Saturday, July 11, 2009

1 month old..

well, Miss Shelby Lynne is 1 month old now (will actually be 1 month at 7:54 am on Sunday)! It's soo hard to believe how fast this month has gone and how much she's changed!! She's filling out soo adorably! :) Here's a comparison of how much she's grown from birth to today:
June 12, 2009

June 11, 2009

Is this not the sweetest pic ever? :) OMG my heart melts seeing them together!

And how adorable is this outfit?! LOL

Shelby, as of Wednesday is now 9 lbs 12 oz and 22" long!OMG!! She went home from the hospital being 7 lbs (she was born 7lbs 12 oz) and 21.5"long A MONTH AGO! LOL.... and all is great! She is healthy and eatin us out of house and home it seems. My poor we have supplemented a few bottles of soy formula throughout the day to satisfy her b/c she seems to be starving 24/7 and is eating AT LEAST every 2 hours now. We also, TONIGHT, started her on a bit of rice cereal and she loved it and seems VERY HAPPY AND FULL! She's not letting us sleep hardly at all at night so we are desperate when it comes to solutions! We got maybe 3 hours (all 3 of us) total of sleep last night. Thank goodness daddy was home to help out! She's usually like that when he's gone overnight on business. Just pray for us and our sanity! It's tough having a screaming, discontent, hungry little hippo!
Well, just wanted to share some little updates on Shelby Lynne!
~God bless,


Jakesmommie said...

hungry hippo! Thats cute! I remember the 3 hours of sleep. Whew, praying for ya girl.

jill said...

happy birthday shelby lynne!!!! love the picture of her snuggled up on her tummy. that's sophie's favorite way to sleep too!!!! little girls are the best. :)

Stacy said...

HA! now she's sleeping on her tummy!!!....maybe we should have waited to do

Mollie said...

How sweet!! She is getting so BIG!!
Happy One Month to Shelby!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Miss Shelby Lynne is precious!!! Let me tell you right now to enjoy every minute because the next few months will fly by and she changes daily before your very eyes!!

You are blessed Bekah!

Sabrina said...

Doesn't time fly?I bet it's hard to remember how things were before she was with you. She's so beautiful!

Kecia said...

How cute is she???

God bless this little angel!