Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snowy South Arkansas

Remember our flu and strep Christmas? Well, Shelby went to school after Christmas break and then on Monday, Jan. 8th, Shelby came home from school w/ ANOTHER FEVER! Took her to the dr. the next day and she had a 102* fever and dr. said a bulging ear drum w/ massive ear infection! :( That meant 2 more days off of school for Shelby. She went back on Thursday and Friday and then came back to school Monday only for the Snowmagedon to come late that night!!

 Even when she's sick, she works on patterns and practices her riding knowledge. :)

Over the weekend, Shelby received this AMAZING HONOR! She and Hershey are the PtHA Junior Youth Zone 6 High Point Reserve 2017 Horse of the Year!  What an amazing honor and at just the right time to cheer her up! Between the sickness and weather, she's not been able to ride her normal schedule. 
 These two had quite the fun in their PJ's all weekend. Max loved it too! We stayed home on Sunday to keep germs at bay and good thing we did because there were so many sick :(.

Who would've thought we would actually get snow must less 3-4 INCHES of it and frozen streets?! We worked ONE DAY this week (other than today and tomorrow) but the kids have been out of school since they got out Friday. That's 6 days off of school!! wowza!
We got in a little riding before the snow hit Monday night. She and Hershey had a great time! We also finished her Science Experiment! It's a secret but does involve Hershey! Can't wait to share!

 Here comes the snow!! This was taken at 5 a.m. on Tuesday! Shelby and Rhett were soooo shocked when they saw it! Shelby got a sneak peek w/ Josh when she woke up at 1:30am but Rhett, when he woke up at 6am, he said, "DAaaannngg! Dat's a lot of snow daddy!"

 Max was pretty much over the Snowmagedon of his yard. It really messed up his plan of adventures all week!