Monday, July 27, 2009

6 weeks & first trip!

Ok so asw u can tell, I obviously still do not have internet access from my laptop. I PROMISE to upload new pics as soon as I can. Again, soo sorry! I'm on my MIL's laptop just doing a text update for ya...

So Shelby Lynne was 6 weeks old friday and we went camping Wed. - Sunday and PRAISE THE LORD we did b/c it got Shelby on a sleep schedule! I think it helped get her days and nights in order FINALLY! The WHOLE TIME we were gone she would sleep on her tummy in the bed w/ me ( I slept in one of the beds w/ her and let Josh have the big bed to himself :( ), yes, I KNOW they say "ON THE BACK TO SLEEP" But she ONLY sleeps on her tummy and is picking up her head and turning it so she's ok...I'm sure I'll get the 3rd degree from some about that but o well...whatever works, we do! LOL... She is now sleeping and gets up at 2am for a bottle and 5am for a bottle..then again at 8am or 9am... She's sooo alert now and such a big girl. I know she's at least 11 lbs now. She HAS TO BE! haha...She's also no longer breastfeeding and I'm all dried up... o well... I pumped up till the other day so she got the goods of least 6 weeks of breastmilk :).
well..that's all for now... i'm starting my diet today b/c I've had an emotional breakdown over my weight. I've lost 30 lbs but NEED to lose at least 15 more. Since being on fertility meds to get Shelby that aided in 10 extra pounds that I didn't PRAY for me b/c weight is a big issue w/ me and I just feel horrible b/c of how I look. I KNOW I KNOW, it's only been 6 weeks since I had Shelby and it took 9 months to gain it all so.... just silly i know....
~God bless,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1 month old..

well, Miss Shelby Lynne is 1 month old now (will actually be 1 month at 7:54 am on Sunday)! It's soo hard to believe how fast this month has gone and how much she's changed!! She's filling out soo adorably! :) Here's a comparison of how much she's grown from birth to today:
June 12, 2009

June 11, 2009

Is this not the sweetest pic ever? :) OMG my heart melts seeing them together!

And how adorable is this outfit?! LOL

Shelby, as of Wednesday is now 9 lbs 12 oz and 22" long!OMG!! She went home from the hospital being 7 lbs (she was born 7lbs 12 oz) and 21.5"long A MONTH AGO! LOL.... and all is great! She is healthy and eatin us out of house and home it seems. My poor we have supplemented a few bottles of soy formula throughout the day to satisfy her b/c she seems to be starving 24/7 and is eating AT LEAST every 2 hours now. We also, TONIGHT, started her on a bit of rice cereal and she loved it and seems VERY HAPPY AND FULL! She's not letting us sleep hardly at all at night so we are desperate when it comes to solutions! We got maybe 3 hours (all 3 of us) total of sleep last night. Thank goodness daddy was home to help out! She's usually like that when he's gone overnight on business. Just pray for us and our sanity! It's tough having a screaming, discontent, hungry little hippo!
Well, just wanted to share some little updates on Shelby Lynne!
~God bless,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Last night, July 3rd, our church hosted a hamburger cookout and fireworks watch on the parking lot and so my parents came down and we all went! This is Shelby's first time to hear and see fireworks, which by the way, was ok until the big ones started popping. They scared her :(. Her little outfit was TOO cute for words! Josh bought her the little onesie and bluejean mini skirt MONTHS ago and I made her hairbow to match and of course she had to wear her Trumpette socks!
Hope you all had a happy 4th!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More pics...

Ok so I didn't get to finish my last post b/c the princess was calling, more like screaming...haha.. anyhoo.. here's the rest of the pics from the shoot w/ Stacy. :) She is amazing! :)

Nevermind me in the pics...Shelby is the star! I've gotta lose A LOT of weight.... ugh.. i hate lookin at pics of myself now... o well... Shelby is worth it all!
~God bless,

Sorry...Been FOREVER!

Ok, so "mommyhood" has taken over my life, for the better! Not to mention that my laptop no longer lets me connect to our internet so that's also aided in me not being able to check ANYTHING and be TOTALLY cut off from the "online-world". I apologize for not tryin to update this sooner but ya know, having a now almost 3 week old, no internet, and a hubby who is very busy, it's trying to even get to brush my teeth daily and wash my face! haha...
Shelby will be 3 weeks old tomorrow (Friday)! Soo hard to believe! She has changed soo much in these 3 weeks! She's sleeping fairly well, for a 3 week old, but recently has been collically in the evenings, which breaks my heart to hear her cries of pain. We are doubling up on the Mylicon drops in the evenings and that helps some and just holding her all swaddled up. She's still breastfeeding VERY WELL every 2 hours now, so I'm exhausted from that, BUT I know it's what's best for her! I'm not even getting the time to pump in-between feedings but that's ok. I'll cross that bridge of needing that supply when we get to it.
Each day is a new day with her and a fabulous day. Yes, I've had SEVERAL, ok, MILLIONS, of meltdowns in these few weeks but I just pray and ask God to give me guidance and strength and courage to do what is best for this precious life He's soo graciously given to us. It's amazing to watch her. She's soo much more alert now and her eyes are open a lot more. She's also now 8 lbs (or more; that was a week ago)!! She's filling out quite nicely and has those adorable little creases in her arms and legs now! haha..
Stacy, from Cloud Dust, took some fabulous pics of her this week and we wanted to get more but she was fussy and now that she's almost 3 weeks, she wasn't wanting to sleep as much as she used to, but the shots she got I think are wonderful!