Thursday, June 10, 2010

new bag

I got to sew yesterday while Shelby was at Miss Minnas so while I finished an order for a sweet lady, I also decided to make Shelby a new bag! I had this idea in mind for a while but FINALLY got to execute it! I AM IN LOVE W/ IT! Shelby no longer needs the type bag she had as a "Baby" & since she's becoming a "big girl" I decided she needed something that was her personality, favorite colors (I say favorite and really it's the colors that look best on her) & TOTALLY original! I think I executed it all JUST AS I INVISIONED! What cha think?

then, this a.m. I forgot I forgot to put the beautiful flowers I made on it!, HERE'S THE ACTUAL BAG NOW...

This bag is made of 4 different fabrics that I carefully made sure all coordinate. They are all from different designers so I can't say which one is my favorite but I must say, the Heather Bailey floral is really close!
have a great day!
~God bless,

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The DeLongstockings said...

Shelby's new bag is GORGEOUS! You are so super talented Mama!