Friday, February 27, 2009

Best for Last!!

Well, it's Friday and I promised the best for last! I have had a very busy week so this stuff is the finale of what I did this past weekend. I am dealing w/ a sore back/pulled back muscles so I dunno how much I'll get accomplished this weekend but...we'll see!:)
Every time I look at these I just laugh and so does Josh! :) Shelby Lynne is going to be styling and profilin in her Mommy-made-too-cute-for-school onesies! These are also new items I'm making to sell also! But, these 3 are for Shelby, sorry. I can duplicate them and customize them to your liking! Josh's idea was the zebra ruffles and it's my favorite! His only request was that I do one in green's to compliment the gorgeous red hair she'll have! :) I PRAY SHE DOES! That's my only request Lord, pleeeeaaasssseee let Shelby Lynne have gorgeous red hair like her daddy! That is the only thing I've vainly prayed for from the day we found out we're expecting. I just want a red-headed baby... boy or girl... i didn't care, as long as he/she has red hair! And who doesn't love a red-headed little girl?! Come on! :) So, I will be making a few more of these and one will be in greens. :) haha... I've already got a dear myspace friend that I'm trading some wipee covers for some headbands that she has to match these that I can attach the bows too and is also sending me one that's a lime-green headband w/ a BIG O WHITE daisy on top! :) how cute is that gonna be? I love trading!! hahah.. anyhoo.. enough blog blabbing.. here's the pics of Shelby Lynne's new little onesies:
I had to do Pink and Brown, of course:

Bow that matches:

Hot Pink Leopard:

Leopard and marabou (hot pink feathers) bow to match:

Hot Pink Zebra:

Here's what the back looks like (on the other two w/o ruffles, the ribbons do go across like this also):

I made these bows for a festival and never sold them (which I"m happy about b/c i LOVE THEM) so I'm gonna make an outfit to match the teal one soon also, but here's the hot pink marabou (feather detail) bow:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
~God bless,
Hubby and I are going on a mini-baby-moon getaway tonight! I'm sooo excited! We're just gettin away for the night, stayin in a hotel somewhere and being alone! :) yeah!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Short & Sweet today...

Well, today is short and sweet.. I DID NOT MAKE THE TWO ADORABLE ITEMS BELOW ( I did make the cap though, but not the cupcake or the turkey...haha) but I must show you and tell you who did! Lindsay from Crochet*D*Lane made these two adorable removable pins for me to use on hats, bows, outfits, etc... for baby Shelby. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her stuff and HIGHLY recommend her business to you! I crochet myself but nothing like this gal! Wow... her turn around time was amazing!

~God bless,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wipee cover...

A dear friend of mine that is having a baby(which these days, it seems like everyone is) had her baby shower Sunday and all weekend I kept telling Josh, "We need to get Radeanna her baby shower gift..." and every time we had an opportunity to, we got side-tracked. Josh finally said, Saturday night, "why don't you just make her something? That would mean more to her." And he was right! I knew Stacy was making her a car seat cover and diaper bag so I didn't want to do her a bag, so the next thing I thought was, "A WIPEE COVER!" Everyone seems to like those and plus, you won't be apt to leave your wipees behind w/ a boutique wipe cover! :) haha... So, I knew she was having a boy so I went w/ my most popular prints, blue and brown paisley and dots! :) I think it turned out rather nice and she said, "Oh my gosh, umm, can this be used as a handbag because it's too cute to just be a wipe cover!" haha... That made me feel good and happy to know I listened to Josh! haha...

Inside ( I just love the teal and brown circle ribbon trim!):

The bottom:

Finished product!:

~God bless,
OH, My most favorite pics are coming tomorrow and Friday! They're Shelby Lynne items (our baby..haha not a designer... it does kinda sound designer-ish like that...haha)!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Delaney bag...

This medium-size diaper bag is for a friend who I met on myspace that has a precious little girl named, 'Delaney.' I am so honored to do a bag for her and her mommy. This is one mommy can use now and Delaney can use when she's older. I love all the colors of it! It has bows on each side also, which I think makes it super cute and extra girly! :) You can never go wrong w/ bows! haha

More creations to come tomorrow, stay tuned! OH, AND...
~God bless,

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a weekend of sewing....

