Friday, February 17, 2017

Hershey is more than just a candy...

We cannot believe the amazing things this past year has held for our precious Shelby and our family since Hershey came into our lives a year ago. You can read about that day here. Hershey has completed our family in ways that we never dreamed. Shelby and Hershey are the perfect duo and their bond is sooo full! We went and had a great day w/ her and she and Shelby just played and played, gave Bubby a few lessons and then a few days after and had another great ride that ended w/ lots of cuddles and treats to celebrate Valentine's Day and the day we brought Hershey home for good.

We love you sweet girl! Happy 1 Year Anniversary home!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dixie Nationals 2017- Jackson, Mississippi

A little later than expected on getting this posted so I'm playing catch-up cause I've got Dixie to post about here, my bday weekend next and then Valentines Day to post about next! Wheeww.... BUT.. for now,
Dixie Nationals....
What a weekend! We were all to go to Dixie Nationals, leaving on Friday (Feb.3) at noon, but Josh unexpectedly came down w/ a double eye infection and was unable to go. He stayed home w/ Rhett while he sent me and Shelby off w/ Gigi and Gramps. We were terribly sad he could not go, but thank goodness for FaceTime cause he got to watch mostly all of her classes as we saw it. He's thankfully feeling better now and made a full recovery and got to watch Shelby in all her glory in her classes! Even saw her win her Trail class!
here we go....

rest up precious Unicorn... when she wakes, she will do miraculous things!

Horse Show Family! Ms. Belle, Anna T., & Hershey's BFF, BJ!

They did so well in Halter and Showmanship

snack time!

Shelby's Horse Show BFF, Blair from South Louisiana

First time showin in her new buckle!

Here's The Walk/Trot Trio... these 3 are taking the south by storm! Top 3 every time, every class! Blair (in the teal from South LA), Claire (pink from Alabama) and Shelby (purple). :)

Watchin Mr. Alan show Hershey in Green Trail

Wheeww.. it's hard being a champion for this little girl

Bedtime cuddles... oh wait Hersh.. we gotta practice English... no rest yet sweet girl

The Trio

BJ and Hershey miss each other

This duo were Top 3 again! Blair wiped the board in mostly all their classes and Shelby won 3rd in all but Trail, and she won 1st!

Thank You Hershey for loving our precious #horseshowsissy


Monday, February 6, 2017

CCOHSA Awards banquet

2 weekends ago we had the honor to go to Cotton Country Open Horse Show Association's End of the Year Awards Banquet in Ruton, LA. Shelby was up for awards and recognition as well as the other Shaw Performance Horses team members! It was such a nice evening and we are in awe of the accomplishments Shelby and Hershey have made this year. Hershey has been with us a year THIS Valentine's Day and it's amazing to see the honors they've achieved together as a team! They're on fire and definitely noticed in the show circuit :). Who would've thought this is what we would spend our weekend's doing? Shelby will be riding just 2 years this April 8th and I never would have dreamed we would have such a tiny rider w/ so many accomplishments in such a short amount of time!
Seeing ALL OF THESE accomplishments for the year for OUR Shelby Lynne was just such a proud moment in our lives and to see her accept her buckle, halter and check for $465 (she won $630 in prizes total) was just amazing. She's JUST 7! lol...

 No rest for her though... she had to prepare for Dixie Nationals... Sunday afternoon rides are the best!

Tomorrow's blog post is all about THIS PAST WEEKEND where she competed at Dixie Nationals :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sickly weekend of fun...

So our weekend started of kinda yucky w/ Rhett getting sick w/ a fever and nasty cough. That called for a weekend home, Josh taking shelby to her riding lessons and Shelby walking next door to a birthday party for her buddy, Tucker.

Shelby had a blast at Tucker's party! Pictures courtesy of Tucker's family..
I wish I could've been there to see all this. Shelbe loved walking over like a big kid and walked back. It was so sweet. She and Tucker have such a sweet friendship.

Rhett is now all better and life has gone on as usual.... Shelby's preppin for a big horse show Feb. 4-5th, getting her first buckle and awards $ and more for her year of riding w/ Cotton Country Open Horse Show Association in Ruston, LA this weekend, Rhett is loving having Max indoors still, he's almost 3, which hurts, and wants a Ninja Turtle party, he's become "the bossy one" at daycare and is full of mischief!
Our 2 kids are so different yet so equally amazing. They're both growing so fast and I feel like time is slipping away each and everyday. God has been pressing on my heart to be present and to be in the moment of each part of my day. The good parts, the not so good parts. Embracing every aspect... Embrace that Shelby is growing into a young lady and that Rhett is his own person and will be allowed to be.


see ya later...

see ya later...