Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

If you've been reading you've seen that I've finished, delivered and they've officially been professionally photographed!  My very first costume design....
This is EXACTLY how they looked in my head! :) I can't wait to see the Choo Choo Soul girls dance at recital! :)
Here's the Choo Choo Soul costume from start to finish!! well, almost start.... I can't find the pic of the bag of supplies these were once... haha... I do know that the total project consists of:
  • 9 Overalls from ALL OVER that Karen and friends from KDAS go so graciously found for me (Cut down on cost BIG TIME!)
  • 9 toddler train conductor hats from Oriental Trading (came as a pack of 12)
  • 14 rolls of 25 feet EACH of red tulle
  • 2 HUGE boxes of rhinestones; one irradescent and the other crystal clear
  • 5 tubes of E600 glue
  • 20 glue sticks
  • 4 packages of 1/4" thick elastic
  • 9 "Ouchless" hair bands
Each costume consists of:
  • 85+ rhinestones glued on ONE BY ONE on the hat
  • 55+ rhinestones glued on ONE BY ONE on the front of the overalls and 1 glued on each overall button
  • 40+ rhinestones scatter-glued on ONE BY ONE to each tutu
  • 50 yards of tulle on EACH TUTU; hand tied to the elastic in 16" strips
  • 3 yards of tulle for each hair puff cut into 6" strips and tied to an elastic hair band
Many tears, giggles, burnt fingers, glue peeling and patience here it is....
I'm so proud to do this for our daughter and her dance friends :)
KDAS Choo Choo Soul Girls Jazz Class 2013 Costumes

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