Thursday, March 11, 2010


So for those of you who are not from or familiar with Southwest Arkansas weather, we get usually less than a week total of fall and spring then it's full on winter or summer. SO, when we do have those few days of MY TWO FAVORITE seasons, I TAKE FULL advantage of them! I love the sunny, cool in the morning, warm in the afternoons, cool in the evening-type those 2 WEEKS a year we get, I'm in heaven! See, I'm EXTREMELY hot-natured so these 2 weeks are the only time in the year I am 100% comfortable. :) LOL...
YEAH FOR SPRING! These are a few of the beautiful flowers in our yard & our neighbors. The purple ones are my favorite! They aren't any bigger than the end of a pencil eraser but sooo beautiful & delicate. I also love the red chamilia. It was hidden amongst the gorgeous green leaves.

God's creation amazes me! We added an extra bird feeder to our backyard and have to refill the two of them almost daily!
~God bless,


Meredith said...

Beautiful flowers! And I totally agree w/ the weather! I love Spring though! You took some great pics!

Mollie said...

Spring & Fall are my favs too!!!