Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shelby's got..

A full name now!!!!!!
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Lynn is my dad's name (well it's actually Lyndon but he goes by Lynn) and the spelling of Shelby's Lynne is "Lynne" b/c my middle name is Anne, spelled "Anne." :)
yeah!! this milestone has passed! wheeewww!!

And HER FIRST PAIR OF PANTS FROM BIZZY B'S (me, her momma, lol)!!
The smallest pattern I have is for 6 months so that's why they aren't so tiny like newborn stuff is. Haha. I'm working on a dress to match that will be ADORABLE when it's done! It's new for me so I'm gonna get help from my mom! haha

Nighty Night and God Bless!

21 weeks!!

Wow, this is going by WAAAAYYY too fast! Not only can I tell our baby is getting bigger b/c I am as well, but knowing that there's a baby girl in there is even more amazing! It's sooo real now!!
Finding a comfortable sleeping position is getting harder and harder at night and that will only get worse I'm afraid. I slept last night and only got up ONE TIME (2am)! This is a HUGE milestone b/c I haven't slept but maybe 4 hours total off and on for the last 3 nights! Ahhhh I feel so much better today! :)

Well, we have a first name!!!!! :) Not so sure on a middle name though... We have chosen...are you ready?? ...

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We don't know really anyone with this name (other than this one girl but we don't know her) and this name is special because it's the name of the lead character of my favorite movie that me and my mom watch AT LEAST once a year,

I KNOW we know every line to this movie! In fact, the reason my wedding cake was red velvet cake was because of this movie! I did not want it in the shape of an armadillo though w/ grey icing! haha... But, this name is just fitting. Shelby's favorite color is pink and is a southern belle to the 'T' so it's just her!! Now, all we need is a middle name! :) haha..
Have a blessed, cold, rainy day (well it is here anyway....Ice is supposed to come tonight :( )!
~God Bless

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby's 1st...

Outfits bought by momma (me) on our girls night out adventure and her first present from Aunt Wilma (my boss):
SAU Piggy from Aunt Wilma:

"I love Mommy & Mommy Loves Me" onesie:

"Daddy's Little Sweetheart" onesie:

"Daddy, I want a Pony" onesie:

~God bless

Awards & Girls Night Out

Wow, what an eventful weekend I had! I'm EXHAUSTED! First off, let me thank my lovely, beautiful, thoughtful, wonderful friend since Kindergarten, Jill, for these two awesome awards! You're the best!

the lemonade award

this award is for those who show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!


The Friendship Award
"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.
And Jill, we DEFINITELY need to start rockin the big bows again! :) haha...

I will make sure to do my nominations ASAP since she has so gratefully took the time to give them to me!

Girls Night out was a blast Saturday night! OMG... I miss hanging w/ 'the girls' like we used to but work, kids, and life in general gets in the way! We all rode together and went to Texarkana to eat and to see the movie, Bride Wars. Poor Jillian, she tried 2 other times to see this movie and the theater was either closed or the movies had already taken it off here. SO, we all thought we were safe goin to T-town. We were on time, ate quickly and got to the movies right before it started missin all those lengthy previews that are shown now and low and behold... the MOVIE WAS SOLD OUT FOR THE 7:35PM FEATURE! I THOUGHT JILL WAS GONNA DIE...it was like a bad prank! haha... Anyhoo, so we all got on our phones, called our hubbies and asked if we could all stay and watch the 9:55pm feature, which they all so nicely allowed and accepted. So we then went to Target and spent about an hour and all bought stuff. This was especially fun for me b/c this was THE FIRST trip w/ the girls that I GOT TO BUY BABY STUFF! :) YEAH!!! I bought our little princess 3 onesies (that I'll upload pics of later since they're on my hubby's laptop and I erased them off my camera :( ). One of them says, "Daddy, I want a pony", the other "Daddy's little sweetheart" and the other is super cute in hot pink and navy horizontal stripes saying "I love mommy and mommy loves me!" ALL ON SALE! :) That was fun!
Anyhoo, we got to see the movie and all got home safe, me pullin into my driveway at 1am! Yesterday church services were bruital! haha.. :)
Here's pics from our night out thanks to Jillian:
Me and Stacy (aka, "Cloud Dust")

Me and Radeanna (she's pregnant and due w/ her 4TH BOY in March):

All of us:

Have a happy Monday!
~God Bless

Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby mine...


Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine
Little one when you play
Don't you mind what you say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, baby of mine
If they knew sweet little you
They'd end up loving you too
All those same people who scold you
What they'd give just for
The right to hold you
From your head to your toes
You're not much, goodness knows
But you're so precious to me
Sweet as can be, baby of mine

I just love this lullaby from Dumbo! :)
~God bless

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New belly pic & bag

So I finally remembered to take a new belly pic after not taking one since 16 weeks.... and being scolded by friends....lol...
This pic is of me & our Baby Girl Jan. 22, 2009 at 20 weeks and 2 days (5 months 2 days):

I kinda wasn't prepared for the pic but o well.. ya see the belly growth! Here's a comparison from 11 weeks, 16 weeks and then today (20 weeks 2 days):

FINALLY GOT TO SEW A BAG!! GEESE! SEEMS LIKE FOREVER! HAHA.. I've got 3 more coming so keep visiting to see what's next! This is a brand new design I've never done before... A Messanger Laptop Bag. I LOVE the fabric the client picked out and it turned out beautiful!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girl Name Game & Bedding...


A dear friend of mine, Stacy, thought it would be neat for me to have a Name Game for my baby girl since the name we originally liked is soo popular and similar to other friend's baby girl names. So... Let the game begin....
Please leave a comment with your choice/preference of a baby girl first name and middle name that you feel comfortable sharing: WE ARE LOOKING FOR ORIGINAL NAMES SO PLEASE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX... :) THX! Only preference, other than it be a girl name or a boy name that could be a girls name, is ORIGINALITY....

First Name:

Middle Name:

Now remember, it must flow well w/ our one syllable last name, "Kee." Also look at initals and see if they're appropriate as well :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! We thought we had it narrowed down but we don't... we had a boy name set in stone but a girl name.. not so much!
Oh, here's the bedding we've chosen as well... YES, IT'S CHANGED since my original invisioning but ya know, price and availability are huge and the price on the orginal choice WAS HUGE and could only be ordered online... SO, Josh was looking through his mom's JCPenney catalog and ran across this and said he really liked it and I was NOT EXPECTING all this pink from him! I am a pink fanatic!! My sorority colors are pink, my fav. movie (Steel Magnolias)leading lady's "signature color" is pink so this was a shocker... LOVE IT THOUGH. Already set up our online registery at JCPenney for all the matching pieces! LOL...

The set-up JCPenney has HERE is how I really like it; with pink walls w/ the scribbly painted design! I chose the pic above to show ya what it looks like w/a white crib since ours is white and not dark wood.

~God Bless

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We found out we're....

having a...


I AM SOO SHOCKED STILL AND WAS 100% WRONG! HAHA... There was NO DOUBT that Baby Kee is a "Baby Girl". My dr. even said, " I kinda new all along that the baby was a girl but didn't have a 100% proof to say anything but today confirmed it." haha.. it was amazing. We have the whole visit on video this time so once we get it converted to a DVD, I'll try to figure out how to show y'all! :) She even was rubbing her eyes and kept her hand in front of her face so we couldn't see her little features. She takes after me for sure w/ this stage-fright stuff. It's so unreal saying "She" and "Her" now instead of "He/She" all the time.... wow..... i'm still shocked out of my mind... I know God is laughing His head off saying, "haha, got 'er again! She just thought she knew!" haha

Just wanted to share our news that we will be having a baby girl!
~God Bless

5 MONTHS... Boy?/Girl?

Mamm's, my other non-birth-momma that is also my dr.'s wife, sent me pic's of 2 of the 5 nieces she ordered the Oklahoma Sooner outfits for. :) aren't they cute? The youngest wouldn't keep the pants on..haha

Baby Kee is... A CANTALOPE!!

