Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Bags!!

So I've got TONS of projects goin on right now (YEAH!!)and got 3 of them finished last night! I have 4 more I'm waiting the monogrammers to finish and then I'll get to work on those. I did my first zipper too! It was tough but turned out FABULOUS! I guess since the bag was so tiny. Anyhoo, I now know what to do and what NOT to do. Had to re-do it like 3 times. Hahah.. Here they are...

Diaper bag ( I LOVE HOW THIS MONOGRAMMING OF "Emerie Grace" turned out):

Zipper bag (will be used for "mommy's" things such as chapstick, cell phone, etc...):

Diaper bag w/ Zipper bag Set:

Double Monogram Diaper Bag(the front initials are different than the back initials; that way the mom can use this for both girls she has!):

~God Bless


Stacy said...

cute! love the double initials

Kecia said...

So cute... OMG! Really great!

Mandi said...

I can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is passing by! You're more than halfway through!!! (: