Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Woot Woot Wednesday

This week's Woot Woot Wednesday is dedicated to DIY (Do It Yourself!)...

I'm a big believer in DIY because #1 it's cheap and it also makes pieces original to fit your needs and style! :) ANYONE cand me! Here's the DIY I've done for the new house....
The antique mirror and sconces I bought from our local Facebook Sell & Swap for $15!!! It was pretty silver but I wanted it for shelby's new room and that wasn't gonna do.....

Pretty huh??
well NOW look at it!
AFTER a lil spray paint:

the color of spray painted used is NOT hot pink... it's called Watermelon and was bought at WalMart

My BFF fr Indiana gave me the great idea to glue in lil vases and add flowers to the sconces because I can't put lights in them and I don't wanna do candles.... this kinda effect:
And then..... I ordered this $20 (YES YOU READ RIGHT!) kids table and chairs from IKea and transformed it.. I still wanna add some custom paint details but haven't settled on what I wanna do just yet....  **NOTE... it DOES NOT REMOTELY COME ASSEMBLED LIKE THIS... but YOU CAN DIY IT!! I did it ALL MYSELF FROM START TO FINISH!
 This is what it comes like.... in a million pieces w/ NO WORDS on the instructions just vague images.... but..YOU CAN DIY!!

A little spray paint and some chalkboard paint and VOILA!

SHELBY LOVES IT!!! :) I did it for her bedroom but she insists it go in her playroom so I'm gonna have to do some redecorating and rearranging to accommodate it lol..I also DIY the wall decor....just collected odds and ends....
Feel free to ask me any questions of how to DIY any projects you might have in mind!

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