So today WE ARE 5 MONTHS (20 WEEKS) PREGNANT! HALFWAY THERE!! OMG!! IT'S GOING BY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY TOO FAST! We also go to my dr. today at 2pm to TRY ONCE AGAIN to see if we're having a "cheeseburger" or a "turtle." haha... Since I was only 16 weeks the last time, we SHOULD BE able to tell for sure this time! I have been having little "pep talks" w/ the lil one daily preparing him/her for the "Big Show" that way he/she won't have stage fright! We had originally planned for our mom's to come to this dr.'s appt. w/ us but since Mammy (MIL) was out Friday w/ Pappy for his dr.'s appt. and teachers were out yesterday for MLK she didn't feel as if she should take off another day back to back so she isn't getting to come but my parents are coming and we have Mammy's school phone # on speed dial. :) haha... God is sooo amazing... I am just in awe of this miracle growing...

Please continue to remember the Stamps family in your prayers (again, click the "Praying for Harper" graphic at the top left-hand side of my page to read their story). I am praying so hard for God's miraculous healing and love around them right now.

I'll update as soon as I can!! :) Love ya and WISH US LOTS OF "BABY-REVEAL-YOURSELF-DUST" TODAY! :) HAHA.
~God Bless

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Furniture

WE HAVE BABY FURNITURE!! YEAH!!! God has blessed us IMMENSELY!! Josh ran upon a GREAT deal yesterday for some baby furniture and we weren't expecting it to be much but as it turns out, IT WAS A TREASURE! We got a crib, mattress, and a changing table/hutch/dresser piece for $325!!!!! :) Only God! It had a few ding on them, which we mainly made getting it all home on a trailer, but nothing a little paint couldn't fix! Now all we need is a Glider Rocker and ottoman, to know Boy/Girl (WHICH WE FIND OUT TUESDAY!), all the fun stuff to buy and the baby!
Here are pics of our treasure:
Hamper/Night Stand:

Crib & Hamper/night stand:

Changing table/hutch/dresser:

Depending on the sex of the baby, which I think it's a boy, we are either going w/a jungle theme for a boy or his pretty pink, green and white paisley print for a girl. I really think it's a boy and kinda hope so b/c the jungle theme is TOOOOO CUTE for words and would go great w/ my stuffed lion collection (My sorority's, Phi Mu, mascot was a lion so that's why I have so many..haha)! :) Let ya know Tuesday though! :) I just went ahead and put what we have in there though. :) Mom made the blanket covering the mattress and the one folded up on the changing table section of the dresser/hutch. :)

***ALSO, please pray for the Stamps family. Click on the icon graphic at the top of my page called "Praying for Harper" and read about this family & pray pray pray for them as well. I relate a lot to Kelly, Harper's mom, b/c she and I are about the same age, her husband's brother went & played high school football w/ josh, and she struggled w/ infertility and this wonderful baby girl she delivered is their first child as well who was born w/ a lot of issues and is in the NICU in critical condition in Tulsa. Kelly just was able to go see her. She had a lot of blood loss so was in an iffy situation also. Read more about them and PRAY PRAY PRAY.... Prayer is already healing and helping Harper soo much...

~God Bless

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Praises & Pics!

Well, Josh's dr.'s appt. went GREAT! He had the ultrasound done (no, he's not pregnant, lol) and they said it's just "tissue build-up" and has formed "ridges" in his chest. She sent him home and said they are nothing to worry about and that all the tissue looked great! :) PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! :)

Well, I took some pics of our home, that we've got up for sale, and thought I'd share them with you. I made a slideshow since I took 37 pics! haha... if you place your cursor over the pics, it will give you a brief description. :)

God is soo good and has blessed us IMMENSELY!
~God Bless

Friday, January 16, 2009

Please Pray today...

