Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Shelby's "Faux-Hawk" lol...this is how her hair, what little she's got (she's gettin more though!)does every day! It's real curly after her bath though! She is obviously really worried about it..haha
(One of few Pics w/o a "hair adornment!" No one will recognize her! LOL...)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tender Tuesday

(Yes, she is eating her
Thanks again Stacy
~God bless,
*** Just got word, our friends, Wes & Ashley, lost Wes' Granny this morning. Please pray for this family as they go through this loss in their lives.***

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend has been great! I was off Thursday to care for Shelby and we were all off Friday so we all decided to go to the zoo that's in Monroe, Louisiana (which I'll show you pics of later) and we had a photoshoot Saturday morning w/ Stacy from Cloud Dust Photography and O M G...I've only seen these two pics and I'M ALREADY IN LOVE W/ THEM! I can't WAIT to see how the other 3 MILLION ( LOL ) TURNED OUT! :) Shelby did better than I thought considering we made her do a lot of things she usually doesn't do and I HOPE one of the shots she took of Shelby in the colored tutu turns out where she's crawling b/c Shelby looked like a peacock walking around w/ his feathers all fanned out. LOL.. HILARIOUS! Stacy is amazing and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! SHE HAS THE EYE AND THE GOD-GIVEN TALENT!
love ya girl!

I am VERY PROUD AND PARTIAL and think I have the two most gorgeous people in the world to call my own!! Shelby has THE MOST PIERCING BLUE EYES ON THE PLANET, yes this is her TRUE EYE COLOR, and Josh...well, he's still the sexiest man I've ever met and is just as amazing as the day I fell in love w/ him that hot summer day of June when I was 13!
Thank you God for my family and for their beauty, inside and out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a little vent...

So how come when I have tons to do, NONE of it gets done & I get all freaked out and when I have nothing to do, I long for projects & things to do but usually when I get time to do things I am too tired to do them? That all sounds confusing as I re-read it but you know what I mean... Ugh... I am in a funk.... and how come my blog hasn't had any "Bizzy B's" stuff posted on it in a while? Oh let me see, that's because I've not had time to do any and when I have, I'm too dang exhausted to even try or start a project! :(....UGH....the thing is, when I have time, which is usually when Shelby is in bed or down for a nap or a weekend, I don't want to do anything but rest and spend time w/ Josh & Shelby. It's tough being a full-time mom, wife, employee and creative all at the same time! I'm on a 9 month contract, like school teachers, so I get the summers off so I AM HOPING I am more motivated by then to be as creative as I used to be. I lie awake a lot of nights w/ ALL these ideas and designs of things I could do but never do them.
I feel lost. Like my days are all a blur and that I'm not glorifying God at all. I don't know what to do. I want to develop Bizzy B's into what I feel it should be; the dream I have for it; I want to be the best mom I can for Shelby, the best wife I can be for Josh and I feel like I do none of that b/c I'm so flippin exhausted from my day. I feel like a gerbal on a wheel just goin round and round for 8-10 hours a day accomplishing nothing. I feel like anything I do is never good enough or accomplishes anything for good.
I need prayer and uplifting and peace. I have none of that right now in my heart. I feel so lost and confused to what God wants me to do w/ my life. I know not everyone can truly know everything you're supposed to be and do w/ your life but I just want a glimmer. I meant I went to college, graduated w/ a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Art History; two things I love and for what?? To sit and stare at for 8-10 hours a day on my desk. I LOVED college and doing art every day and now...that's a different story. I cannot tell you the last time I painted anything or picked up a drawing pencil. I was good, and I'm not being boastful, but I was! I was dang good! I've sold art, my high school school district purchased a piece of my art for the Superintendent's Office, I won numerous ribbons in art shows and now look at me...I've not painted or drawn anything like that since college and that's been 5 years now...I KNOW God has created me to be creative and has given me those talents and abilities. He did not make me to be a mathematician, scientist, writer, or anything like that; He made me to be a creative being and I am wasting His creation daily. I do not want Shelby to grow up and realize what I used to be and wonder why I no longer do those things and do not use the talents God has given me. I think one of the most hurtful and eye-opening statements that's been told to me is that, "you are not using the talents God has given you. You need to use them..." that hits home really hard, but IT'S TRUE! I do use my voice more than before (I help sing on the Praise Team at church) but I know I only do that b/c Josh is the worship leader at our church.
This has turned into more than "just a little vent"...
my heart is hurting and confused....
sorry no pics...not right now...

