Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to work...

What cha think of the new background? I finally found one that has all my favorite colors combined and not to mention the fact that I LOVE cupcakes! :) haha... I just wish I had some cutesy page title thingy. Maybe that'll be next...who knows... I've got a lot on my plate as is! haha..

well, here's some upcoming projects that I'll be working on soon:
a Laptop bag w/ a messenger bag-like side strap and flap in this beautiful fabric (**NOTE: This bag pictured below is for sale. Message me for details):

Girly Standard Diaper bag w/ matching Mommy cell phone/chapstick case out of this fabric!! I am stoaked about this one because I JUST FOUND OUT that they make my favorite print in pink and brown and you all know how much I am in love with the blue and brown:

Beautiful Standard Diaper bag out of my 2nd favorite fabric combinations, Black and White Damask w/ Hot Pink:

And maybe by the time I get all these done and shipped, I will know if I should start making blue or pink items for Baby Kee! Either way, I think I want to use brown with either color. :) It's gonna be so much fun making stuff for myself. I may have to take a break from orders. Naaahhh.... those are too much fun to do! :) I'm sure I'll be trying to sew up until I go into labor! haha... I'm thankful I've gotten my two HUGE orders out of the way! OH, here's pictures of the Oklahoma Outfits I did for my Dr.'s wife to give as Christmas presents to her family; each one (5 outfits total) came w/ a dress, ruffled pants, 2 hair bows and a teeny tote to match; a lot of hours behind the machine:

Ruffled Pants:

Hair Bows:

Teeny Totes:

All 5 of them

After I finished all these basically in 2 DAYS, I then started on the Pom Pom Bags for my best friend who needed 9 of them. I posted earlier about them here.
Well, there's my update! OH, looking for a Baby Kee Update!
~God Bless


Sunshine said...

How much are your diapers bags and the laptop bag?? They are SO cute!!!!

Kecia said...

Ow... LOVE the cupcakes!!
Girl... You amaze me!!!
Love you in Christ!