Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

Well this week in the Kee home...
nothing is really goin on that's pressing other than it's SAU Homecoming Week!!Woot Woot! Yeh!!

I also am starting to get my thoughts together for what Baby Boy Kee's room and decor will look like.  We wanna go w/ a brown, orange and white-ish color theme and a more modern look w/ deer themed accents :) So... the bedding from last week's post is NO LONGER in the midst. LOL... I'm also going to take Shelby's baby bedding and cover it for his bedding :). Cheaper and that way I don't have to part with hers...more sentimental...
Here's the fabrics I wanna use... I LOVE the first one! It looks like antlers to me (even though it's called coral)
I"m soo anxious to start this project!! :) I need to order fabrics though. :)
Here's a photo dump from the week...
we went to the Fall Festival on the Square Saturday and sheebs became a pink tigress

I love how God speaks to her heart! She's reading the story of Creation to me from her Jesus Storybook Bible

Shelby said, "Look momma! I took a picture of my baby brother." :) haha yeap you sure did!

Shelby attended her first Faith Friends night at her friend Claire's house. It was soo sweet and neat to see the Lord speak through these little girls...

Baby Boy Kee at 21 weeks and 3 days...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Kee # 2 is...

this was the best profile pic we could get of little Mr. and he even waved at us spreading his fingers! this was before we knew he was a He!

Again, an odd angle but it's there! I don't  know what that big white-ish blob is on the left takin up most of his space but it's not him...

and again, there "it" is... having "boy parts" in my tummy does freak me out a bit though LOL...and again I don't  know what that big white-ish blob is on the left takin up most of his space but it's not him...

My 21 week pic from today... he's SUPER LOW... where my hand is on my stomach is where his back/head is! OUCH...

OMG we are over the moon excited and elated! We went yesterday for my 20 week ultrasound and doctor's appointment.  Josh and I both felt it was another girl, and had come to terms that if that was God's plan, we were more than ok w/ that. He even had become ok w/ being out numbered in his own home and had a talk w/ his singing buddy about how much toilet paper and feminine products to expect to buy and go through from now on. Haha.... 
My dr. was doing an extensive ultrasound and it was rather difficult since the baby is laying sideways w/ his head on my left side and his legs and feet on my right, which is why my right side has been sooooo uncomfortable and feels bruised almost from all the action it's received.  Little Mr. was quite comfy where he was and it was hard to even tell what was what for me and Josh but Dr. Tom knew it all and what each little part and glimmer was.  As he was rolling over my belly looking around and said, "Oh there's the bladder and...Oh wait, Do y'all know what the baby is yet?" We both said, "NO! No! we don't know!" Dr. Tom then says, " well I was looking around at other stuff and saw all kinds of business hanging around! See?!" and VOILA! There it was!! Josh lit up like the day we got married.  I was totally giddy, he was giddy and I have no idea what Dr. Tom said from then on other than the baby looks great and he doesn't see any reason for alarms or anything and that he hoped he will turn for my sake because it will become even more uncomfortable as he gets larger.  We traveled back home (hour drive) and called our families and best friends to give them our shocking news and all the while Josh made me promise not to post anything on Facebook so I didn't.  I had to get shelby from PreK at 4pm to take her to dance and Josh had a meeting at 4pm so the afternoon was really busy and then all the sudden, my phone starts blowing up w/ messages and FB inbox messages of Congrats! I asked one, "How do you know?" and they responded by saying, "OH Josh has it on his FB!" :) LOL one proud daddy! Made my day....His post said,
"Well its official I WILL NOT be the only man in the Kee household. It's a BOY!!!"
So now the hunt for names and starting over w/ baby items since all of shelby's baby stuff we saved is just for girls and pink and brown, ALL OF IT!  I'm going to try and sew covers for her baby swing, high chair and bedding but we've gotta buy a new travel system (car seat and stroller; cause we broke her stroller and the car seat is out of date by law and regulations) and clothes and boy stuff... i'm SUPER excited!!!! I know we are goin to do his nursery in a deer theme, which Pop Pop is elated over! I found this theme I love and I'm gonna make bedding to compliment these colors and deer theme I believe...
I wanna use antlers and spray paint different deer figurines we can find  for his room and I'm going to do this to the walls, I think... this is the color the guest room walls are now....

It's funny how God works because I wanted a boy SOOOO BAD and had finally convinced myself it wasn't going to be a boy but I had not found anything girl I liked and hadn't been excited really because I felt the baby was a girl again and we would just use the items of Shelby's we had (we would buy a few things of course for the new baby). This decor/theme was the only theme I liked and kept coming back to.... God once again showed me that i'm an impatient person and that HIS timing is best and works out for the best!
Shelby is soooo excited to be having a baby brother, much to our surprise considering every talk about a boy before has ended in a fight or meltdown.  Last night, we waited to tell her after she got home from dance and we all ate supper together. Josh was so anxious to tell her I barely sat down good and he was spillin the beans! He said, "Mommy and I went to the dr. today and Dr. Tom did a test to see what your baby is and you wanna know what he said? Are you sure? (she nodded and smiled from ear to ear)" He then said, "now regardless of what the dr. says the baby is, remember you said you would love the baby no matter what?" and she nods again... "what do you think the baby is Shelby?" she says, "A boy!" and Josh and I say, "Yes! You're having a baby brother!" And I WISH I HAD GOTTEN A PICTURE OF HER FACE, but she was grinning from ear to ear, her face turned red and her eyes watered (as did ours too) and she said, "Yeaaah!!!!! I knew it!" She was a  pile of energy and enthusiasm all evening! we had to run over to Mammy & Pop Pop's for her to tell them (even though Josh had already called them; his daddy first to tell him he was gonna have a huntin buddy! Pop Pop's reaction was, "Are YOU KIDDING ME!" i COULD FEEL the excitement through the phone!).  What a great evening and we are all still beaming!!!!
Let me fun begin now!!!!
God is soo good...
this baby not only is a miracle because he wasn't supposed to be able to even be conceived, must less on our own but now a boy?! wow... God knows how to blow our socks off and lift our spirits!
let the spoiling begin!!! 
I'm a little nervous because I know NOTHING about boys but I have been told that boys love their mommas and that there's nothing like that bond so that's got me pretty excited because Shelby is 100% Daddy's Girl! This is gonna be sooo fun!!! Pray for us and our growing prince! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Photodump Friday

SO.... BEEN EXTREMELY busy all week and don't have a lot to say, other than,
We are 20 weeks pregnant (Hallelujah for being halfway there!) and I felt the baby KARATE KICK me from the outside last night! :)
Here's this week's photodump...hold onto your panties....there's a lot!

Josh brought her this shirt back from his Indiana Trip... "Cow Tipper in Training" LOL.. we had to explain to her what that was... she thought it was crazy..

FINALLY decorated for fall... with shelby's help....

gonna be SUCH A GREAT Big sister

cat is mad because she has very limited lap space now to lounge and bite me in

SAU Outfit...gave me fits and gotta alter it again but it's cute!

sheebs caught 2 lizards!

20 weeks... runnin outta room fast!

Sheebs and Kymber... PreK friends

another Sheebee Selfie shoot on my phone so I found

Shelby's "Punkin" outfit w/ hand-designed and sewn appliques

Crazy Hair day at Mrs. Mandy's Learning Center to help recognize and show appreciation to our beauticians!

I just LOVE her style today! :)