Wow, is all I can say... I think my "nesting" result from this pregnancy is sewing projects. Haha, I didn't realize how much I did till yesterday when I was uploading pictures to share! Wheewwww... No wonder I'm so tired and Shelby's so active! She's excited! Haha..
I'm going to share a few items a day so I won't bombard you with OODLES of pictures on this blog and so I have something to share this week with ya. :)
First off, I FINALLY got my camera back from Josh (he was out of town Tuesday through Friday)! Yeah! So, here's a better pic of Shelley's "S" bag from Wonderfully Wordy:

I just LOVE THE COLORS of this bag and am SERIOUSLY thinking of using this print for Shelby (at least for one of her bags..haha can't do just one now! haha)
I'll share another bag w/ you tomorrow and more cutesy stuff throughout the week! OH, started NEW OUTFITS for little babies (newborn especially till 3 months)! :) If you're on myspace, you've seen them so don't spoil the surprise, but if not, wait and see! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Diaper bag

I finished two diaper bags last night!! I'll post pic's of the other one later on...But, this diaper bag was ordered by Shelley from Wonderfully Wordy. Check out her GORGEOUS vinyl designs! I have one and can't WAIT TO PUT IT UP IN THE NURSERY!!
I really think this might be the fabrics I use for baby Shelby. At least for one bag... haha
(Sorry the picture is awful....Josh took my camera w/ him on his business trip so I'll take better pic's tonight when he gets home):

Don't cha just LOVE IT! It's in pretty pinks, salmons, sage green & brown. :) Mmmm my favorites! Thanks Shelley for your trade and for chosing such GORGEOUS fabrics!
~God bless,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 months and freaking out...

So today we are officially 6 months pregnant and I'm freaking out!!
I am waiting on STUPID JCPENNEY.COM to deliver this pillow, that is NOT BLUE LIKE THE PICTURE ON OUR STUPID JCPENNEY.COM REGISTRY SHOWS; BUT IT'S PINK, from our bedding set so we can match the wall color so we can buy the paint and paint the walls. WE CAN'T EVEN BEGIN PAINTING TILL THIS PILLOW GETS HERE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE FRIDAY AND IS STILL NOT IN!!
Can you tell the horomones have arrived?? OMG...
I'm freaking out not only b/c I'm 6 months pregnant but because we have nothing accomplished in the nursery but the furniture in place and we're registered. THAT'S IT! SHELBY WILL BE HERE IN 3 TO 4 MONTHS AND WE HAVE NOTHING but free formula & coupons we've gotten in the mail that will last us maybe a month, if we can't breastfeed, a few onesies that we've bought and some stuffed animals. THAT'S IT! FREAKING OUT... OMG.. OCD IS KICKED IN FULL FORCE AND BEING OCD AND CREATIVE IS not good these days. I'm CONSTANTLY flooded w/ things I MUST paint, make, sew and create for Shelby and NONE of it's even half-way started or thought out. :( I"m seriously about to need medical assistance or be admitted to the looney bin.
I pray for help but I'm also the type that I like to do things myself because I then know they're done the way I want them and I'm satisfied. I have a hard time letting others do things for me. Control issues? Naaahh.. not a bit.
Also, I'm beginning to realize that Shelby will have to come out and that's freaking me out even more... It's like I'm on speed today...
I need a brain-nap...

OH and I just got home from my 6 month OB appointment and all is great, Shelby's heartbeat was 151, first time I REALLY heard it (the other time, it was soo faint I lied because I was the only one...haha... that was like 3 months ago though..haha). BUT.... which THIS BUT is still making me cry....
I'VE GAINED 10 MORE POUNDS SINCE MY LAST VISIT!! As of last month, I had only gained 7 Lbs TOTAL, now 10 POUNDS IN A MONTH?! OMG, WHAT DO I DO?? I'M STILL CRYING AND NOW DEPRESSED. :( My dr. was NOT happy w/ me and Josh is gone so... JUST SAD NOW :( I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slowin down now. That's INSANE... Shelby only weighs 1 1/2 lbs so it's not her :(. Ugh....

PRAY FOR ME AND JOSH'S SANITY! oH, ALSO PRAY for Josh. He's gone on a business trip today through Thursday so he can't come to my dr.'s appt. but my Mammy is coming (Josh's mom). So this will be her first time seeing Shelby. :) I would take a belly pic today but given that I'm now upset and depressed over my gain, I just can't do it today.... lol
~God bless

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Bags!!

