went well! Baby Kee is sooo much bigger and less active as he/she grows so I was instructed to drink a coke so the baby would not be sleeping! haha. It was amazing to see the baby again! Also, I've only gained 3 lbs this month!! yeah!!! That's 4 lbs total so far!! Great!!!!

Ok, so I know you are all like, "Ummmm gender???" Well, Baby Kee is...


haha, had you going??? We could not tell, not even a hint, of the gender b/c he/she kept covering him/herself up with his/her hands and when he/she would move them, he/she immediately pulled the embilical cord between the legs so we could not tell. Haha... the baby has to be a red head as stubborn as he/she is! haha... now we have something to look forward to next visit! We go back January 20th.
Sorry no Girl/Boy news!! Just have to wait!! :)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
~God Bless

Monday, December 22, 2008



This weekend has been VERY eventful! We got ALL our Christmas shopping finished along w/ 5 million other people in Texarkana on Saturday at the mall and every where else! haha.. it was a mad-house I tell ya! We got all our gifts bought and the last one for my hubby came in today so I'M THROUGH! Yes, we usually wait til the last minute to finish up shopping because some of our family members are so hard to buy for but it's done and all but the gift I got in today are wrapped and neatly under our tree! I have the most fabulous wrapping paper also! It's leopard print and the other I used is zebra print! LOVE IT! Soooo me! I also hand-made each bow for each package and they are all so pretty. I won't say I'll take pictures of them but I'LL TRY! Haha....I love wrapping presents!! I think that would be the most exciting job ever! haha, I'm nuts, I know. Haha.. Sometimes, I've even wrapped my own gifts! haha...
Well, on the downside, mom admitted my grandpa (her dad) in the hospital last night for some type of infection. He was fine until yesterday afternoon and had 103 temperature and was shaking uncontrollably and just freezing to death. They ruled out late last night that it's not pnemonia or the flu, so that's good, but they think he's got some sort of bacterial or viral infection. He's in the hospital now and mom said late last night he was more himself. She said he was in and out for a while last night and not very coherant but seemed better when she finally left to go home last night. Just pray for him. He was just in the hospital a couple of weeks ago because he had a lot of fluid build-up. He's 90 or 91 years old, can't remember exactly, and a wonderful man. Just pray...
On the up-side, MY BROTHER IS ENGAGED!! HE PROPOSED TO JESSICA LAST NIGHT!! They are wonderful together and from the first time I met her, I loved her to death and knew they were meant to be!

Aren't they cute?! haha... I'm so happy for them!! Here's some pics I just stole off of their Facebook's from the proposal:
The Ring:

Engaged Couple:
Jonathan & Jessica December 21, 2008

I can't believe Christmas is in just 3 days! OMG!!! I'm also excited because tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, we go for our 3rd dr.'s appointment and we get to play around on the ultrasound machine again!! He is going to try to tell if Baby Kee is a "Turtle" or a "Cheeseburger"!! haah.. I'm soo excited! We don't really have a preference anymore of which gender Baby Kee is as long as he/she is happy and healthy, that's all that we care about!! I can't believe it!! I'll be 16 weeks TOMORROW! THAT'S FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT! WOW! TIME IS FLYING BY!
Well, there's our eventful weekend and all! Haha... We are off work tomorrow through the 5th of January so I may be MIA till then but if I can, I will try to post pictures and give updates as the days go along. If not, I'll see ya in 2009!!
Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rockette's update

Well, yesterday was A BLAST! We had 24 people go and the trip was a success! We visited the Art Museum there in Little Rock (which is always MY CUP OF TEA since I have a degree in graphic arts and art history AND Andy Warhol was on exhibit! AMAZING!), we got to tour the Governor's Mansion, The State House, went to the Rockette's show and then went to eat at Ashley's in the Capitol Hotel. IT WAS ALL AMAZING!!
Ok, so the BAD THING IS...
WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES AT THE ROCKETTE SHOW!!!!!!! I WAS SOOO UPSET!! It was amazing though! I really enjoyed it all I think!
Sorry :( I'm sad that I can't share the glitz & glamour of the show w/ you! :(
~God Bless & Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Radio City Music Hall Presents...

