Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Team Go

No, I am not an OSU fan but this momma/family obviously is! Kelly ordered this outfit for her wee one to wear to show her team spirit and I HOPE it's a success! I shipped this off yesterday and can't wait to see the little one in it!
Not in ANY way my favorite choice of colors (Too close to Texas! Love you Mollie anyway!) and my high school rivalry (Texas High), but overall, a cutesy little girly outfit! It's a simple pillowcase dress w/ some pleated ruffles at the bottom. The top can be worn for a very long time (size 12m) b/c it can be adjusted (by however tight or loose the ribbon ties are tied) to be a shirt or a dress. Eventually it will no longer be able to be a dress so it can be a shirt to be worn w/ some cute jeans or pants! The ruffled pants are made to hit right below the knee (customer's preference). I usually make them floor-length but this momma wanted them a bit more springy! Now that I see the pics, I should have taken my blue bow off my dress form. lol...
This outfit can be made in ANY fabrics of choice. I do order my fabrics online so I can get just about any team, print, have in mind. This outfit is a package deal w/ the pants/capris, top/dress & a matching bow/bows.
~God bless,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiresome & STILL TEETHING Thursday

Last night was a long night. I had to get Shelby from Minna's early b/c she had a fever of 100.3 and was just not herself so all evening she was a lap baby. She'd play for a little but then wanted you to hold her. We gave up on her sleepin in her bed so I got her and after getting her to sleep on my chest, I laid her in the middle of us and that's where she slept. Her fever finally broke about 3am and that's when she finally slept soundly. She would wake up crying and whimpering almost every hour before that so no sleep for the parentals last night. I am exhausted and so is Josh. She was fine this morning and so I went ahead and took her to Minna's. She seemed tired still, but we all are, so I warned Minna. I pray this is just teething related! Here's some snaps of her this morning before we left. I love the last one that looks to say, "MOmmmm, we are running late. Let's go and stop takin my picture!" lol (these were taken w/ my phone so sorry for the poor photo quality)

I did get my orders finished last night though! I had an outfit w/ matching bow and a bow for someone else to do. I had free reign w/ this bow below as long as it was pink, zebra and big... 3 OF MY FAV'S :) (also taken w/ my phone)

Also, Nichole, my Indiana friend who's an interior decorater, is setting up today for another tablescape contest and this one's theme is called "Granny's Apron", I think, if I remember right. She is amazing and if the tablescape is anything like her centerpiece, it's gonna be too cute for words! She took 3 glass pedestal bowls and sprayed them this creamy yellow and made the pin cushions herself as well! I just love the little rolling pins too!

Isn't it pretty and sooo neat?! She is an amazing decorater & tablescape designer! I can't wait to see the finished product! She's setting up today for this entry.
This one below is one she did around Christmas time and I LOVE IT ALL:

I"m so blessed to have such a surrounding of talent and encouragement! Love ya Nichole and HOPE YOUR TABLESCAPE WINS! IT SHOULD! YOU'RE THE BEST!
~God bless,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Don't cha just love it when God shows Himself to you when you least expect Him to? I sure do. I have had the verse, "...for I know the plans I have for you..." running over and over in my head the last day and a half and low and behold, what is my Daily Bible Verse on here?
“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:11-13)
I about fell outta my chair in amazement that He was this "in my face" today. He knows why I needed to hear this directly from Him and that's all that matters so I thank Him. I thank Him for the good & the bad...I am blessed w/ my health, my family, my friends, my LIFE...God is soo good for me and sometimes it just takes moments like today to make me truly realize HE DOES HEAR ME AND HE WILL LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SEEK HIM W/ ALL MY HEART. amazing...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zebra Feathers

I have a new model from afar for Bizzy B's and I featured her in yesterday's post wearing the new feather band for Bizzy B's and today, I'm featuring her wearing the new Wild Flower

The color is a bit off in this pic below b/c it was taken w/ my cell phone

I just love bright colors and feathers on a little one! Hee hee!
These clips can be made w/ leopard, zebra or snow leaopard flowers and any accent colors. Pink and green are always cute together and it's what I had lying around so I went w/ it!
This is Shelby in her variation of the clip. It just has one feather in hot pink.

I LOVE shelby's headband! It came from Pink & Blue Avenue here in town. She also has it in hot pink w/ black leopard spots! :) Sooo shelby!
~God bless,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Little Bee

Cambry Paige, happy in her Bizzy Bs new headband design. :)
Here's what it looks like off the lovely model

AAhhh the relief of making a little girl look even more cute than she already is! I love this life! Thanks for the pic Nichole!
~God bless,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Button? Button? I'VE GOTTA BUTTON!!

