Thursday, January 26, 2012

Miracle Child

First off, I need to apologize....I posted this post and the last two regarding Shelby's illness in emotional distress and not a clear mind and by doing so I wrote some things I regret and have since deleted and changed. Again, I'm sorry if I've offended or hurt anyone.

Well, if you keep up with my Facebook you saw that our weekend went from bad to worse, much worse, in a day. You can read the saga and progression of the nightmare we've been through with Shelby and her lil body Here where it all began and the Continuation how we got to where we were yesterday.

Never in my life would I have dreamed Shelby would be admitted to ACH

After 24 MORE HOURS on Sunday without Shelby not peeing since the catheter in Texarkana, we couldn't wait any longer and even though the ACH Urologist was to call we decided loading her up and carrying her to Little Rock was best. We were right.... After almost 10 hours in their ER having a foley catheter inserted, 2 Ultrasounds and an X-Ray they admitted Shelby. They discovered debris in her bladder and once again no sign of a UTI. They also had what St. Michaels had done saying there was no UTI. The doctors said the infection and debris in her bladder caused her bladder to not function properly and pretty much shut down to where it would spasm constantly but never release. She didn't pee on her own from Thursday morning until Monday afternoon.

The foley catheter was traumatic, as well as the other two she had, and nothing relieved her pain Sunday and Monday until all the tests were run and it was able to be removed. None of us slept at all Sunday night. Josh and i switched out holding her all night as she screamed out in pain from her bladder spasms. Monday They ran a VCUG test.

After that she wasn't allowed to get off the table until she peed the dye out and as soon as they told her that SHE DID IT!!!!!!! I cried, josh cried and we praised God and Shelby sooooooo much!! We were also happy because the cath was out and so was she! Shelby was a totally different kid!

The urologists came and told us it was all fine and her kidneys and bladder were doing great! MIRACLE!! She was then told we had to stay til she peed on her own without any help and to let her relax and do what she pleases so we took her to play and she peed all over herself but she PEED!!!

We were discharged and on the road by 2pm. The urologists said she is to be on Miralax for at least 6 weeks and come back then for a checkup and to just be herself and not force her to use anything she doesn't want to so we have her in pull ups b/c she's sooo afraid of the bathroom now. She's just now ok with us changing her clothes and pull up. We have to retrain her mind and body that it's ok to use the potty because it's hurt her sooo much for a week and is so traumatized.

It's gonna be a long road to make her fear go away but we are thankful her body is ok and she's in no more pain!! Thanks you to all of you who prayed, called, text, facebooked,and sent Shelby cards and gifts! We felt all of you surround us!! God is soo amazing and brought us through this and brought us closer together because in an instant your life can fall apart and be brought back together again in just 4 LONG days...

These are just a few of the special gifts from nurses/ staff of ACH as well. Shelby's friends and loved ones:

We are forever grateful for the care we received intially at Magnolia Regional Medical Center,St. Michaels in Texarkana and the amazing care we got at Arkansas Children's.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still sick

We have made our 2nd ER visit in 3 days. Shelby had to have a 2nd catheter done today but this time in Texarkana for more answers! As great as they were to us here in Magnolia, their several tries with the catheter was tough and they're not trained for such a small body Today's at St. Michael's took 2 seconds, we felt much more at ease. They also did bloodwork and checked her urine and everything came out fine and NO UTI now ???? However they did referred us to a urologist in Little Rock at Arkansas Children's Hospital who is to call us Monday morning to check her stats.
As of right now at 11:23pm she's yet to pee since having a 2nd catheter so unless she pees in her sleep we will be going to ACH bright and early because this HAS TO BE FIXED! She can't have a catheter everytime she needs to pee. And if this is too TMI for you, then stop reading, but to us, her having two BM's today is great but when she can't pee at all even when she poops, SOMETHING IS WRONG! She has the urge to pee but SCREAMS, " it won't come out!" so either it's swollen, clogged or ????? We dunno but this can't continue!!!!! Please pray.
I feel great about the care she will receive at ACH but terrified to go and put her through MORE pain....

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sick lil Sheebee

You can't tell by these pictures but just 2 hours later, we were in the ER...
this time last week Shelby and I had the stomach bug. Well now, Shelby has a UTI. We had to take her to the ER last night because she wasn't urinating (as of 6pm she had only peed once since 8am)and when she tried she'd scream in pain. They had to drain her bladder with a catheter and it was THE WORST THING I'VE HAD TO WITNESS. Seeing her in such pain, holding her down as Josh and I caress her forehead and hearing her cries and screams for help, ripped my heart out!!! After 5 hours in the ER we were discharged and she seemed more herself.
They gave us the most aggressive form of antibiotics and told us to give her Tylenol for pain. Well, today, is JUST LIKE yesterday before the catheter procedure. She's not peed at all today, won't play, screams when she tried to pee and just not herself. We are hoping to make her eat some Pedialite Popsicles when she wakes from her nap. She's been drinking Pedialite and ate a few bites of a nugget.

Daddy made her turkeys from surgical

Gettin her 1st dose of antibiotics from nurse Ashley and being discharged...

Just pray please...I've never felt hurt like this before seeing her in such pain...Thank you Magnolia Hospital for your care....

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Holy smokes...

This explains our lovely weekend....

Shelby starts being violently sick Friday at 3 am...yes I said A.M.!!! And she didn't stop til Saturday night. She remained sickly until yesterday (Sunday). On top of this, I caught it Saturday at 7:30pm and stayed violently sick til mid Sunday afternoon. I wish Shelby's had been that fast. Today we are all well and praising God for that and that Josh didn't catch it! Josh and my mom were real troopers and I bet 12 loads of laundry were done in these few days. Man it was bad!!!!
So.....that's that and all I've got, and thankfully don't have anymore!! Lol
In the meantime ive been contemplating make these for valentines for Shelby's class....

With different text of course....
Like..."look Whooo loves yoooouuuu!"
What cha think?

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Woooo Pig Sooie!!!

Raggedy Toms turn into Razorback Spirit!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New year.

Soooo I need some advice. I need to update my iPad to the new iOS and for the life of me can't figure it out. I don't have the ipad2. HELp!!! I did manage to erase ALL if shelby's videos on here :(. Booooooo

I do love my new iPhone 4! I didn't see much difference in the 4s and 4 other than the huGe price diff (got my iPhone 4 for $67!!!). I love the pics it takes with Instagram!!!!! Here's a few I've done....
Ps, I also need advice on a good, user friendly iPad blog writing app. I hate this free blogger app and I need my iPad upgraded to use my old BlogPress app.