Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

I was asked to make a vintage outfit to go along with a beautiful heirloom crocheted dress/top. Here's what I came up with...took A LOT OF SWET BLOOD AND TEARS BUT I LOVE IT AND CAN'T WAIT to see the precious sweetie in it that it's for....

Isn't the heirloom just divine?!!!
This is without the heirloom

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dancing Diva

Today has been a day....Shelby and I both woke up cranky and so we both have managed all day. Hahaha
Today has is dance day #3! I made her leotard for today's class..

I painted the leotard part and hand sewed the tutu and bow detail

She wore these BabyLeggs when she was soooo little and they were way too long and were at her hip bones then....

She's signing "Jesus" and saying, "Jesus says..". Hahaha

Her dance buddy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woot Woot Wed. Worries

Well today was to be a finish a vintage-inspired outfit but due to the thunderstorms, power going on and off and a leak in the roof of the playroom/sewing room, I had to stop and got the top 90% finished. I'm adding another chocolate chiffon ruffle to the bottom and then have pants to do. But, here it is so far....

I've never sewn w/ lace before and it was soooo fun! Can't wait to show you the pants to come!!!
This outfit is to match w/ an heirloom top passed down to the little miss who the outfit is for. This is all I had to go by, so I wanted to match the heirloom vintage feel....

Isn't it divine?! I'm hoping since I don't have the top that the zipper rossette, & flower cloche show. Let's hope!! If not I'll have to remove it. I want the new top to be ruffly and full. I'm really worried how this will turn out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A gal from our church asked me to make a diaper bag set for a friend of hers and sent me a pic of the bedding to go by.

I'm not a fan of butterfly bedding but I tried to find some cute butterfly fabric and had NO LUCK. So I did what I do best and went with color families.

U like?! I think it turned out gorgeous!!! I hope the mom-to-be liked it!!
Thanks again to TSports for always doing a great custom job for me and my clients for 10 years now!

Monday, August 22, 2011

How did this happen???

August 2010

August 2011

Where in the world did our baby go??? *tears*
wow how time has flown! In the 2010 pics she had just started to run a little and now look at her from her 2nd day of dance in the 3 yr old class(she was promoted b/c her dance teacher said she is too mature for the 2 yr old classes so now she's in ballet, tap and tumbling and has already learned a full tap routine and how to do an aerobasque!sp?)

Wow..... Where did this baby go?

1st ultrasound Oct.2008

1st time we held each other, June 12,2009