Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wow... busy busy....

So life has been crazy busy but CRAZY GOOD! God is amazing and blessing us daily... I want to just share the joys he's blessed us with by photos... I'm not very good with words but love  pictures and the stories you  can create in your own imagination.....
Thank You Lord for the amazing life we have and the amazing blessings You give us everyday!

as you can see, we're an outside kinda family and LOVE cars.. LOL... Magnolia had a car show/cruisin night and it was soo fun to see all the old cars and community come out to walk around and see them!

well... it's official... i drive a Mommy-mobile and LOOOVE IT!! What a great Mother's Day present! It's loaded out and i looove how it drives and how mommy and kid friendly it is...
Yukon XL SLT..  i call her "Big Body"...

shelby got her demand met.... a TV to watch her movies... :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

If you've been reading you've seen that I've finished, delivered and they've officially been professionally photographed!  My very first costume design....
This is EXACTLY how they looked in my head! :) I can't wait to see the Choo Choo Soul girls dance at recital! :)
Here's the Choo Choo Soul costume from start to finish!! well, almost start.... I can't find the pic of the bag of supplies these were once... haha... I do know that the total project consists of:
  • 9 Overalls from ALL OVER that Karen and friends from KDAS go so graciously found for me (Cut down on cost BIG TIME!)
  • 9 toddler train conductor hats from Oriental Trading (came as a pack of 12)
  • 14 rolls of 25 feet EACH of red tulle
  • 2 HUGE boxes of rhinestones; one irradescent and the other crystal clear
  • 5 tubes of E600 glue
  • 20 glue sticks
  • 4 packages of 1/4" thick elastic
  • 9 "Ouchless" hair bands
Each costume consists of:
  • 85+ rhinestones glued on ONE BY ONE on the hat
  • 55+ rhinestones glued on ONE BY ONE on the front of the overalls and 1 glued on each overall button
  • 40+ rhinestones scatter-glued on ONE BY ONE to each tutu
  • 50 yards of tulle on EACH TUTU; hand tied to the elastic in 16" strips
  • 3 yards of tulle for each hair puff cut into 6" strips and tied to an elastic hair band
Many tears, giggles, burnt fingers, glue peeling and patience here it is....
I'm so proud to do this for our daughter and her dance friends :)
KDAS Choo Choo Soul Girls Jazz Class 2013 Costumes

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dancing Queen

After my blog post from last week, I received several touching messages and comments reassuring me we're not alone in our loss and uplifted us in their thoughts and prayers and for that I say, Thank You!

My devotional is getting good and I'm not even into it good! Still learning about being content and recently that saying NO is ok and empowering....I highly recommend this devotional and feel that it's great for any woman in any situation and walk of life...

Introducing KDAS Recital Pics 2013

This past week, Shelby had dance pictures and boy was it fun and exhausting!! She is in her element when it comes to pictures, video, and performing.... Hahah.. wonder where that came from?! LOL...
See how much she and her BFF Joci have grown since last year?! The black siamese cats were last year as well as the pink and white ballerinas... and OMG THE CHOO CHOO SOUL COSTUMES TURNED OUT EXACTLY HOW THEY DID IN MY HEAD AND ARE PRECIOUS!!!! wow... I can't believe their 2nd recital is coming up.... wow...
CC & Sheebee Bunnies


ChooChoo Soul Girls.... And debut of my very first costume design for all 9 girls


Mermaid Ballerina


Got a hula hoop for great smiles

showing me her moves