Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday and Bday Mom!

I watched, for the second time ever, The Passion of The Christ night before last and it's such a good, raw, realistic movie of what Christ's death and resurrection could have truly been like. I am totally in awe of God's love for us that He went through all that for me and for you! If you've not accepted Christ as your personal Savior, how special would it be to do so this Easter season?! He died for you and has erased all our sins by His choice! What friend would do that for you? I know I don't have a friend I could say would die for me and the world, but my Jesus did!

Today is shelby's Easter party at Miss Minna's and so last night I stayed up and stuffed 70 eggs and took 30 pre-stuffed as well as these yummy cupcakes I made!

Ian so proud how they turned out!! I love the colors and spring-like theme!! No I didn't make the bird nests but they r just icing and jelly beans! I did make the rest though! My piping and icing skills are gettin better.

Today is also my Minna's bday!! Happy bday mommy! We love u!!

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