Monday, October 4, 2010

Future Gardner or Singer??

This weekend has been full of laughes in the "Sheebee Shake" household! Josh has been working 14 hour days for 2 weeks now and has had something on Saturday's also at SAU so it's been kinda tough w/o him around, as I know it's been tough on him too! This Saturday we decided to spruce up the TERRIBLY neglected flower beds w/ some new mulch and we had a very Handy-Helper (as Mickey Mouse would say!)!

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME she's willingly worn her sunglasses and I JUST LOVE IT! LOL.. She would lean over and want me to put them on her when they would come off (well when she'd take them off! LOL). She was ACTUALLY helpful! She really did spread the mulch out! LOL!
This weekend was the SAU Rodeo and even though we didn't get to go, I thought it was definitely necessary she wear her rodeo outfit to church yesterday. :) LOL.. glad I did b/c for some reason this brand is DEFINITELY not true to size! It's an 18 month outfit and this child can't wear anything 18month in the width to save her life!! She also split the crotch outta these pants! LOL.... but it was too cute!!  I don't know where her love for music and singing comes from. LOL... duh! LOL.... maybe b/c both of her parents can sing and love music??? Naaaa... lol

Well, I'm not totally sure yet what creation I will come up w/ this week, since I'm at a standstill, but I do know I've got a new camera strap design I'm working on for a friend here in town AND I'm goin to pick-up some monogramming I had done so I can FINALLY reveal the Halloween boy outfit! :)
I think I may make Shelby another outfit this week! :) LOL....

~God bless,

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