Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost caught up!

Wheeeeewwww I'm almost caught up but then again...Kim not! Hahaha I've got to make 6 clutches and a few brooches for a local store and then a few diaper bags to sell at a store in Texarkana and the clutches needed to be done lake last month! Ugh!!! I feel a late sewn night com in on.... However, I did get these done today....

Isn't it goooorrrrrgeous?! I just love the elegance and simplicity of this one! The solid black is black Minky Dot fabric and is sooo soft and warm. The custom embroidery looks perfect on it and is totally original and has a design within the stitching!

The wipe case is great too because it has different fabrics but the same elegance!

I also finished an outfit today! This is a 2T outfit and came out soo cute! I've gotta try it on Shelby to make sure it's gonna fit the little girl it's actually for right since Shelby can wear a 2T (she's still in some 18 month and some 24 m and 2t is too big)

One last goodie.... I finished a brooch last week for a friend for her to wear for Easter. It was done to match her dress so its totally customized by colors....

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

Amongst all the chaos and turmoil from this weeks awful storms I've still had joy in my heart and my this week's Woot Woot will be just pictures. Short and sweet!

This was our "family night" snuggled in the guest bath while the tornado sirens blared! Notice where shelby's cup is! Hahaha it is clean though and the "used" parts are on the big people potty so this one is not used hahaha

Not my Clematus but my neighbors I envy! But I did buy and pot one and pray it survives these storms and grows as beautiful as this one! She's sellin her home and I have the mindset to ask her if I can have it before she moves since it's in the ground! Hahaha
Have a blessed week....

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday by NatSprat!

First off before we hear from the wonderful NatSprat, I'd like to continue to pray for the families that are being affected by this severe weather across Arkansas as well as the rest of the country! You are all in my prayers! We got hit hard by severe thunderstorms and had a warning for tornados but praise God that was lifted.
I also wanna thank NatSprat for doing today's tutorial and for being the very first guest post on Tutorial Tuesday!! So without further ado, here she is!

Hello! I'm Natalie from over at NatSprat! I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3 who homeschools and does a little of everything on the side! I'm so excited to be guest posting for Tutorial Tuesday here at Bizzy B's today! I'll be doing a tutorial for a super cute, super easy felt flower pillow. Ready? Here we go!


3 sheets of felt
A pillow you would like to dress up

Next, find 3 different sized things to trace. I used a sour cream lid, a cup, and a small can of diced green chilis. Use a marker that is just a little darker than the felt so you can see it.

On the first 2 sheets, you will trace 4 large circles and 3 small circles.

On the third sheet, you'll trace 6 medium circles and 3 more small circles.

Now, cut out all of your circles. You should have:

Next, cut them all in half.

Get your pillow, and lay out 9 of the large petals in a circle. Don't glue them yet...just get them situated to your liking.

Once you get them where you want them, THEN you can glue them on.

Layer on a second layer of LARGE petals.

Now a layer of MEDIUM petals...

And a second layer of MEDIUM petals.

Now, take 8 of your small petals and cut them in half.

Now, round off the corners.

Finish layering your small petals, ending with the ones you cut in half. Then, cut a circle of felt to fill in the hole in the middle. I traced a spool of thread, it was the perfect size! It will end up looking like this:

And now....give yourself a big pat on the back. :)


I look forward to meeting all of you in this wonderful place called Blogland!


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen

Happy Easter! I pray you all had a wonderful day in worship and with your families! We did!

I was exposed to an AWESOME new iPad app, ScrapPad! Definitely try it out!!!! The scrapbook pages above are our Easter pics...the ones below are just me havin fun....(almost 2!)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday and Bday Mom!

I watched, for the second time ever, The Passion of The Christ night before last and it's such a good, raw, realistic movie of what Christ's death and resurrection could have truly been like. I am totally in awe of God's love for us that He went through all that for me and for you! If you've not accepted Christ as your personal Savior, how special would it be to do so this Easter season?! He died for you and has erased all our sins by His choice! What friend would do that for you? I know I don't have a friend I could say would die for me and the world, but my Jesus did!

Today is shelby's Easter party at Miss Minna's and so last night I stayed up and stuffed 70 eggs and took 30 pre-stuffed as well as these yummy cupcakes I made!

Ian so proud how they turned out!! I love the colors and spring-like theme!! No I didn't make the bird nests but they r just icing and jelly beans! I did make the rest though! My piping and icing skills are gettin better.

Today is also my Minna's bday!! Happy bday mommy! We love u!!

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