Uncle Bear Visit

Well, as you know, we went to visit Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu this past weekend and wouldn't you know the ONE TIME we decide we can all go, which is supposed to be, the 1st day of Spring, IT SNOWS...LIKE 4" OF SNOW! AND COLD.... O M G... Friday was GORGEOUS but Sat. & Sun. ugh ugh! brrrrr!
Here's pics from the weekend....
The day started off w/ a "First" for Shelby; her 1st Big Tub bath!
SHE LOVED IT! No more little blue tub :(....

She also LOVES her Hippo Hoodie Towel from aunt Staci M.! Thx again Staci! She gave this to Shelby before she was born and I KNEW we'd use it b/c it's SOOO fluffy and thick and warm!

Then it was on to playing and reading. We were waiting on Daddy to get in; he had a breakfast to go to here at SAU. This is her FAVORITE book...I think it's because it has her picture in it and it plays music. LOL... vain?? naaaahhhhh

This is at Applebees on the way...not sure where we are at this point but I know by then we had watched "A Bugs Life" and taken a little power nap....

Had to have a wardrobe change to see Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu! We made it and wanted to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse. Mmmmmm.... ended up w/ carrots staining this polo dress AGAIN!

Loved the flowers w/ daddy. Shelby's a bright-colors kinda me! I just love this pic...he's whispering in her ear and she's just grinning! Melts my heart!

This was Saturday in the lobby as we discussed the day's plans since it was SNOWING AND FREEZING BY THEN...I just LOVE her monogrammed panties! These are done in all different colors, you can't tell but the stitchery is all different colors on the letters! My uncle Carlos gave her these.
OH and Yes, we are now not only crawling 90 to nothin but we are pulling up and standing 24/7 as well! The world of a still, cuddly baby is quickly fading away...She will DEFINITELY be walking by the cruise in June, which by the way, I found some ADORABLE outfits for Shelby on this trip for that!

I'll show you more later....for now, these are my fav's! She also did another "1st" this past weekend but I'll show you that later!
~God bless,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Bonnet

Ok so it's Spring Break here on campus for Faculty & Students but for Staff, nope. Working 4, 10's (7am-5:30pm Mon. thru Thurs. & off Friday). :(
Today, we had our annual Staff Awards Breakfast & this year's theme was "Hopping into Spring" & there was an Easter Bonnet competition. You know me, anything that's competitive-creative I'M ALL FOR.
Here's my Easter Bonnet that consisted of my favorites of Spring: my favorite spring/summer flowers, birds, and the rhinestones/jeweled antique pins that were my grandma's represent the colors the dew makes on the flowers in the morning, that i love as well....

Yes, this is my head...not a flower pot or

The winner received a Pandora bracelet w/ 2 charms, a "Mule"shoe dangle & a football...and..
I WON!! :) YEAH!! It's charms I do not have & the bracelet is different from mine.

I felt like all I needed was a stuffed sheep & a rod to herd cattle with and I'd be "Little Bo Peep". I felt like a blooming idiot, literally! LOL
I will blog tomorrow about this past weekend's festivities!
~God bless,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fav's

So we are on our way to Dallas for the wedding & to visit Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu but I wanted to share some of my new "Fav's"...nothing really important to blog about but I do have some pics I'd like to if you get bored.

I love the new faces Shelby give me now...this one makes me think, "Umm can someone please come get me from this crazy, picture-taking, lady?" lol
Notice she has 2 clipped to her collar and one in her mouth...this is how she is every morning, even after we get dressed outta our PJ's. lol...half the time she takes the "nightime PapPap" w/ her on the way to Ms. Minnas and I have to leave it in the car. She's sneaky and sometimes hides it from me and stuffs it beside her in her seat. LOL...sneaky little girl!

Shelby now SQUEALS and I caught a pic of it! It's sooo high-pitched and ADORABLE! I also love her new Ralph Lauren Polo dress in teal!

This is my favorite shiney Vintage Pearl necklace that has my "2 stars" of my life, Josh & Shelby.

I found this Beaded Bow headband at a local shop here in town on the square and wore it for the first time and I really like it! Is it too youthful??
Just a few random pics and fav's :) oh, "fav's" stands for "Favorites" in case you don't
I hope to have lots of interesting pics from our Dallas trip to show you Monday! The wedding is a traditional Catholic-Vietnamese wedding!! "Once-in-a-lifetime experience," my mom keeps saying! I know it will be! I am so happy my 1st ever best friend is getting married,'ve been engaged FOREVER ( I think since 2003??? lol)! GOnna be gorgeous & unique! Also hope to get some great family pics too w/ Uncle Bear & Aunt Jessilu w/ Sheebee Shake! Don't cha just love our names?? LOL...
~God bless,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovely Leprechauns

These are my two favorite Lovely Leprechauns that I get the pleasure of calling all my own every day :)

(didn't get a pic of Josh in his green

(Sorry the pics aren't great...all I could do w/ a cell phone and a sleepy/hungry/ready-to-leave-the-church-nursery-&
Shelby's 1st St. Patrick's Day
March, 17, 2010
I just love her little two-toned shamrock pants! The top is a little A-line, long-sleeved top & you can't see them, but they have two shamrock pockets on the front! She also wore her lime green penny loafers too that she kicked off as soon as I wanted to take her pics but here they are from the Trumpette website (I"M SOOO GLAD she can FINALLY wear them! She has such small feet! 9 months old and size 2 shoes are big on her):

ARE THEY NOT THE CUTEST!? Stacy gave her these before she was born!
~God bless,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Remember this??

