Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Woot Woot Wednesday

this week's Woot Woot is about memories and how we are makin them! :) this is just a photo dump kinda week... lol.. lots goin on, lots that's gone on and lots that's going to be goin on! LOL.. here's a recap...

new hair color!

God Loves You was on the mirror in the hotel this past weekend when i got out of  the shower...

shelby's license plates for her Cmas present

homemade apple dumplins ;) Mmm

neighborhood dog who loves us

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Card Carousel 2012

Every year I enjoy seeing all the Cards from Faith's Carousel of Christmas Cards!

I LOVE Faith and I'm super happy for her newest arrivals and what a blessing it is to see those 2 added faces to her card this year!
We decided not to do a family picture this year, #1 we ran out of time w/ the move and all and #2 no one really cares to see us they just want Shelby! hahaah... so here it is.... I designed it, as usual..... and had Vistaprint print them for me and got envelopes free with the order as well as 10 extras too!

The verse we chose this year is from 1 Chronicles 16:31 "Let the heavens be glad and let the earth rejoice; let men say among the nations, The Lord reigns!"
Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Woot Woot Wednesday

This week's Woot Woot Wednesday is dedicated to DIY (Do It Yourself!)...

I'm a big believer in DIY because #1 it's cheap and it also makes pieces original to fit your needs and style! :) ANYONE cand me! Here's the DIY I've done for the new house....
The antique mirror and sconces I bought from our local Facebook Sell & Swap for $15!!! It was pretty silver but I wanted it for shelby's new room and that wasn't gonna do.....

Pretty huh??
well NOW look at it!
AFTER a lil spray paint:

the color of spray painted used is NOT hot pink... it's called Watermelon and was bought at WalMart

My BFF fr Indiana gave me the great idea to glue in lil vases and add flowers to the sconces because I can't put lights in them and I don't wanna do candles.... this kinda effect:
And then..... I ordered this $20 (YES YOU READ RIGHT!) kids table and chairs from IKea and transformed it.. I still wanna add some custom paint details but haven't settled on what I wanna do just yet....  **NOTE... it DOES NOT REMOTELY COME ASSEMBLED LIKE THIS... but YOU CAN DIY IT!! I did it ALL MYSELF FROM START TO FINISH!
 This is what it comes like.... in a million pieces w/ NO WORDS on the instructions just vague images.... but..YOU CAN DIY!!

A little spray paint and some chalkboard paint and VOILA!

SHELBY LOVES IT!!! :) I did it for her bedroom but she insists it go in her playroom so I'm gonna have to do some redecorating and rearranging to accommodate it lol..I also DIY the wall decor....just collected odds and ends....
Feel free to ask me any questions of how to DIY any projects you might have in mind!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"i've found THE ONE my soul loves....."

December 11, 2004

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary and I never would have DREAMED my life would be as fantastic and blessed as it is today! God has TRULY kept His arms around us and guided us to where we are today! We've been married 8 years but have been "Josh and Bek" for 16 YEARS.... I was in diapers when we started dating just so ya know ;) lol...  God has truly anointed our marriage and even though times haven't always been easy or perfect, with God in our marriage and our home, it's been HIS Plan and HIS loving arms leading us all the way.... I never would have imagined that 8 years ago I could love this man any more that I did that first glance I saw him as the doors to the church opened, but BOY WAS I WRONG!! Josh is my best friend, my soul mate, the father of my precious shelby and miracle baby, my lover, and the only man I've ever known and WILL EVER KNOW.... He is truly, as Song of Soloman 3:4 says, "I found the one my heart loves."
I love you Josh and will always love you til the day the Lord takes us Home.....

Our very first picture we ever took as a couple! This was the night we started dating.... 16 years ago this past July....

True Love :) Always and Forever!