Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiresome & STILL TEETHING Thursday

Last night was a long night. I had to get Shelby from Minna's early b/c she had a fever of 100.3 and was just not herself so all evening she was a lap baby. She'd play for a little but then wanted you to hold her. We gave up on her sleepin in her bed so I got her and after getting her to sleep on my chest, I laid her in the middle of us and that's where she slept. Her fever finally broke about 3am and that's when she finally slept soundly. She would wake up crying and whimpering almost every hour before that so no sleep for the parentals last night. I am exhausted and so is Josh. She was fine this morning and so I went ahead and took her to Minna's. She seemed tired still, but we all are, so I warned Minna. I pray this is just teething related! Here's some snaps of her this morning before we left. I love the last one that looks to say, "MOmmmm, we are running late. Let's go and stop takin my picture!" lol (these were taken w/ my phone so sorry for the poor photo quality)

I did get my orders finished last night though! I had an outfit w/ matching bow and a bow for someone else to do. I had free reign w/ this bow below as long as it was pink, zebra and big... 3 OF MY FAV'S :) (also taken w/ my phone)

Also, Nichole, my Indiana friend who's an interior decorater, is setting up today for another tablescape contest and this one's theme is called "Granny's Apron", I think, if I remember right. She is amazing and if the tablescape is anything like her centerpiece, it's gonna be too cute for words! She took 3 glass pedestal bowls and sprayed them this creamy yellow and made the pin cushions herself as well! I just love the little rolling pins too!

Isn't it pretty and sooo neat?! She is an amazing decorater & tablescape designer! I can't wait to see the finished product! She's setting up today for this entry.
This one below is one she did around Christmas time and I LOVE IT ALL:

I"m so blessed to have such a surrounding of talent and encouragement! Love ya Nichole and HOPE YOUR TABLESCAPE WINS! IT SHOULD! YOU'RE THE BEST!
~God bless,

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Becca said...

I stopped by your blog a LONG time ago but haven't came by since! I just had a lot of catching up to do! Your Shelby is SO adorable! I just love all those hairbows and headbands!