Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Weight-loss Success

Also lost 9" off my hair... LOL

I'm proud to support and LOVE FFN and all it's done for me and my -25 Pounds and -24" LOSS but also wanna share a friend of mine who has had success too and her journey with FFN.  She and I aren't done yet with reaching our goals but we are feeling great and living great!!
 Here's Christon and her remarkable FFN Story:
Make Christon welcome y'all!! Give her a WOOT WOOT!!!

"When Bekah asked me to email her "my story" about my FFN journey, I was nervous!  I couldn't decide if I was going to tell my starting weight or my current weight, but here goes!  First of all let me start by saying the scale is NOT my best friend. Lol. But as my sweet coach (Renee' Eads) says "it's a process" I've tried many, many weight loss "fads" and have even struggled with anorexia, therefore my metabolism is shot! This is why I love First Fittness nutrition so much. There is no starving yourself or overrating. Stick to the program and you WILL get results! My coach has been a necessity to me through all of this. Renee' is excellent at what she does and never makes you feel dumb or like you didn't do what you were supposed to if the scale doesn't quite reflect the hard work you put in :) a lot of people that see me now ask my what I'm doing to lose weight so i tell them of course. Many people think that I am a FFN consultant because of how passionate i am about this program. I'm not, I'm just a 100% believer! The second question I always get asked is "how much does it cost" well that's a hard question to answer because your coach will  taylor a plan just for you. I do admit the old me would have asked that very same question. Now I look at it this way:

1)I used to throw so much money away, trying this diet and that. Imagine the money I would have saved had I known about FFN years ago!

2)how much money a week I used to spend on eating out, usually twice a day (including dinner with the family which is quite expensive as a family of 4)

3)I've helped my husband lose weight by just making better food choices for me and my family. We actually cook very night and would prefer to eat at home now.

4) I'm teaching my girls to eat right!

5) I feel 100% better!

6)I'm almost half way to my goal and it's only been 7 weeks or so.

7)no more money spent on indigestion meds. Me nor my husband has had to take any since July and we both used to take 4-6 pills a day.

8) my wonderful coach, who doesn't get nearly enough recognition for the time she puts in for each client! She will answer her phone any time I need her and always there to encourage me when I need it. Thank you So much, Renee'!
The list could literally go on and on, but I guess it's time to quit stalling and get down to the digits!  On July 6, 2012 I weighed 219.6 pounds, yes that's right :( now August 27, 2012 I weight 199.6 pounds. Still a whole lot, but 20 lbs lighter, I will definitely take it and keep going forward!!!"

Isn't she great!?? I just love how First Fitness Nutrition not only has changed my life but others as well!! :) Here's my story, which I've lost 5 more pounds since it was written and 5 inches as well....
Please feel free to message me, email, or facebook me with any questions you have regarding our weight-loss! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New reusable sandwich/snack bag

This is to go with the lunch sack from yesterday....

Again this is made from oil cloth and is totally wipeable for easy cleanup!
NEW Vintage reusable oil cloth sandwich/snack bag

Flap is adjustable for those small or BIG sandwiches or snacks!

It's so fun making new items for little ones and their mommies this time!

- God bless from Bekah
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Monday, August 27, 2012

New item!!

I was asked by a dear friend and momma of a classmate of Shelby's to make a lunch sack however I wanted for her new kindergartner. I researched and never found one I really liked so I drew up on myself and finished it today!
It's a Reusable lunch sack made from oil cloth/laminated fabric for easy cleaning and wipe off! Very sturdy and kid friendly! It's made with vintage buttons and rhinestones. Thanks again Shannon for inspiring me and can't wait to do more creations for you!

-God bless from Bekah
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Won!!

I won the giveaway from Moodylicious!!

I entered the giveaway and won this awesome backpack and school supplies!!
I was sooo shocked to hear that I won this awesome backpack from Beetle Britches who was apart of Moodylicious giveaway! I'm sooo giddy and can't wait to get it and see Shelby wear it to school!!!! Her poor rolling Walmart Minnie backpack has about had it! Lol
The supplies I won are awesome too!!

And this awesome drawing fashion set from Fashion angels

As well as this awesome lipgloss set from Moodylicious

I can't wait to get it in the mail!!!!!
Thanks soooo much Moodylicious, Beetle Britches and Fashion Angels!!

This was my comment that helped me win

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Second year of dance

Shelby started her second year of dance yesterday and I must say, she was ADORABLE!! She was sooo giddy and excited about her new classes, seeing her friends, new shoes and dancing!!
She's takin tap, jazz, gymnastics and ballet on Thursday's. She had a blast!! KDAS is sooo awesome and we are so blessed to have such a great studio here in magnolia!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bizzy Again...

Needless to say, life in the Kee household is rather "bizzy"
I finished 2 Diaper bag sets in ONE day last week and they turned out SOOOO GREAT! One was, obviously for a boy, and the other for a sweet baby girl to come for a friend who lives in Maryland and didn't know I made her a bag set :) can't wait to hear from her!! :)
wipe case front, spine and back view

wipe case

more true to actual colors than wipe case pics.....
Baby "C's" bag and wipe case:

ALL vintage buttons and jewels from my dear BFF in Indiana :)

aren't they pretty! :)
and in more news.....

yeap.... we are at it again.. lol... we've been in our home 6 years and we've put our whole hearts into it but if we want to grow our family anymore, and we do, we NEED more space..... so we thought, on a whim, we would have a realtor friend come look at it and give us what she thinks we should list it at and what not and well, she asked if she could show it would we allow her, even before listing it, and we said, SURE! Well... we JUST listed it yesterday (Monday) and it's been shown 5x with one more scheduled for this week so far before we even had this sign in the yard! God is good!We've got a few interests but no offers YET.... we are truly relying on God because He's the One in control and guiding us through whatever this journey will be and leads us to...but that doesn't calm my anxiety...especially since we think we found a house we like that's perfect for what we need :)...
just pray for us....
Here's some inside pics the realtor took....

we have a HUGE backyard...that couldn't fit in a pic

2 car garage

guest bath

guest room (AKA "Gigi's room)

big laundry room..looks smaller in pics :(

master bath vanity

our HUGE custom shower that we designed and has a bench seat that's customized to my seating height to comfortably shave my legs! :)

master bedroom...our walls are khaki not yellow-puke green lookin like the pic

playroom/sewing nook to the left with HUGE window looking into the backyard

S' room

I plan on takin some more pics to show you colors better.....with natural light....
we are just relyin on God to direct us and lead us where He has us to go! ;)
we covet your prayers :)