Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So a year ago today was my due date and it's soo amazing to see where we are today! I looked back on my blog at this exact time last year and how I was feeling and just laugh at myself to see how ABSOLUTELY clueless I was! LOL....they truly say you have no idea till you have kids how amazing life is!
This was my blog post exactly a year ago today and thought how funny it would be to re-post it...
A year ago today on June 9, 2009 this is what I posted:
"well, today is my due date and I'm STILL HERE w/ baby inside. lol. No progress or feeling of progress at all. We go to the dr. today at 3:45pm so after that, I will try to post an update of what the "game plan" is. I do have a feeling that I'll hear, "Still no progression," and I'm fine with that but knowing that we will know what day, what time to arrive, what kind of delivery we're looking at, etc...will be comforting and relieving to know. I can't wait!!! Everything is ready for Miss Shelby. :)

I also got great work news yesterday that I am going on a 9 month contract as of THIS July 1! :) yeah!! So I will be able to be off w/ Shelby during the summers from now on! I also didn't realize that it would start this July so we were expecting no paycheck for me that month since I'd be on maternity leave but now, we will be getting a check for me! :) God is soooooo great!

Well, keep us in your prayers! I did sleep well last night, or better at least. I'm just anxious and ready to go to the dr. today! I cannot believe I'm 40 weeks pregnant today and that it's June 9, 2009, my due date and Shelby is not in my arms or the cradle next to me while I post. She is definitely showing us who's boss! haha..."


Shelby goes to Miss Minna's on Wednesday's during this summer so I can have a day to do house chores & things I can't do w/ her and so since her birthday is Saturday and this is the only day she'll be w/ her "big kids" we went to walmart this a.m. bright and early (7:20am)to get cupcakes for her Miss Minna's Birthday Party. :) Shelby didn't seem to thrilled to be in walmart so early! LOL...she'll thank me later when she gets that cupcake! :) lol...
The birthday plans are under-way along w/ VBS every night & sewing and EVERYTHING ELSE that's goin on at the same time! LOL... I will give you this much about Shelby's party, now that her invites are out....(blurred out personal info..sorry :) )

It's a Garden Themed party w/ a Bumble Bee emphasis. :) Click on the pic to enlarge it for the CUTE wording I came up with for her invite. BTW, I ordered this from WH Hostess from

I cannot believe I am about to be a mom of a 1 YEAR OLD when this time last year I could not believe I was about to be A feel like I've accomplished so much in such a short time and yet I STILL FEEL lost as all get's amazing and never realized how great life could be. Josh and I are TRULY blessed and complete!
~God bless,

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