So I've got TONS of projects goin on right now (YEAH!!)and got 3 of them finished last night! I have 4 more I'm waiting the monogrammers to finish and then I'll get to work on those. I did my first zipper too! It was tough but turned out FABULOUS! I guess since the bag was so tiny. Anyhoo, I now know what to do and what NOT to do. Had to re-do it like 3 times. Hahah.. Here they are...

Diaper bag ( I LOVE HOW THIS MONOGRAMMING OF "Emerie Grace" turned out):

Zipper bag (will be used for "mommy's" things such as chapstick, cell phone, etc...):

Diaper bag w/ Zipper bag Set:

Double Monogram Diaper Bag(the front initials are different than the back initials; that way the mom can use this for both girls she has!):

~God Bless

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

23 weeks today

Well today we are 23 weeks pregnant and boy O boy, should I say "girl O girl" lol, have we grown, Inside and OUTSIDE! Whheewww... out of breath all the time, hungry 24/7, tired, wabbly, and not to mention the karate kicks that not only I can feel this time but Shelby's daddy can as well! Whheeewwww, she's a kicker now! haah... it's so amazing!!
I am freaking out though b/c it all of the sudden dawned on me that we have 3 -4 months left of her safe inside and then her grand appearance will take place. O M G... We are sooooooooooooooo not prepared! I just ordered a decorative pillow from her bedding set to match paint with so we've not even picked out paint samples for the walls yet!! FREAKING OUT!!! We are registered though!


AND WILL BE registered at Pink & Blue on the square here in Good Ole Magnolia. :) I am posting the links to our registery on my sidebar so y'all can see.
So I do feel a bit of accomplishment, but O M G...SHELBY WILL BE HERE IN 3 - 4 MONTHS! I guess I"m used to having more months to go than accomplished...
Pray for me! LOL
I will be posting pics of new bags SOOOONNN! :) Finishin some up tonight!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's my birthday & Josh felt Shelby!

So today is my 26th birthday and BOY HAVE I HAD A GREAT ONE! First off, we went campin this weekend w/ Mammy & Pappy and Lyd and Dave, then mom and dad came up saturday night and had a blast! I got a King Cake and yummy buttercream cake from mom and dad! Mmm still eatin on those! haha I got some pretty amazing gifts from Josh and my family! I got some pretty jewelry from Mammy, adorable coffee travel mug w/ a "B" on it and matching clipboard that I can use for business orders and a beautiful box from mom and dad and grandpa. I also got amazing gifts from Josh! He got me a mini-flag for outside w/ a "K" monogrammed on it and two adorable gifts for the nursery, a puzzle pic frame and silver spoon and fork. Soooo adorable!! I'll post pics when I find my camera.. :( not sure if Josh still has it or not. haha

Josh felt Shelby move Saturday night for the 1st time!!! :) He said, "OMG, wow!!" haha it was great! The best birthday present ever! I"m waitin on him to get home right now. He's taking me out to dinner for my b-day. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fabulous Fabrics

***UPDATED***I'll try to post pics of the things I finish! Here's the first one, a wipe case cover!
My mind has been FLOODED with ideas lately of what to make for Miss Shelby, our lovely princess-to-be. I have made a list and I am making her
* 2 Diaper Bags (One Standard Size and one Sunday size)
* 3 Minky Blankies (20" x 20")
* 3 Taggie Blankies (10" x 10")
* AT LEAST 1 wipee case (DONE!!! FINISHED! The fabric is pink & brown..had to take pic w/ my phone. Josh has my camera at his office :( )

* AT LEAST 4 burp clothes
* AT LEAST 4 appliqued onesies w/ or w/o skirts and ruffles
* TONS OF HAIR BOWS for headbands and to be used later on
* 2 Pacifier clips
* Hand-painted wall letters w/ ribbons
* And probably a lot of other stuff that my mom will make...
Right now, this is my list of what I "would like to" accomplish for her. :)
And, here is the lovely fabric collection I would like to use:

I'm sure there will be more added but for now, this is my "Fabulous Fabrics" wish list! Hahaha... OMG, I'm sooo gonna be sewing till my fingers fall off! haha
~God Bless