Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bizzy B's Palette

Good morning! If you look at the right, I've got my new Bizzy B's Palette site button up!
I am OBSESSED with make-up that is GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. I have VERY sensitive skin that breaks out easily and often if I don't take care of it. I mean, I have to clease my face twice a day, no option. I use a sunscreen, serum, moisturizer and try to take care of the skin I was given. :) With that said, Younique is PERFECT for keeping my skin healthy. It's ALL NATURAL. YES! I know right?! Amazing!
My makeup bag (more like BAGS AND DRAWERS), has always been a mix of expensive makeup, drugstore makeup, popular makeup and Younique. Of all the "stuff" in my bag, I ALWAYS go to my Younique makeup pieces before anything else.
This is also THE ONLY make-up I ever use on #horseshowsissy at her horse shows and special events from time to time when she wants to get all "fancy'd up", as she says. I use it because it is all-natural and doesn't burn her skin, leave it red or bumpy, it's easy to take off and it lasts! She has always worn the Stiff Upper Lip lipstain in Skittish and y'all... I'm tellin ya, it lasts ALL DAY! Between the sweat, dirt, drinks, food, wiping off from dirt, etc.... that a horse show can bring, it doesn't come off! It doesn't get on her show clothes, all over her face, NOTHING! IT'S AWESOME!

 So... with that said... I've done it! I'm now building up my makeup bag w/ these awesome products and would LOVE to show you some of my favorite pieces! Check it out, message me with questions and just have fun!


Monday, July 25, 2016

#horseshowsissy adventures

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind since Pinto World. It was hard to recoup from that but we did it! Here's a recap of the last few weeks....

2 weeks ago a bad storm came through during lessons and after getting everyone and every horse safe in the barn, stupid me, felt the need to go roll up my car windows and sunroof and doing so, leaving my car, a tree fell ON TOP OF ME... it was scary and freaked me out! I had a small concussion, bruises and scrapes but PRAISE GOD nothing serious and that Shelby actually listened and stayed in the barn w/ Linda and Hershey!! THAT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT AT WORK Y'all!

Last week was the Mississippi Paint Horse APHA show prep week... she did SOO WELL and has been working more on using her legs and less reigns when she rides as well as working the gate in her trail class. Mr. Alan was brilliant in that because it has made all the difference in the world w/ her riding and communication to Hershey.

Shelby has had a loose top front right tooth FOR A WHILE NOW and it's been soo wiggly I laughed and told her, "You need to lose that tooth before we go to the horse show this weekend like you did for Tulsa." haha... well, low and behold, in the bath the other night she all the sudden gasped and said, "MOMMY! MY TOOTH FELL OUT!" This was after about 3 hours of tears and sobbing because she was chewing a Blow Pop sucker and bit too hard and made it bleed in the car...

   Bubby also got a new backpack and LOVES IT! This boy is obsesse w/ Tractors! EVERY SINGLE HORSE SHOW we pray there isn't a tractor, which is like praying there wouldn't be dirt, because all he wants is to be on the tractor, near the tractor, see the tractor, touch the tractor, talk about the tractor...hahah..

The last few weeks have also been VERY BUSY for this "Bizzy B." I've been stoning and sewing like crazy! I got this new Horsemanship top from a facebook horse show friend and decided to stone the mess out of it and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! Shelby loved it and wore it Saturday in Mississippi and it being made of a swimsuit-type material, made it cooler and more comfortable in the scortching heat. The stone-work turned out great and even looked good in the pen. I was kinda worried because it wasn't very bright in the pen but the top still showed some great sparkle!

This is her Showmanship/Halter class jacket I've been working on for literally 2-3 months off and on. My mom sewed the jacket and then I've designed the stoning and hand-sewed and glued each stone and applique down. It's tedious but I LOVE DOING IT! It's coming right along and is about 80% done! I'm making it for her to wear for sure at Color Breed Congress in Tulsa, Oklahoma in November but it will be ready by then for sure and she can wear it in some of her other shows. She's coming right along w/ her Showmanship so this will just make her sparkle that much more!

 These two babies may fuss and fight some but they're spending more and more time together and it's so sweet to see.

Josh and I continue to say, "We never dreamed we would have a horse and such a passionate little rider." We traveled to Brandon, Mississippi this past weekend where Shelby competed at the Mississippi Paint Horse Club show. It was SUPER SUPER HOT but so much fun with our "horse family". Shelby worked very hard the last few weeks and did so well. She won 1st in all her classes, Reserve in the Youth Mares halter class, and All-Around Youth Walk-Trot High Point! She had a blast and so did Bubby, being in the dirt of course!
Hershey was soo happy to see her #horseshowsissy

Special treats for Hershey girl...

" Hey, I know you see me... let me out. I will be good. I promise."

Bubby LOVES to ride Hershey but not for very long...

Rhett found a tiny toad and I hope he made it after  Rhett "played with him."

Shelby loved the palm trees at our hotel and was ready to show!

Here's Shelby doing her showmanship class. She did so well. She's getting better and better...

This duo definitely got noticed this weekend!

Shelby with her high point prize!

These two had a great weekend and Rhett was such a trooper! He's such a cool kid and easy-going! We are very fortunate to have such great kids! It was rough on them to ride for 3 hours there and back and being in the heat all day Saturday, but they never complained.