I know I've mentioned in the past about the site What to Expect When You're Expecting,, and how helpful it was throughout our infertility issues and our pregnancy and how many great women and great pieces of advice, etc...I got and so on...well I still stop in from time to time and "stalk" as they call it and also a lot of my friends from the June 2009 (we have boards that we are moved to when we have our babies and that's the board we stay on and so when we were pregnant we were the Pregnancy June 2009 board and once we all had our babies we were moved to "The First Year" June 2009 board. get it?)have added me to their Facebook's and we email/text, in fact, that's how Nichole and I have become such good friends b/c she's a June 09 momma too :) ANyhoo.. Kelly, from June 2009, emailed me after seeing some of my creations and wanted me to make her an OSU outfit for her daughter, Rain, so I agreed and MY O MY how cute it turned out! Well, I've been waiting to see pics of Rain in it. She wanted this b/c, well this is what she said, "for my in-laws that were just down visiting. My FIL went to Oklahoma State University and my MIL likes little girls to look, what I like to call, Southernfied. Bekah searched for this fabric and also allowed me to modify the outfit as I needed to. She did an OUTSTANDING job on this lil outfit. As you can see the top ties with bows (that were OSU by the way) and the dress will be able to be worn as a top as she gets older. Rain didn't leave the hair bow in for too long but it was adorable!! Again, using the OSU ribbon. I knew my MIL would love it but my FIL was THRILLED and I just can't say enough about how happy we were with this outfit. Sooooo cute!! Thank you soooo much Bekah!"
You are more than welcome Kelly and Miss Rain is too cute in this! LOVE IT!
I've always thought Rain & Shelby looked similar in the face and all! She's a doll and another little June 09 Bug! THIS IS WHY I love doing this even though I do have 3 OTHER full-time jobs (being a wife,Shelby's Mommy & entertainer & workin at SAU 8-5pm Mon. - Fri.)! This is why....
~God bless,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hootie Hoo

(Sorry it's kinda dark; tryin to get a 9 month old to sit still to take a cell phone pic.... u try to do better ok? lol...)
So this weekend my first best friend in the world (we met the 1st day of 1st grade and went all through elementary, middle school, junior high and high school together..;) ) is getting married in Dallas (actually a suburb of know how that town is) this Saturday so me and my family are traveling w/ my mom & dad to go and we are also making this into a visit to see my brother & sis-in-law! They live in Irving, TX so we are staying near them. It's gonna be soo fun and I am soo looking forward to it! We leave Friday a.m. and will come home sometime Sunday p.m.

My brother, who's younger, has been named "Uncle Bear" and I'm not sure why or remember but it's fitting and his wife, Jessica, is Aunt Jessilu (her maiden name is Lujan, pronounced Loo hhaahhnn)and so whenever I say, "Shelby, we're going to go see Uncle Bear and Aunt Jessilu," she lights up and KNOWS who I'm talking about and also references them to her "Hootie Hoo" which Uncle Bear gave her! LOL.. cute huh?? She also has to now have Hootie Hoo in her bed w/ her and Bananas (her pink bear in the S onesie I've blogged about before that I took the "soothing soundsbox" out of b/c it's NOT SOO well as Sammy the Seahorse who no longer works but Sally who does :) OH AND you can't forget "bankie"(her blankie) and her 2, yes 2, Papaps (paci's). One has to be clipped to her and the other one isn't. lol...I'm sure I'll get some comments about having all this stuff in her bed but hey, YOU DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO TO GET YOUR LITTLE ONE TO SLEEP OK? LOL...)

Well, everytime I see Hootie Hoo I think of them and I also think and pray for this sweet gal. She is a doll and I enjoy reading her blog and updates and she's a Hoot Owl fanatic so it's only fitting that Shelby's Hootie Hoo makes me think of her as well. My mom likes owls too so owls are kinda special to me and I guess that's another reason I feel like I connect w/ her.
She blogged yesterday about a cool giveaway you should go check out too! ;)
Love ya and prayin for you Faith!
Have a blessed day and God bless,