The Rockettes!!!

We are leaving tomorrow (Thursday) morning to head to Little Rock to see the Famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes from New York perfom!! The deparment where Josh works on campus, the SAU Foundation, is hosting a trip to go to Little Rock tomorrow for lunch, visit the art museum, go to the Rockette show at the arena and then to dinner. Fun huH? I"m sooo stoaked! I HAVE TO remember to bring my camera! If I don't, I WILL TOTALLY REGRET IT! Everyone that's gone (they've been showing in Shreveport, LA) said it's a fantastic show that is amazing! I have always, even as a little girl, wanted to go see the Rockettes and wanted to be one but never got to and plus, I'm no where tall or thin enough to do that anyway! Who wants to see a 5'4" pregnant girl high stepping? Not me! haha...
I will TRY MY HARDEST to remember to take my camera, as much as you all know I forget 99% of the time, to bring back some wonderful shots! Josh said our seats are great so I"m soo excited!!
~God Bless & Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15 Weeks!!

I cannot believe I'm a week away from being 4 MONTHS PREGNANT!! OMG!! wow!! I'm also a week away from the possibility of finding out if Baby Kee is a "turtle" or a "cheeseburger"! Our next Dr.'s appointment is December 23rd (a week from today to be exact)and my dr. is going to try to tell what the baby is!! We're soo excited! I was hoping he would! What a great Christmas present!!! FOR EVERYONE! :)
Wow, how the weeks have flown by and sadly enough, I'm afriad they'll only fly by faster! I'm not disciplined at all in taking belly shots but I PROMISE I will soon. The last one I took, I was 11 weeks. :( I know.. shame shame...
Every night I try to see if I can feel the baby move but I can't yet. :( I did feel this strange sensation last week like someone brushed up against me but inside but I haven't felt that since and plus, by the time I finally get to lay still to try to see if I can feel the baby move, I fall asleep. LOL...
Have a great day!
~God bless

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gala Pic's

**2 posts in 1 day again!!**

On Friday night, the department Josh works in (SAU Foundation & Development)hosted their annual Christmas Gala as a way to say 'thank you' to all the donors. It's an evening filled w/ Christmas music, dancing, great food and just an overall good time! I kinda was dreading it this year since I'm not feeling very photogenic these days and also since I don't have the energy like I used to when we could dance the night away! I survived and it was fun but I did over-do it and felt it Saturday. I ended up taking like 5 naps Saturday until we had to go to ANOTHER Christmas party that the Agriculture Department was hosting. We didn't stay to dance at that one.'s the pictures:
You can't really tell how fabulous my dress was, if I may say so myself, but you kinda get the idea! LOL...It was a short, tunic style w/ very soft, flowy fabric in black and greys; like a tye-dye effect. The neckline was fully beaded and decked out in silver and black. I will sooo be wearing this again! It's not even maternity wear! It came from the juniors department at Dillards! LOL.... :) that made me feel a bit better since my belly is growing a lot! I feel so fat right now!! :(

Merry Christmas & God Bless

Josh & Bekah Kee

BooMama Christmas Tour of Homes 2008

So I posted our Christmas decor a few posts back but, in case anyone missed it, I thought I would participate in the 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes that BooMama so graciously hosted. I read about this from Kelly's Korner, which is a blog I keep up with daily!

I love Christmas because of the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus and the magic of that beautiful story. I also love this time of year because it's our anniversary month. We were married December 11, 2004 and it was the most beautiful ceremony I've ever seen, not just saying that b/c it was ours! haha... We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary and it's soo hard to believe how fast these years have flown by. If you were to tell me 4 years ago that our lives would be as they are now, I would have never believed you. God has blessed us sooo much and to see the growth and journies He's lead us through in just 4 years is amazing! Christmas will be extra special as well as our anniversary this year because it's our last one as just "Josh and Bekah". We are thrilled and can't wait for our 1st baby due June 9th! We MIGHT get to even find out, if Baby Kee participates, on Dec. 23rd what gender Baby Kee is!! What a great Christmas present huh??!!
I hope you all enjoy this Christmas season and reflect on the blessings He has given you. Below are all the pictures of our inside decorations. Our outside lights are up but it's gotten cold again so I don't have any pictures of the outside; I knew I should have taken advantage of the few nice days we had to take pictures. Enjoy!!