We, me & Josh, go to his appointment today at 2pm to get the masses that have developed in his breast tissue and the others that have formed on his back and sides to see what they are and if there is any concern. I feel like they are just fatty tissue/deposits like one of the ones on his back is and I feel like everything will be ok. The human in us though is just worried. Please pray for Josh...

Also, pray for our sister-in-law, Cindy (this is Josh's brother's wife). She is having an MRI done today on her back to see what is causing her so much pain. They think it's a slipped disk but her sister had this when she was this age and it was cancerous. Just pray for her as well.

Today is a stressful day but God is good and "knows the plans He has for us; plans to prosper not to harm." I am clinging to this promise. Never dreamed we'd be facing this but God did and He has a plan through this and I feel His arms around us today and His Holy Spirit whispering words of wisdom and comfort. God is in control...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

19 weeks today!

well, The baby is the size of a mango and has all proportionate limbs now!! :) I'm ALMOST 1/2-way there, it's safe to say! This time next week I will be 20 weeks (5 months pg) on our way to my 20 week dr.'s appt. to try AGAIN to see if Baby Kee will let us see if we can choose our boy/girl name! ;) This is soo unreal to know how fast this is going by! It's amazing! I will TRY TRY TRY to take a pic tonight using my timer thingy on my camera, but no promises. Josh leaves this afternoon for a business trip and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon so I'll try to experiment with it to see if I can make it work out right ;).
Well, one of my MANY pregnant friends announced her baby is here yesterday! She's the first out of us to deliver and after almost 40 HOURS of labor and induction, she delivered Christian Miles Clark at 7:48pm (her time, 6:48 our time) via C-section. She wanted to deliver naturally but Baby Miles had a different agenda obviously! I am so happy for her and excited b/c she has been there for me, even though we've never met face-to-face, only talked on the phone a few times, but email CONSTANTLY. She and I have stuck it out w/ our fertility issues and she was the first to get pregnant and had a rough patch starting out but is blessed beyond measure now w/ her 6 lb. 11 oz. baby boy, Miles. Congrats Ali!! Love u!

I ask that y'all keep our family in your prayers. Still continue to pray for my grandpa. He's being transported from the Rehab back to the hospital b/c of fluid build-up again and is doing better thanks to your prayers.
Also, my sister-in-law goes Friday for an MRI on her back for a very painful slippped-disk in her back. She's been really struggling with this and has been in tremendous pain so please pray for her. Her name is Cindy.
And also, Josh, my hubby, goes Friday for a dr.'s appt. because he has some fatty tumors/tissues that have built up in his sides, back and in his chest that the dr. is going to check out and observe and HOPEFULLY find out is nothing but fatty tumors/tissue build-up and nothing else serious. I know he's worried and scared and so am I so if you'll pray for us. We're leaving friday at 2pm to go to his appt. 30 min. away.

Well, that's all for today... pregnancy is going well, just having some "growing pains" still and getting bigger. Only 1 week now till we see the dr. again and HOPEFULLY get to find out if the baby is a boy/girl so PRAY FOR COOPERATION ON THE BABY'S END THIS TIME! :)
love u all
~God Bless

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

18 Weeks


I knew our baby was a sweet little tater! Yeahp, we're 18 weeks pregnant today and Baby Kee is the size of a sweet potato! I feel the baby move a lot more and can tell that it's not "something else" (haha) lately and it's mostly at night when I'm trying to settle in for sleep or when I'm lying on my back watching TV on the couch; mainly when I'm still. It's the weirdest feeling! I can't wait for Josh to be able to feel the baby move!
I'm beginning to find it hard to do the simplest things these days. I get out of breathe a lot easier and just run out of energy quick. I'm still having "growing pains" and the "pregnancy congestion" has gotten DRAMATICALLY worse. I did find 3 new friends though that compete w/ my good O friends Maalox and Tums...

