Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Wipe Case!

Since I made Shelby a new bag, which I LOVE AND TOTALLY ENJOYED ON THE CRUISE, I figured she needed a new wipe case to match since her old one was pink & brown paisley and TOTALLY clashed w/ this new bag! I used the fabrics from her bag I had left and added some little extras to it! I patchworked the wipe case too like her bag!
This is Shelby's bag:

The front of the wipe case:

The back:

~God bless,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm not really feeling posting a lot of words or thoughts today so I'm just gonna show ya pics!

I'm taking shelby to get her 12 month shots today (yes i'm behind but we didn't want to get them right before we went on the cruise in case she had an issue w/ them)...pray all goes well! She never has issues or problems w/ them so I'm sure she'll be fine but I STILL hate holding her while they give them to her :(...makes me hurt more than she does I
~God bless,

Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Back!

YEAH!! WE ARE HOME! The cruise was good & Shelby was great! She entertained EVERYONE on board! I'll let pics say the words I'm too tired to was definitely different cruising w/ a baby that's for sure but she was awesome and Josh and I got lots of rest and time together as a family!

So that's it for now...i have uploaded ALL the pics from our vacation to my Facebook page if you wanna go there to see them all but I just gave ya a small preview...

So, since I've not had access to read blogs or even look at them can someone PLEASE fill me in what I've missed??!! I feel sooo behind on everything!! :)
~God bless,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I don't know if we are adventurous or insane but we are leaving on a cruise for 7 days w/ my mom, dad, brother & sis-in-law ("we"= josh, me & SHELBY) Saturday (we are leaving saturday to do the drive but don't board the ship until sunday in Galveston, TX). I am always the "packer" for shelby but this has to be the LARGEST pack i've done yet. I never realized how much she "needs". We have to take 7 days (actually 8 since we are leaving Saturday) of "Shelby Survival" necessities and that includes, clothes, diapers (little swimmers and regular), wipes, 2 bottles a day (my goal of her being off formula by this trip didn't work but she is down to just a max of 2 a day; 1 in the a.m., 1 before bed), formula, banana cereal (yes i still put cereal in her bottles; i switched to banana cereal b/c she likes it), baby food (3+ jars a day; applesauce, it all depends on her mood; she's gotten to where she's striking the baby food and wants table food but we never know b/c it changes daily; i had to buy the plastic containers of baby food b/c of the way they THROW the luggage around so that was A LOT more expensive since we usually just use the jars), 8 oz bottle water for 7+days (2 a day), snacks (banana cookies, puffs, yogurt melts, fruit loops just for the trip there and back b/c they'll have that on the ship, chocolate cheereos, Nilla waffers, graham crackers, etc...), Juice bottles, spoons, medicines, OMG I CAN'T LIST ANYMORE B/C I'M STARTIG TO HYPERVENTALATE! get my drift! this is JUST SHELBY! LOL.... we can have 2 suitcases (not including whatever you can carry-on; it's not like a plane so you don't have to check anything but they encourage you checking your large pieces; they will load them and deliver them to your room that evening so JUST INCASE it's mixed up you have to pack your dinner clothes/whatever you need that night). So we will have 6 suitcases & all our carry-on's (1- Josh, 2-me, 2-shelby (my 2 is my purse and carry-on; shelby's 2 is her diaper bag & carry-on) as well as the stroller we got.

We bought this stroller at Walmart b/c #1 it's lighter, smaller & easier to use for this type of trip, #2 she's a "big girl" now and doesn't need the big stroller all the time & #3, it's pink! know me, GOTTA BE PINK! I'm sure I'm talked about having so much baby stuff that's pink but it's our 1st and to me, I'm FINE w/ just 1 baby....everyone's hoping God is working on my heart for a 2nd child. LOL...right now...nope...not a thought in my head! lol... I can't imagine sharing this love w/ another child. Anyhoo....
I can't wait for our trip even though I am starting to panic thinking of being away from the comfort of land (this is our 6th cruise so it's not's having a 1 year old in the middle of the ocean!)! Shelby is INTOT EVERYTHING so who knows! I may have my weight-loss plan figured out; SHELBY + CRUISE = -10 lbs! lol..
This is the ship we are going on...Josh and I did this exact cruise for our honeymoon in December of 2004 and LOVED IT! It's the best ship & cruise ever! We will dock at Grande Caymen, Montego Bay & Cozumel. SUCH BEAUTIFUL PLACES!

We are soo excited and blessed to have this trip w/ family! It will be soo memorable! We are gonna have ANOTHER bday party for Shelby on the ship since my brother and SIL couldn't come down from Dallas to her party! :)I'm sure the staff on-board will eat Shelby up! We are told they just go gaa gaa over kids & babies b/c they live through the guests b/c they are away from their families!
Please pray for us as we prepare & travel! We will drive Saturday to the outside of Houston to spend Sat. night and then board on Sunday and will be gone till the 27th! :)
~God bless,

Monday, June 14, 2010


This year has flown by and I can't believe our baby is a year old!!
mommy, why are we at walmart so early? Because, we're getting cupcakes for your 1st bday party at Miss Minna's "school' today sweet pea!
Her party at Miss Minnas last week on Wed. when she was there and Minna just tagged me on the pics she uploaded to Facebook. Aren't these adorable! The group of kids are all the kids she keeps that were there that day.
her face is priceless!!
I just loove this picture!
hmm am I supposed to have this on my face?
Party invitation

the easter bunny says "happy Burfday sheebs!"

I'm gonna be 1? whaatt??


So I tried to upload updates from my phone to blogger but when I got on here last night it was all gibberish and weird so I guess that was a bust but anyhoo...
SHELBY'S 1ST BIRTHDAY WAS GREAT (Saturday, June 12)!!!!
Her cake came from All In Good Taste from Texarkana, AR and it was delicious!! Chocolate cake w/ buttercream icing and a CHOCOLATE #1!! MMMM
 She was such a little 7 lb. 12 oz 21.5" long baby and now...she's almost walking!
Hard to believe this was us and now here we are

Oh, shelby also had a party at Miss Minnas last week on Wed. when she was there and Minna just tagged me on the pics she uploaded to Facebook. Aren't these adorable! The group of kids are all the kids she keeps that were there that day.

~God bless,