Monday, March 30, 2009

**UPDATED**Sewing Maternity Leave

**UPDATE is at the bottom**
Yes, I have finally decided to go on "sewing maternity leave" w/ Bizzy Bs. :( On one hand, I"m sad, but another hand, I'm kinda relieved! I've got at least 5 orders piled up to do from being off for only a week and a half of sewing! So.. once these 5 or more are done, I'll be sewing for my Shelby! I will continue to post pics and such but no new orders will be accepted till at least September, which may change depending on how difficult having a little one will be for me to adjust to. I am still working full-time so I needed to make a choice and let something go b/c I just can't physically do it all like I could before being pregnant.
SO, those of you that are now worried b/c you've mailed your check to me and I've received it and you are waiting on your order, DON'T BE ALARMED! :) I am working on your orders! :) I just can't start on any new orders... my mind, body and Shelby can't take it. haha...Please feel free to email me though and I will start a "Post-maternity leave" list. I was and am very hesitant to do this b/c I don't want to lose any business but I must do what's right for my body and my family. Any pics I post from now till September will be any designs I will start back up with. Ugh this hurts to do this but... I do feel a sense of relief but still sadness...
Sorry :(
I do have LOTS of cute ideas for Miss Shelby and I can't WAIT TO START ON THEM! :)
WE HAVE FLOORS! After a week of living on our dirty concrete slab, the lovely people at Storey's Flooring in El Dorado came and laid down our flooring and fixed what HOME DEPOT so ungraciously messed up.
See, it all started almost 2 weeks ago when we scheduled HOME DEPOT to lay down the Pergo flooring we had purchased about a week or two before that. They were to come on a Friday, rip up our carpet in the great room and hallway and lay down this lovely flooring by the afternoon. INSTEAD, they came in and in 2 hours all they did was SLASH our carpet (not pull up but slash into 8 pieces) and cut into our fireplace, yes, causing at least 2 inches of dust to float around my house landing on EVERYTHING, even in the rooms we closed doors too, and saw a hairline crack in our concrete and REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE and LEFT. They said they could not lay the flooring on the crack b/c it was through the foundation and that all they could do was lay tile over it (which i'm not a 'flooring expert' but TILE WILL CRACK OVER A CRACK IF THAT'S THE ISSUE!). So, Josh called several contractors to come assess the issue and ALL 3 of them said, "these people just didn't want to work" and for those men to show them a house in South Arkansas that doesn't have a crack in their concrete. OH, and HOME DEPOT wanted us to pay $225 for the men "losing their day." haha.. umm.. no.. we went the next day (an hour away) to get our installation payment back and to tell them WE WERE NOT paying the $225 b/c of what they did and how they treated us and left our home. SO, we got our $$ back and ended up not paying the "loss of day" fee. :) One of the contractors that came out suggested Storey's to us and so we went w/ it and they came Thursday and did this (I didn't have the heart to take pictures of before b/c it was sooo bad but this is the finished product that we're MORE THAN happy with):

This is another factor in me deciding to go ahead and go on "Sewing Maternity Leave." After dealing w/ all this, I"m SOOOOO behind on my orders b/c I could not sew b/c of the demolition in my house! haha.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

29 weeks, shower & creations

**So I forgot to do my veggie/fruit comparison for this month when I blogged earlier... here's how big Shelby is from now until week 32:

Wow, ok so we're now 29 weeks.. OH MY GOSH... that's all I can say w/ my mouth wide open in shock. This pic below was taken Saturday, just 3 days ago, so it was actually taken at 28 weeks and 4 days, but close enough... I haven't grown since then.. I HOPE I haven't at least. haha....

It was obviously a bad hair, make-up, FACE DAY... ugh... it was also kinda early on Saturday for me to be awake...haha.. Anyhoo, there's the much demanded belly pic I've been harassed to post! haha... Yes, I know the last one we took was 9 weeks ago but really, I'd rather you see the drastic difference from this

to this

than just a gradual week by week view. :) I think it's more fun this way! My personal opinion. haha. I think she's moved up... She doesn't seem as low as before...

