Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend has been great! I was off Thursday to care for Shelby and we were all off Friday so we all decided to go to the zoo that's in Monroe, Louisiana (which I'll show you pics of later) and we had a photoshoot Saturday morning w/ Stacy from Cloud Dust Photography and O M G...I've only seen these two pics and I'M ALREADY IN LOVE W/ THEM! I can't WAIT to see how the other 3 MILLION ( LOL ) TURNED OUT! :) Shelby did better than I thought considering we made her do a lot of things she usually doesn't do and I HOPE one of the shots she took of Shelby in the colored tutu turns out where she's crawling b/c Shelby looked like a peacock walking around w/ his feathers all fanned out. LOL.. HILARIOUS! Stacy is amazing and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! SHE HAS THE EYE AND THE GOD-GIVEN TALENT!
love ya girl!

I am VERY PROUD AND PARTIAL and think I have the two most gorgeous people in the world to call my own!! Shelby has THE MOST PIERCING BLUE EYES ON THE PLANET, yes this is her TRUE EYE COLOR, and Josh...well, he's still the sexiest man I've ever met and is just as amazing as the day I fell in love w/ him that hot summer day of June when I was 13!
Thank you God for my family and for their beauty, inside and out!

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