Aww the relief of being able to breathe through just ONE nostril is heavenly!!! Yes, these are all safe for me and Baby Kee to use, in case any of you are wondering but if you are pregnant and reading this and getting excited, check w/ YOUR Dr. to see if it's ok or right for you to take. :) The Waterless Vicks Humidifier is SOOOO amazing! I used it last night for the first time. It's really small and compact and puts out the heavenly aroma of Vicks and eucalyptus. MMMMMMMMM
Nasal congestion has been an issue but not this bad so finding out I can use/take these things is better than peach pie (I hate apple pie..haha)!
OH and it's officially no longer Christmas in our home. :( Kinda sad but I'm glad we got it all knocked out last night. We took down all my non-Christmas-tree decorations this weekend but took down ALL 3 TREES last night! OMG... We're cleaning the house tonight and reorganzing since all 3 of us were wiped out after that. I'm also going back to my yoga class tonight for the first time in like 5 months...OMG... pray for me. The gym owner gave me a DVD to watch on what I can and can't do in the class so I've got to watch that before I go tonight. I have a feeling this is going to wipe me out COMPLETELY! PRAY!! HAHA...
Another thing...

We've put our house up for sale! Haha... spur of the moment...haha... we've been eye-balling this house in my mother-in-law's neighborhood (really nice and outside of town) for about a month now that came up for sale by owner. Well, Josh asked me if I wanted him to call and see if we can come look at it and I said, "OMG, YES!!" He was floored! haha.. He usually has to warm me up to stuff like this and work on me a while. We have been in our 2nd home (the one we're in now) for 2 years and 4 months and COMPLETELY turned it around, which was fun, but a lot of work. This other house is 2600 sq feet (over 700 sq feet more than our current home) and would be a home we would "stay" in. I freaked out the other night in a panic from my sleep realizing that trying to fit another body in our home is going to be challenging. Our home now is 3 bedrooms 2 baths and the other home is 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths w/ walk-in closets IN EVERY BEDROOM and....this is what has be loving it... IT HAS A SEWING ROOM! YES! A SEWING ROOM! The lady that lives there now made this room for SEWING ONLY! HAhah... We're not in any hurry or even knowing if this is God's plan but we did feel the need to at least pursue this. We may not even sell our home and if not, that's great and if we do, that's great too. We're just leaving this all up to God and His will for our lives. Please pray for us that we're submissive to WHATEVER His calling may be!
~God Bless

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to work...

What cha think of the new background? I finally found one that has all my favorite colors combined and not to mention the fact that I LOVE cupcakes! :) haha... I just wish I had some cutesy page title thingy. Maybe that'll be next...who knows... I've got a lot on my plate as is! haha..

well, here's some upcoming projects that I'll be working on soon:
a Laptop bag w/ a messenger bag-like side strap and flap in this beautiful fabric (**NOTE: This bag pictured below is for sale. Message me for details):

Girly Standard Diaper bag w/ matching Mommy cell phone/chapstick case out of this fabric!! I am stoaked about this one because I JUST FOUND OUT that they make my favorite print in pink and brown and you all know how much I am in love with the blue and brown:

Beautiful Standard Diaper bag out of my 2nd favorite fabric combinations, Black and White Damask w/ Hot Pink:

And maybe by the time I get all these done and shipped, I will know if I should start making blue or pink items for Baby Kee! Either way, I think I want to use brown with either color. :) It's gonna be so much fun making stuff for myself. I may have to take a break from orders. Naaahhh.... those are too much fun to do! :) I'm sure I'll be trying to sew up until I go into labor! haha... I'm thankful I've gotten my two HUGE orders out of the way! OH, here's pictures of the Oklahoma Outfits I did for my Dr.'s wife to give as Christmas presents to her family; each one (5 outfits total) came w/ a dress, ruffled pants, 2 hair bows and a teeny tote to match; a lot of hours behind the machine:

Ruffled Pants:

Hair Bows:

Teeny Totes:

All 5 of them

After I finished all these basically in 2 DAYS, I then started on the Pom Pom Bags for my best friend who needed 9 of them. I posted earlier about them here.
Well, there's my update! OH, tomorrow...be looking for a Baby Kee Update!
~God Bless