On to shower pics! Not mine, but of a dear friend that I go to church with named, Ginger. She and I are exactly 2 weeks apart and really the "gender cut off". She's due May 21st and I'm due June 9th and everyone due before her and to her due date are having boys, including herself and everyone after Ginger to my due date and a month or two after are having girls! :) haha it's really bizarre! It's fun to share this pregnancy w/ a girl who TRULY understands. It's neat b/c I kinda get the heads up on what to expect and what to expect at dr. visits. Ginger and her husband also struggled w/ trying to have a baby and almost to the anniversary of losing their first baby, the found out they're pregnant w/ little Evan Josiah. They're gonna call him Josiah. :) He may be Shelby's future boyfriend! His dad, Trey, is the Offensive Football Coach here at SAU so I know Shelby's daddy would approve since he LOVES football and played offense! haha... coincedence?? haha... Anyhoo, here's some pics from her shower that I helped co-host w/ 13, yes, I said 13, other ladies from our church. Oh, and my mom made the quilt under her diaper cake, I made the Diaper Cake and her bag and wipee cover. It was a huge hit and Ginger was really touched by all she got! She had a great shower and I JUST LOVE the colors we used to decorate and of course all my little Sir Fidels (lions) made their appearance at her shower to say "Congrats" too!

Another cool thing about Ginger and I, not only that we're 2 weeks apart and both struggled w/ conceiving these babies, but the night she called to tell me she was pregnant was the SAME DAY we found out we were pregnant! We both found out the same time! God knew we'd need each other and what a blessing she is to me and has been to me. Congrats Trey & Ginger! Can't wait to meet Mr. Josiah! Shelby's already getting ready to meet her new nursery buddy!
~God bless,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Revelation Song

So this week has been one of those weeks...let me tell you I have no idea where to begin so I'll just say, it's been one of those weeks all week & leave it at that!!!
This song is such an inspiration and upliftment so I wanted to share it w/ ya! TURN OFF THE MUSIC PLAYER AT THE BOTTOM OF MY PAGE BEFORE VIEWING THE VIDEO

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nursery Progress...

Well... the nursery is looking like a nursery now!! :) Yeah!! We are going to TRY to have as much of it done this week b/c we're having new wood flooring put in on the other half of our great room and the hall leading to Shelby's room and we want that and the nursery done as much as possible by Saturday. :)
OUR BABY BEDDING CAME IN!! TARGET IS THE BEST! JcPenney, not on my good list! haha...
We don't have all of her furniture in, things on the wall or in place, etc... yet but here's what we do have so far....
Before paint & bedding and really anything other than furniture and some lions, blankets, etc... I had already:

After Mammy & Pappy painted:

After paint AND bedding; these pics are taken w/ my phone so I apologize for the color difference. The two crib shots are kinda dark :( the 2nd crib pic is the most accurate of the color w/ the bedding. I will take better pics tonight... got my camera back from Josh! :) :

A dear friend made the tutu bow holder for us and the taggie blankie that's on top of Shelby's comforter in her crib (Matches TO A "t" I MUST SAY! ;) ), I made the lamp shade that is going to go on the hamper that will be under the window (that was next to the crib in the first pics w/ the yellow wall), and all her other little gifts and such she's gotten so far are just kinda thrown in her armoire. haha... We have our 1st shower April 5th and my sorority from college, Phi Mu, is hosting it here at the school. Shelby will be decked out in pink and white and have MANY MORE lions and Pink things to come after that one! haha.... Our big shower, the one our church is hosting, is April 19th so we're excited about it and then work is going to host us one too but we're not sure of when it is yet....
What cha think? :)
~God bless,

Friday, March 13, 2009

New wipees

Well, I finished my order of 6 wipee covers for a customer who has her own boutique called, "Baby Bugs Bowtique." She is doing and up-coming festival and wanted to try out a new product to sell so she ordered 6 of these to see how they do. I think they turned out ADORABLE! Wipee covers are easy for me to do, right now being only 3 months away from our due date.. O M G, because I can lay on the couch and make these and not be stooped over my sewing machine, which Shelby and my back have let me know recently they DO NOT appreciate. haha...

THE NURSERY IS BEING PAINTED THIS EVENING!! YEAH!!!! Let the chaos or unorganization begin and my OCD kick-in in full force... haha...
~God bless,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Been a while...