Thanks so much to me finding Jenishell's blog and looking at all her tutorials and WONDERFUL instructions! It took some figuring and re-tracing but I DID IT! YEAH!!! HERE IT IS:

<a href=""><img src="" />

WOO HOO!! So, if you will, please add my button to your blog and pass the word! :) I greatly appreciate it and if you'd like to know how to make your own, go to Jenieshell's blog and go here and follow her easy steps (make sure to follow each step and visit her helpful links exactly!)!
~God bless,

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I found these wooden letters at Hob Lob when I was getting everything else for the playroom/sewing nook and had to have them; I have no idea what I'm going to do with them or put them yet but I do love them. I decided to paint them myself, which I have always loved to paint and it is one of my talents I think that God gave me to express myself and release built up tension and creativity. I just started painting and this is how they ended up

I think I'm going to take this one and frame it and have it hang alone in a matted frame; the other 3 NO IDEA where they'll go but I'm thinking just scattered on a shelf or something..any ideas?? Oh and the little wooden blocks were just for fun, no idea where they'll go
(nevermind the bubble wrap they are drying on...had to use something to protect the shag rug I am totally in love with and almost fall asleep on every night watching TV in there...haha...)
I'm thinking I have a new Bizzy B's item....Hand-painted letters for nurseries, frames, ANYTHING!...hmm...can be painted according to your bedding, theme, decor of choice! I know this has been done a MILLION TIMES but why not...every little thing I love to do I want to incorporate into Bizzy B's.

Bizzy B's started as a hobby and just fun talent I found and turned into a possible ministry for me full of the collaboration of my love's, talents & creativity just 2 years ago and is more now than I thought it would ever be! So any new idea I have to make other's smile and happy and to show just a glimpse of the beauty of God's heart in their lives, I'm all for! Afterall, isn't that how we minister? I know I am not called to be a public speaker (stage fright, SEVERELY) or a poetic writer but I do feel called to share my passions and my creativity w/ others and that is my ministry. I am not a bible scholar or even someone who can quote The Word w/o having to check the scriptures first (I'm TERRIBLE at second-guessing myself)...but I can sew, paint, decorate, create, and sing and all those things together make up the ministry I feel God has planned for me. I want Bizzy B's to show God's beauty and love in all of's not easy working full-time (not at home), being a mom to Shelby, wife to Josh, highly involved church member and trying to run a small business that was initially just an idea and hobby. It's not cheap, I don't make a lot of money, I don't have orders or projects every week, and I do not spend every second I'm not at work sewing, painting, or creating. My God & family come 1st above all else and any time left after them is devoted to Bizzy B's. Life is full of it's pro's and con's but I do feel like God has given me this opportunity and I feel like I should continue to strive to make my dream come true for Bizzy B's. I have a feeling this year is going to be full of changes, opportunities and challenges that are going to rock my world and I'm thoroughly excited to see where God leads and takes me.
I ask that you pray for God's wisdom, strength, guidance and light to guide and direct me and my ways. Uncertainty I do not handle well but God is with me and that is enough for me.
I added a new feature to my right-hand column, a Chat Box! Feel free to leave comments, questions or a simply "HEY"! I'd love to hear from ya!
~God bless,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Button? Button? Who's got the button?

So, I wanna be in the "trend" of having the "grab button" on my blog for others to post to directly link to my page but how in the world do I do that? I've already designed it but I don't know how to make it so people can take it and add it and it link to my blog from their blog?? Any takers? Ideas? PLease help! SEE? ISN'T IT CUTE? But it doesn't work... :( *sniffle sniffle*...guess I should have paid attention more in webdesign class huh instead of just doing all the projects assigned and attempting all the bonus point projects and making a B and praising GOD IT WAS have me design a webpage all day and I'll be ok but make it work....ugh ma'am!
OH and btw, to those that are waiting on their prize still, I PROMISE YOU'LL GET THEM IN THIS LIFETIME! LOL... I'm a little behind due to the playroom addition! Sorry! I've got a Pillowcase Dress & this new cute romper to make and then I'll get to work on your Flamingo Bow & Wipe case! :) You know who you are ;)...
lots of love and HELP NEEDED...

The Hair :)

So.... I LOVE MY NEW DO!! Joana at New Creations here in Magnolia is THE BEST and I've trusted her for years to just "do her magic" and O M G.. I'M IN LOVE! I love the new color! It's auburn & dark chocolate and I think it makes my skin color look better. My hair has not seen color in over 8 years and I am officially back on the "color train" for good b/c THIS IS MY NEW FAV!
Before (ugh...badddddd pic)


What cha think? The red & dark chocolate is very subtle but makes an overall hair color change. Joana knows JUST HOW to make it work! I think next time I'll go drastic but doing the unknown the first time, I AM VERY PLEASED! So, anytime you're in Magnolia and need a "new do" or an "updated do" go see her! Joana at New Creations 870-901-1000 right on the square!
~God bless,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teethin Tuesday

Today's header is nothing BUT APPROPRIATE AND PERFECT for our lives the last 4 months but especially 2am-5am THIS MORNING...O M G...
Shelby woke up SCREAMING at 2am. Not crying or whimpering but the type of scream that sends all moms in the world flying out of their beds in a full sprint in whatever kind of clothing they are in to the crib of their wee one type of cry. The only thing,
Josh and I were losing it and so was Shelby. We tried EVERYTHING but nighttime oragel so if this occurs, which I pray it won't, again, we will try it. We tried the teething tablets, tylenol, a bottle...nothing worked...she eventually drifted off after 5am and she and I slept in the guest room. Thank goodness I'm off today for a dentist appointment and a hair appointment or I'd have to have taken off anyway for a "Mental Health Day". O M G... the only thing though is that i feel awful for even posting this b/c there are some around the world that long for this experience or will never have a late night scream-fest w/ their child b/c their baby is sick. Its times like this that I try to not dwell on how small my problems are and consider how grateful I should be to even have a healthy baby who can cry and tell us she's in pain. I am thankful for her tears and her screaming b/c some will never get that. I take each moment of this journey that God gives us to heart and try not to wish for anything other than what God gives us b/c we are so blessed to have a healthy, happy, baby girl.