Our main tree 7/5'all gold ornaments (every ornament on this tree was given to us at our wedding reception):

The Wild Tree in our front guest bedroom (6.5' tree):

Our Bedroom tree(no it's not leaning; all silver ornaments given to us also at our wedding reception):

3' Tree in the "soon-to-be" nursery (my very first tree as a child):

Kitchen Village Collection:

My Tree collection:

Our stockings (velvet w/ rhinestone "K's" on them):

Old World Christmas Wedding Ornament Collection (this was a wedding present from a dear friend):

Nativity scene my mom gave me last year at Christmas:

Guest Bathroom:

Fireplace (the two 4' trees are new; Josh bought these for me this year):

Entertainment center with my tiny village collection:

End tables:

Dining Room Table (I made the two tinsle trees):

Coffee Table w/ my nativity snow globe and figurine collection:

Chirio Cabinet w/ my Department 56 Village collection below:

~God Bless & Merry Christmas~

Friday, December 12, 2008

It is well...

** wow, 2 posts in one day** haha...

This week, The Lord has really been at work and speaking to me through tears and through prayer as well as my dreams. We're up against a lot of uncertainty with our church and the direction the Lord has for our church in finding a pastor or interium pastor. A lot of what I thought was certain, was just thoughts. God has spoken through wonderful women of God to me this week and giving me a new hope and a new strength. Uncertainty is not a bad thing. Uncertainty is a faith and trust builder on our part for His will.
The song, "It is well with my soul" has been on my heart a lot lately. I'm not sure If you know the story and reasoning behind this song or not so I thought I'd let one of my favorite artists tell it to you and let you hear the song sung by the Gaither's themselves featuring Guy Penrod and MY FAVORITE, David Phelps. Listen to the words Bill Gaither has to say and then to the words of the song. It brings a whole new meaning when you hear or sing it now.
***Turn off the player at the bottom of the screen before viewing the video***

"It is well... with MY soul..."
~God Bless

Anniversary Reflections

Our anniversary was nothing big but it was memorable and special. I accidently scheduled my Ladies Class Christmas Party at my house for last night and it turned out great but it was on our anniversary. I guess since it was our 4th and this week is soo busy for us both that we just decided to not do a big "to do" about it and just enjoy each other like normal. It was nice actually. I got Josh a nice card and a new lapel pin for his suits and he got me this (!!!!):
A new collector for my Department 56 Village Collections!!!

My sister-in-law collects these and I collect villages but she started my Original Dept. 56 Village collection a few years ago and ever since then, Josh has gotten me one a year to add to it. This year, he got me the Pharmacy! LOL...this is funny because before I got pregnant, I was KNOWN TO be a pill popper and immediately take medicine for ANYTHING that I felt bad over. LOL... now, not at all. So, he now has given me my own in-house drug store for my 24 hour needs! lol... I just love it. He took it out of the box last night and plugged it in for me and it's gorgeous! I leave these up year-round in my chirio cabinet by our front door. It's so special because I remember each even he gave me one on and this is just another memorable addition to my collection!
~God Bless

PS, hope to have some pictures from the Christmas Gala tonight that we're attending soon to post for you so you all can see how I've grown and all! Plus, I'll feel pretty tonight in the new dress Josh bought me. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

