Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Wednesday

Shelby cracks me up...
sometimes the things she says just melt my heart and make me giggle.  Her recent conversation was telling me all about the plant and flowers we have outside right now.  She loves to explore and catch "creatures", she says.  We were looking at how big and pretty our crape myrtles are right now, and they were all pruned to stubs this season and are HUMONGOUS now, and she tells me, "Hey momma! Ya know what the yellow part is called (pollen)?" Me, "no, shelby tell me..."  She says, "it's called Honey Mustard and the bees just LOVE IT!"
where does she get this?!

makes sense's where bees make honey from and it's the color of mustard...hahaha

I took some great shots of the Kee Camping week and here's a few....I used my manual setting and played around w/ the settings to get the lighting right since it was sooo dark and dusky in the lake shots.....anyhoo...i'm learning slowly.... using my iPhone for pics has ruined my photography skills i learned since i have all my editing and stuff in one spot...which is nice unless you've been asked to do a photoshoot for a new cd coming out, like me! :) heehee

yesterday, shelby's "school lesson" was coloring within the lines and holding her writing/coloring utensils correctly.....she passed with an A+!!! LOOK AT THIS GIRL GO!! this is great for a JUST TURNED 3 year old, to me!

and last but not least....i've lost 13 pounds and 5.5 inches since May 31st!! I've not worn this shirt and shorts (shorts at all actually) in over a year, especially without bulges everywhere!!
I'm quite proud!! I'm quite proud of my very clean lifestyle and eating now! :) Now if it wouldn't be 100+ degrees outside for me to run, I COULD DO THAT! :(

Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping came and went

Well we had an absolute blast camping all last week and weekend with our families (Being gone Saturday thru the next Sunday is a LOOONNGG time!)! We don't get to see BOTH SETS of our siblings very often must less both in one week! shelby loves her aunts, uncles and cousin!
NW Arkansas was sooo nice and the weather was great! It got warm but NOTHING like it did here in SW AR! OMG... camping w/ my family the 3 days we did was sooo hot, but fun anyway! :)
Here's all the rest of our camping pics from the Kee Crew and the Burton's :)
 what? y'all don't camp and ride your bikes in your princess dress?? well that's how we roll. :)
 mmmmm my breakfast a lot of the days :)
 morning coffee and convo's
 Uncle Bear (My brother) gearin up for some fishin
 chillaxin w/ my uncle bear.... aaaaaahhh the life
 someone wanted to do their silly face when momma's tryin to take a nice shot..haha
 i think she could sell the heck out of some boats at Bass Pro! what cha think?
 Lovin her Aunt Jessilu....
 rollin down to visit everyone in the campground to show off her pretty princess attire...Princess Sheebee Shake of Crystal
 see my pretty dress??
 Yes, full makeup, earrings and sequin tank camping.....that's how i roll..some of the
 Uncle Bear serenading us w/ some Johnny Cash...
 had to make a grocery run and she picks the cop cart...hahaha
 vroom vrooom
 we leave the Kee's campin and this is what happens...PopPop catches rabbits....haha
 Lovin on Daddy
 such a doll
 our trip also ended in our "peck" from traveling to Siloam Springs with CrossPoint to a HUGE run all over the entire windshield... nice...
 she let me french braid her hair into piggy tails... NO I DIDN'T CURL ANY OF THIS CHILD'S HAIR....i'm asked this at least twice a's all natural people...thanks to her daddy :)
and the poot face...haha.....
had a blast..can u tell??

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kee Camping recap

This is just a pic post since I'm posting via iPhone.