Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love for Laci

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I'm always amazed how God works at JUST THE RIGHT TIME FOR JUST THE RIGHT REASONS! I know I don't have to tell you that! :) Last night when I was finishing up this clutch I ORIGINALLY made for the Open House tomorrow, I got a sweet email from Sarah. My heart broke & became humbled immediately. I remember reading about Laci and prayed for her and her family immediately and wondered how I could help but never dreamed in this way!
Sarah emailed me asking, "would you be interested donating some items or a store credit for a fundraiser giveaway I am putting together for my niece Laci." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! OF  COURSE! This clutch is going as well as a matching Checkbook Cover & Coin Purse! I am delighted to help in anyway I can!! Please add Sarah's blog to the ones you read and stay tuned for details regarding the giveaway! I will post updates about it when I hear!

 Please spread the love to Laci!

~God bless,

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