Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday

I decided to bake cupcakes for Shelby to take to Miss  Minna's tomorrow and since it's "Woot Woot Wednesday" what would be more appropriate?

 Sugar owls  CHECK
 Fluted owl cups    CHECK
 33 cupcakes   CHECK (I'm only taking 27 to Minna's...the other 6, well...they "mysteriously" disappeared between me, Josh & Shelby! lol)

Miss Minna's ACTUAL Fall Party is Thursday but Shelby only goes to Miss Minna's on Wednesday's. So HOPEFULLY 27 cupcakes is enough for tomorrow's bunch & Thursday's! Surely!! There's only MAYBE 10 or 12 kids a day!! LOL....

I decided last minute to make Shelby a Halloween Bucket that will also be her Easter Bucket!

 I made it to match her room so it can also serve as decor throughout the year! :) I think it turned out TOOOO cute! The vinyl letters are by, who else, than Shelley from Wonderfully Wordy.
Thanks to Sarah, Shelby's Halloween/Easter Bucket is FINISHED! She so generously provided Shelby's bucket w/ the much added detail of "bling & glitz" to her bucket! And who can resist the owl card!! WOOT WOOT!!! made my day!! thanks girl!!


OH ALSO ONE MORE THING, OUR CHURCH, Immanuel Baptist Church of Magnolia, AR, is having it's annual Trunk or Treat SUNDAY NIGHT starting at 5:30-7pm!! We are located on the bypass across from Walmart! You can't miss us!! Hope to see you there!!

~God bless,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love to Laci Giveaway!!!

First of all, thank you for your input on which photos to choose! I decided to remove this one

It just seemed to much as I LOVE these two bags!! :) Anyhoo....

Remember me posting this sometime back?  Well, it's ready for you to enter!!!
Thank you Sarah again for asking me to participate!!
 Spread the Love to Laci! Help us raise money for Laci's cochlear implants by entering the amazing giveaways listed ! You can view my giveaway under Giveaway 2 but BE SURE to check out Giveaway 1 and Giveaway 3! There are GREAT items to be had and the proceeds go to help Laci!
Please pray for Laci & her family!

~God bless,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Which ones?

So FINALLY FOUND A WAY TO EDIT MY PICS!! :) Picasa was the key!

Ok so, after many comments and suggestions I've narrowed my entries for Handmade for the Holidays down to 10 photos....UGH!!! SO, ONE has to go....which 9 do you think I should enter and which 1 should go??










~God bless,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo Editing HELP

So I HAVE TO have my 9 photos submitted before Oct. 29th for the Handmade for the Holidays online expo I am invited to participate in. I can have 2 pictures per entry so I can show 18 items!! SOOO GREAT!! only thing...
I CAN'T SEEM TO EDIT MY PICS TO SHOW 2 PER PICTURE!! Not sure if I'm making much sense...let me clarify, for instance...I want to show these two pictures as one picture:

Like this below except, Photobucket stopped after I did this one and I can only have 2 per entry not 3..

PLEASE HELP!!! Any suggestions are welcomed!! I have so many things I wanna show so it's tough to narrow down but I KNOW having 2 per entry will help!!

~God bless,

Friday, October 22, 2010

I saw God...

Shelby & I go on walks alone every day and that is one of the many highlights of my day but today was special...I saw God... I mean REALLY SAW HIM! I also captured it on my phone!! :)

Amazing is all I can say...these were taken on Lakewood, if you live in Magnolia you know where this is. This neighborhood is sooo peaceful and beautiful and even though Shelby & I walk it every day, I NEVER get tired of how beautiful it is. This glimpse of His goodness really brightened my day. I've been in a lull all week it seems. Just down, no energy, moody, tired, just blaaahhh... NO I'M NOT PREGNANT! just to clarify!
I am soo happy that this weekend is a family weekend! :) Josh is off today (Friday) & we are spending it together and I'm soo happy!!
~God bless,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Viewer's Choices

So yesterday I posted about being invited to be a vendor at the Handmade for the Holiday's exclusive online event Nov. 12-13th and needed some input on what to feature. So far, you said I need to include these items...anything else??

I need 6 more items!! LOL
~God bless,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday

 Today's "Woot Woot" is all about opportunites being thrown at me it seems these days! LOL... I now have NO REGRETS at the decision we made for me to be a SAHM because NOTHING BUT blessings have been given to us since! I'm not only happier, healthier, content & utterly enjoying myself but I feel like Bizzy B's is getting a lot more popular and becoming the dream I've wanted it to be! :) Sewing and creating is MY PASSION, of course after my family that is, and it's soo amazing to know that my little hobby and passion is a ministry to others now! :) Ok, w/ all this blaah blaah blaaah that I feel like I'm rambling on about...and making ABSOLUTELY no sense.... I have been invited to particiapte in an online handmade expo by...are you ready....?????
I was invited to particiapte in the event coming ONLINE ONLY FOR 48 HOURS,
For those of you who have NO IDEA, which I was one of you, what this is or what I'm talking about, here's some info. for ya taken from The Handmade Expo's page:
What is The Handmade Expo?

You've seen shopping clubs and invitation-only discount websites. We are similar. ONLY BETTER.

Dedicated to the support of handmade products, The Handmade Expo - An Online Artisan Showcase is a type of virtual trade show. The Handmade Expo holds invitation-only shopping events 5-6 times per year, where consumers can shop exclusive online deals on unique handmade products.

It is designed to provide consumers with amazing deals on beautiful handmade goods and provide crafters & artisans a space to spotlight their works with exposure to a wide, interested and targeted shopping audience.

The Handmade for the Holidays even is scheduled for November 12-13, 2010 FOR ONLY 48 HOURS!!!
Follow The Handmade Expo via Twitter or Facebook to find out how you can get your exclusive invitation to shop!

NOW, I need some input.... I can showcase ONLY 9 PHOTOS for this event to get sales from and I need to know WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE to see and buy! PLEASE GIVE ME SOME INPUT!!! :) My photos are due Oct. 29th!

I am BEYOND excited to get to participate in this and cannot wait for the opportunities ahead that are in store!

~God bless,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our little Bookworm

This is what our weekend consisted of...

 "What does the lizard say Shelby?" she sticks her tongue out lol...

Who needs TV when you've got this little jewel to entertain & brighten your life?! Josh took these precious pics and I just love them! I can't believe how big Tooda's getting :(....

~God bless,