Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woot Woot Wed. Worries

Well today was to be a finish a vintage-inspired outfit but due to the thunderstorms, power going on and off and a leak in the roof of the playroom/sewing room, I had to stop and got the top 90% finished. I'm adding another chocolate chiffon ruffle to the bottom and then have pants to do. But, here it is so far....

I've never sewn w/ lace before and it was soooo fun! Can't wait to show you the pants to come!!!
This outfit is to match w/ an heirloom top passed down to the little miss who the outfit is for. This is all I had to go by, so I wanted to match the heirloom vintage feel....

Isn't it divine?! I'm hoping since I don't have the top that the zipper rossette, & flower cloche show. Let's hope!! If not I'll have to remove it. I want the new top to be ruffly and full. I'm really worried how this will turn out.

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