Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woot Woot Wed. Tons of pics!!

Today's Woot Woot is in celebration of me bein a proud momma and bragging on shelby's cuteness!

Seriously can this be any cuter?!!!! Wow she amazes me!! Her personality overflows 24/7!!!!

Even in black and white(actually sepia) her beauty floors me!!!

This is the first time I see that she does look somewhat like me! Wish I was half as beautiful inside and out as she is! My heart overflows with love for her!!!

Sassy pants! Dunno who she learned this move from! Lol

One of her new fav words, "mine/me!". Lol

She loves to kiss Hoot!

It's sooo hard to believe she will be two in June and that she was once this little....

Wow time flies too fast!!!
One thing I've learned is how true that is....

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