Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday

 Today's "Woot Woot" is all about opportunites being thrown at me it seems these days! LOL... I now have NO REGRETS at the decision we made for me to be a SAHM because NOTHING BUT blessings have been given to us since! I'm not only happier, healthier, content & utterly enjoying myself but I feel like Bizzy B's is getting a lot more popular and becoming the dream I've wanted it to be! :) Sewing and creating is MY PASSION, of course after my family that is, and it's soo amazing to know that my little hobby and passion is a ministry to others now! :) Ok, w/ all this blaah blaah blaaah that I feel like I'm rambling on about...and making ABSOLUTELY no sense.... I have been invited to particiapte in an online handmade expo by...are you ready....?????
I was invited to particiapte in the event coming ONLINE ONLY FOR 48 HOURS,
For those of you who have NO IDEA, which I was one of you, what this is or what I'm talking about, here's some info. for ya taken from The Handmade Expo's page:
What is The Handmade Expo?

You've seen shopping clubs and invitation-only discount websites. We are similar. ONLY BETTER.

Dedicated to the support of handmade products, The Handmade Expo - An Online Artisan Showcase is a type of virtual trade show. The Handmade Expo holds invitation-only shopping events 5-6 times per year, where consumers can shop exclusive online deals on unique handmade products.

It is designed to provide consumers with amazing deals on beautiful handmade goods and provide crafters & artisans a space to spotlight their works with exposure to a wide, interested and targeted shopping audience.

The Handmade for the Holidays even is scheduled for November 12-13, 2010 FOR ONLY 48 HOURS!!!
Follow The Handmade Expo via Twitter or Facebook to find out how you can get your exclusive invitation to shop!

NOW, I need some input.... I can showcase ONLY 9 PHOTOS for this event to get sales from and I need to know WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE to see and buy! PLEASE GIVE ME SOME INPUT!!! :) My photos are due Oct. 29th!

I am BEYOND excited to get to participate in this and cannot wait for the opportunities ahead that are in store!

~God bless,


Kara Wright said...

Love your site! Thanks for becoming a follower on mine! Your work is INCREDIBBLE love love love it!

Kara Wright said...

Love your blog! So incredibly cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and follwing! Looking forward to reading more of yours :) Your little girl is ADORABLE!!!!

Karen said...

You definitely need to include that cute clutch you had at the open house and the outfit you just made for Shelby for sure.

rae said...

I definitely think you need to include a diaper bag. I haven't seen any cuter than yours!