Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wiggly Wednesday

In case you haven't noticed, which it's not that big of a change, there is now a task bar below my header graphic w/ tabs for you to click on to see my About Moi, Shelby Pics, Our Love Story, Birth Story, Creations, etc...!!

This is a new ap to Blogger and I finally figured it all out! :) So, I did delete some aspects of my page and moved them up there, so if you wanna see all that I've made, click on the Pictures tab and it has the slideshows. If you wanna see the cuteness of Shelby, better known as "Sheebee Shake", click on the "Shelby" tab! You get the picture! :)

Just a little update on to what Shelby is doing these days...
SHE'S INTO EVERYTHING as you can tell! "Wiggly" doesn't EVEN begin to describe her! She is a mess! We even think she said "Maa Maa" last night! She DEFINITELY said something other than jibber-jabber! Josh was holding her and she did it and we both were shocked and I said, "What did she say?!" He said, "SHE SAID, 'MAA MAA'!" LOL..
She is crawling like a speed demon, pulling up on EVERYTHING, loves to stand up and bang things on the floors. She also loves to torment the dog, Dee Dee. He is terrified of her and not too sure why at night, she's in the little white box (the baby monitor) and during the day time she's out and about bothering him. LOL...She recently discovered Dee Dee's "House House" (his crate that is only used as his toy stash; the dog has tooooooo many toys but gets made if you try to throw any of them out) and I had to shap some shots of that discovery, as well as her new FAVORITE entertainment spot while "Maa Maa" gets ready,... THE CLOSET....which is in DYER NEED to be cleaned & organized. Don't, I KNOW I have a problem and NO I'm not showing you ALL of the issue. I have the largest wall in the closet w/ two rows FULL of clothes and only wear about half of the two rods...I know..but at least it's not ice cream I'm obsessed with...that adds to tha hips! I'm just covering them :)....ok, so no,that's not a good justification for my problem... "Hi, my name is Bekah, and I have waaayyy too many clothes and feel the need to constantly purchase more..." Step 1) acknowledge the problem.... Step 2) forget about it and continue on as if you don't have a problem.. :)
Ok, so here's our little Wiggle...



Darlene said...

Let the exploration begin! That's a great, messy phase!

Mollie said...

I SO WAS going to ask?? WHERE'S THE BOW??? HAHAHA!!!
She is still cute with out a bow!!

Sandi said...

Love the new menu bar at the top. I love your "Love Story" page. . . maybe I'll do one.

RN Mama said...

Adorable pictures!

Hey, I need you to help me with that task bar thingamajig!