Just a teething tuesday...but a wonderful tuesday at that! I am going to get a before and after pic of my hair and post it probably tomorrow! I am soo excited!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Almost there....

(Thanks Shelley! We only used 3 of the 4 birds for now!)

This is my grandmother's antique sewing table (haven't hung all the things up yet so it's kinda junky looking and THAT'S MY NEW MACHINE MOM & DAD GOT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY! It scares me it's so hightech! lol)

This is my grandpa's kitchen chair he sat in to eat his meals in and I have the other chair that was my grandma's to paint and it's going to be the robins egg blue with a wide vertical striped blue and brown canvas that is gorgeous (I finished covering the seat this weekend).

I made the curtains myself using my new fancy smancy machine...terrified myself w/ a brand new machine and 6 yards of fabric!! lol

It's almost finished! Shelby LOVES the room so much and so do we! That's my new hangout spot! Anytime I'm at home and Josh comes in, he knows exactly where to find me! I'll be sewing away tomorrow at my "sewing nook" in between a dentist and hair appointment at New Creations here in town. I took the day off. :) PLUS, I have a HORRIBLE chest/throat cold that I shared w/ Josh so we are both pretty tired and miserable. I sound like a retired cheerleader after years of screaming and chain-smoking... A..W..F..U..L.... I am tired of hearing, "What?" "Huh" "what did u say?" lol... I need to perfect my sign language skills. My throat doesn't hurt but my chest does and I can't stop coughing once I start so a day off tomorrow w/ minimal duties sounds great! Shelby will be going to Ms. Minnas to get her Play-on and some social interaction other than my hackin and the fear of her getting that will be good.
I hope to get the room a little more organized so I can finish the wall hangings and all. I also hope to get my sewing things into my area pretty soon. It's a DISASTER ZONE in the laundry room but thank goodness the hanging clothes cover it up so all you focus on is the DISASTER ZONE OF CLOTHES IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM BUT,Thanks to Mammy, who comes to keep Sheebee Shake on Monday's, she organizes and folds and cleans the laundry/disaster zone that I've seemed to terrorize in a week :)...I don't purposely make it messy so she can clean it, it just happens that way...thank the Lord for her though! I do try to wash the clothes and dry them....just not folding... Josh was developing a very thin thread w/ me and the "disaster area" :) Thanks for saving the day Mammy! Love you lots!! You're the best! I feel so much more relaxed and calm after Mammy's been at my house for a day. She makes it feel so shiney and new in the house. I guess w/ us being sick and non-stop going lately, my housework skills have been slackin... which drives me nuts! I want to have a clean home at all times, and yes, it is possible w/ an 8 month old. It just seems that I always am either gone or sick when there is an opportunity to clean...deeeeeppp clean...not just dusting around things or picking up lint off the floors under the couch. I mean CLEAN to eat off the floor cleaning! That's what I like to do. As crazy as this sounds, that's my therapy. :) SO...HOPEFULLY I'll feel up to that tomorrow amongst my now 10:15am dentist appt. and 2pm hair appt. OH, btw, I'm getting A NEW DO! HAVING MY HAIR COLORED AND CUT! I have not had color on this mane since I was a sophomore in college! Joana will work her magic as always! I'll take a before & after pic for you! ;)so lots of rambling today...haha
~God bless,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy 8 Month day

(8 months ago Feb. 12th. i'm a little late blogging's 9:39pm here)
Well, 8 months ago, this is what I looked like (i was actually 38 weeks in this pic):

My facial expression I think gives an idea of my state of mind and comfort level. I felt like my skin was going to break like a stretched out rubber band! LOL... I have the stretch marks to prove it too! But, then this arrived....
1st time we met:

1st Diaper change:

1st time I held her:

1 day old:

1st night home:

2 weeks old:

AND...*ok so i'm full of tears now seeing how much she's changed since then* we are today on our 8 month birthday w/ our 1st big snow!!
Shelby in her "Uncle Bear" bear snow outfit (uncle bear is my brother and he gave her this for Christmas for when we "have snow" i LOL but guess we did get snow!)

And yes, I LOOK ROUGH! No shower, rolled outta bed...up WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too early thanks to my 2 early birds (Josh & Shelby) so deal w/ the nastyness of my yesterday make-up and ratty ponytail...Shelby & Josh look great!

What an amazing life God has given us and how truly blessed we are to have such a healthy, happy, amazing family!
Nighty night & God bless...oh and ALL THE SNOW here is TOTALLY gone :(
~God bless,