Thursday, September 21, 2017

Whirlwind... Moving, Horse shows & Jesus

So it's been a whirlwind for sure this past month since school started back...
We've sold our home and bought another...closing day is TOMORROW, Sept. 22 and then the move begins! We had a knock at our door a month ago one evening a dinner from a realtor wanting to show our house and so we let him and the rest is history! We've sold it to a couple we are friends and co-workers with and bought a beautiful home out in the country on 3 acres. No, we won't be moving Hershey out there, she's quite happy in Emerson being catered to.

New Home
We had a great time at the Col. Co. Fair w/ the kids and Shelby's friend, Kennedy.

Shelby also lost another tooth at the horse show we just got back from. It was our monthly horse show in Ruston, where Shelby and Hershey did well! They were Grand Reserve Champions!

The MOST IMPORTANT THING that's happend lately happened last night at church. Josh and I were in choir and our Children's Min. came and pulled Josh and I both out w/ Shelby into his office. Shelby's been feeling the Lord tugging at her heart STRONG for about a month and she wanted to pray in Bro. Clint's office w/ us there to ask Jesus in her heart as her Lord and Savior!! We were there and witnessed the entire sweet moment! She's so excited and a different kid!
Here's a video from her teacher this morning when she told some of her classmates:


Friday, August 11, 2017

Here comes PreK 1 & 3rd Grade... ready or not

Monday Shelby will start 3rd grade and Rhett will start PreK 1 at Cornerstone. It's crazy to think they're growing THIS FAST! Rhett will leave Miss Liz and that hurts but it's time.... Shelby found out today who her teachers are and is soooo super excited to have Ms. G for homeroom, Ms. Lee for Reading and Spelling and Ms. Johnson for Science and Math! It's gonna be a great year for these 2! I can't believe we have kids this old now :(.


Meet the teacher.... She was soooo excited to get Ms. G!!

Look out... School starts Monday! Ready or not!!!