Friday, December 12, 2008

Anniversary Reflections

Our anniversary was nothing big but it was memorable and special. I accidently scheduled my Ladies Class Christmas Party at my house for last night and it turned out great but it was on our anniversary. I guess since it was our 4th and this week is soo busy for us both that we just decided to not do a big "to do" about it and just enjoy each other like normal. It was nice actually. I got Josh a nice card and a new lapel pin for his suits and he got me this (!!!!):
A new collector for my Department 56 Village Collections!!!

My sister-in-law collects these and I collect villages but she started my Original Dept. 56 Village collection a few years ago and ever since then, Josh has gotten me one a year to add to it. This year, he got me the Pharmacy! LOL...this is funny because before I got pregnant, I was KNOWN TO be a pill popper and immediately take medicine for ANYTHING that I felt bad over. LOL... now, not at all. So, he now has given me my own in-house drug store for my 24 hour needs! lol... I just love it. He took it out of the box last night and plugged it in for me and it's gorgeous! I leave these up year-round in my chirio cabinet by our front door. It's so special because I remember each even he gave me one on and this is just another memorable addition to my collection!
~God Bless

PS, hope to have some pictures from the Christmas Gala tonight that we're attending soon to post for you so you all can see how I've grown and all! Plus, I'll feel pretty tonight in the new dress Josh bought me. :)