4 Years

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary and I wanted to share our story. Josh and I met in Canfield, Arkansas ( a tiny town between Lewisville, Arkansas and Bradley, Arkansas; Yahoo Map the summer of 1996, I was 13 & he was 16 almost 17. We were both couselors at the children's summer camp there, Camp Canfield, where both of our churches always had ours kids there the same week each summer. We didn't see each other, unless it was just by chance, throughout the year at all until the summer and every summer, I would go to camp and he would go to camp. He was the lifeguard there.
Each year, the only reason I would go was to see Josh, I KNOW, how wrong that is, but I'm being truthful! haha... The first time I saw him that first summer, I knew I would marry him. I told myself that, not really thinking it was true, but I said it. He has such a way of catching my eye that it's just magic. The camp always had "The Great War," which is a HUGE shaving cream fight and all the adults, except the referees, would park their vehicles in a circle as the boundary and have our lights on (b/c it was at night)on the last night of camp and I NEVER wanted any part of it so our tradition was that we sat in his truck and watched everyone and would talk. I don't know or remember how that started but I do know that even when he was dating another counselor one year at camp, we still kept this tradition..haha...I cherished that one week a year more than any of the other days.
We didn't start dating until July of 1999. My mom played match-maker and would talk with Josh and get info. from him and then talk w/ me and do the same and put two and two together herself and ended up giving Josh my phone number and mailing address behind my back.
So, naturally I was bummed like always after getting home and unpacking and thinking how I have to wait a whole year to see and even talk to Josh again. Oh and one thing, I didn't even know Magnolia, his hometown and where we live, existed so I couldn't go visit him b/c I didn't know any of his information at all other than he was fine and drove a fine white customized S10 pick-up truck. :) haha... Well, turns out that week after getting home from camp, I received a thick letter in the mail FROM JOSH!! OMG!! I read it, and I wish I still had it but I lost it when I moved to college, and it was amazing, like God wrote it Himself. See, I had a lot of bad relationships previously and so I had had it w/ boys and was waiting on THE MAN God had for me. My youth minister at the time had all the youth write a standards list of their Ultimate Mate that they would like and challenged us to STICK TO IT so I did. I dated a few guys after writing that and all fit 95% of the standards but never all of them. One even fit all but one! I took that as God's way of telling me to "be patient," which I'm not good at. So, back to the letter, while I was reading it, I dug out my standards list and compared it w/ what I knew of Josh and what he wrote and can you believe it, HE MET EVERY SINGLE STANDARD TO THE 'T!!!' WORD FOR WORD!!! I still have my standards list, in fact, it's in this scrapbook I made Josh that has a lot of our pictures in it. :)
I was beyond blown away at his letter and how too good to be true this seemed. It gets better...
HE CALLS ME NOT EVEN 10 MINUTES AFTER ME PUTTING HIS LETTER DOWN and we talked for HOURS on the phone, long distance; sorry mom! At that time, he was the Youth and Music Minister at a church in Bradley, Arkansas (the town that Canfield is halfway between; TINY TINY TOWN WITH ONE STOP LIGHT)and mom knew where it was and it was his last night there and he was going to sing, which is another thing that drew me to him, and so she thought it would be fun to surprise him and go see him! So we take off to Bradley, about 45 min. from Texarkana, where I'm from and lived at the time, and go and walk in and I will NEVER FORGET the look on his face when we walked in. It was like he saw a ghost and I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest it was beating so hard. So mom & I stayed and sat down and listened and all and afterwards, Josh and I talked and even took a picture. I can't remember if we ever asked each other out but from that night on, we were "Josh and Bekah". This picture below is our very first picture as "Josh and Bekah" (can't you sense the childlike awkwardness?? lol.. this picture makes me laugh every time!):

We dated all through my high school days, college days, were engaged July of 2004 and were married December 11, 2004 & have now been married 4 years today and are expecting our 1st child June 9th, which is really close to when camp is! lol... We're not a perfect couple, and never will be. We've had our rough patches but God always mended them. I have loved him for 13 years and that love has never changed. We have been together for almost 10 years; that is so unbelieveable to me to know that this man TRULY KNOWS EVERY PART of me and loves me. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have Josh Randall Kee as my one and only and as my husband. "What God has joined together, NO MAN WILL EVER separate..."
This is just the jist of our love story. There is so much more and so many more funny, heart-tugging, wonderful memories we've had but there are not enough hours in the day to tell them all.
Here's some of our pictures from over the years:
Josh's College Graduation, Dec. 2002

Christmas at his parents 2003

One summer at the lake

My high school Senior Prom, May 2001

The book of Solomon really sums up my love for Josh but this specific verse really sticks out: "...I found the one my heart loves." Song of Solomon 3:4
Happy Anniversary Josh! I love you more each day!

~God Bless