Monday, November 30, 2015

Burton/Kee Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

This year we decided to go to Branson for Thanksgiving. We left Wednesday and came home Saturday. Gigi and Gramps went with us too! Everyone had a blast and the rain held off on Wednesday for us to enjoy Silver Dollar City!
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! We are soo thankful for wonderful family! LOTS of pictures so FYI, it's a long post!
 Wednesday: Silver Dollar City Fun

 Thanksgiving Day at Mrs. Fincher's with the Cross', Burton's & Kee's!

 After Thanksgiving, we drove on up to Springfield, Missouri to see the Largest Bass Pro Shop ever and OMG was it large! It was soo awesome! I had to buy shoes because my feet hurt from walking so much!

Then we drove back to Branson and had Thanksgiving supper at Shorty Smalls. It was a neat place and the kids LOVED the hog ride!

Buddy the Elf sent Shelby and Rhett a new special friend to love and cuddle while he was back home... Dixie the reindeer!

 These two were wild Mohicans and LOVED to play in Rhett's pack-n-play that he never ended up sleeping in...
On Friday, we had lunch at the Dixie Stampede... it was amazing! We had never seen the Christmas show before...

 After that, Shelby, Gigi, Gramps and myself went to the Butterfly Palace. Josh and Rhett didn't want to go so they went and ran some errands...
my FAVORITE reptile!

 This trip wore Rhett out... he slept between Josh and I all week and did so well. Each morning both kids ended up in bed with us, but it was cuddly and sweet.
 Traveling home was LONG since it rained the entire way home but it was still beautiful. I love this barn that's nestled between the mountains....