Wow, so it's been almost a week since I've blogged.. :( Just been sooooo busy sewing I guess I forgot. haha.. I'm getting TONS done while Josh is away on business again. So far, as of Tuesday, I"ve gotten 2 Razorback dresses, 1 Medium-size Bag, and 4 wipee covers all finished! I've still got 2 more wipee covers for the order that the other 4 were for, and 2 diaper bags w/ matching wipee covers to do BEFORE Friday. My sewing room is being moved out of the nursery on Friday b/c my in-laws will be painting for us then and we've ORDERED THE BEDDING and it should be in early next week!! YEAH!! So.. I must sew till my fingers fall off to get as much done as possible before my "organization" become "disorganized" w/ me moving my things again.

Here is the Medium-size bag I finished last night. It can be a diaper bag but it's for a little girl who's birthday is the 21st so it's a "tote bag" for her :).

I have been blessed beyond belief from God but He's blessed me with also great people who surround me and new friendships every day! This lovely lady, Shelley, who I met here through my blog, ordered, TO THIS DAY, one of my favorite diaper bags I've ever made. She customed this bag to her liking to a "T". She picked her own fabrics and just let me go! :) I love it when I get that! She even blogged about me on her personal page! The title is called, "Bag Lady". She has two pages, The Smith Family and Wonderfully Wordy. She is AMAZINGLY talented and is the lady who made the vinyl for Shelby's wall that I'm soo anxiously awaiting to put above her crib. I love to see my creations be put to use and to see them find good homes. :) Thanks again Shelley and I WILL be ordering for you soon! Still wanting something cutesy for Shelby's room! :)
~God bless,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bedding at Target!

**Click the pic to enlarge it**
YEAH!! Shelby's bedding is now at!! Woo hoo! No more dreadful nightmares of dealing w/ JCPenney any longer for it! We are still registered at but now have more options than JUST THAT place for Shelby's bedding! Happy day! Our registeries are at the top on the left-hand column. :)

Well, this week started off kinda yucky but overall, it's been ok. It's another week down so it's gonna be ok! haha. I'm HOPEFULLY going to get a lot of sewing done this weekend and next week. Josh is going to be out of town on business Tuesday through Friday (maybe gets to come home Thursday) so A LOT of alone time (which I hate, as crazy as that sounds) and will HOPEFULLY catch back up on my orders from when I hurt my back and was sick this week at night w/ a sore throat.
PRAY I GET CAUGHT UP! haha. I have TONS of ideas for Shelby, I just don't have time to do them. :(

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

26 weeks today...


We have an eggplant! According to, Shelby is the size of an eggplant until 28 weeks. I feel her move ALLL the time now. Sometimes it's even painful! I think she thinks my ribs are a wind chime she can kick and make them move/make noises b/c every time she does that, I move and make noise! haha... I think she's a bit confused...haha

Boy am I busy! Not only trying to plan for this little miracle but Bizzy B's is just bizzy bizzy these days! I've got 4 diaper bags I'm working on right now, at least 8 and will be more, wipee covers and I'm tryin to finish up some more onesies w/ bows for Shelby. I also got a new little dress pattern that I'm gonna try to do for her as well. I'm thankful the Lord is letting me use my talent's for Him. I just wish I could do this 24/7! It's getting harder and harder to work full-time and then come home, pick up a bit, find/cook dinner, MAYBE WALK or go to Yoga/the gym AND then start projects. I find myself being drawn to my PJ's and the couch w/ my "stinky pinky". Stinky Pinky is this blanket a sorority sister made me back in college that is pink and no matter how many times you wash it, it still stinks. Not terribly or enough to not make me want to use it, it just doesn't have that fresh smell. Not to mention it's Dee Dee's favorite to curl up on so I'm assuming he's aiding in the stinkiness. haha....
well, I'll HOPEFULLY be posting new pics of Bizzy B's stuff soon!
Oh, this week has been a doozy now....please pray for me! I"m losing it! My Monday (yesterday) started off by me dropping my cell phone into a full glass of orange juice on the way to work; cannot be fixed and then I went to bed and woke up this a.m. w/ a horrible sore throat that all I can take for is my allergy medicine, cough drops and Chloresceptic spray (which to me, is the most USELESS JUNK IN THE WORLD b/c it lasts about as long as Orejel does...haha).
~God bless,