Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SAU Rodeo 2015 & Color Congress Prep

Shelby loved the rodeo this year at SAU, as usual! She went all 3 nights and LOVED seeing her 3 team members of Shaw Performance Horses ride too, "Big Shelby," Lilly & Byrd. She and her best buddy, Berk, had a blast and front row seats all 3 nights! They were so cute! I went Friday and Saturday night and it was awesome to see!

We head out to Tulsa for the Color Congress Horse Show THIS THURSDAY! Shelby is super excited and I'm SUPER nervous, but won't show her that! Shelby will ride Friday and Saturday mornings (I believe). You can watch her here:

I FINALLY finished her shirt. :) She's gonna be one sparkly rider! This was SOOO FUN to do! We found the Wrangler shirt at Boot Barn and I hand-glued each stone. There's over 2000 on it. This was SOOO fun to do and I can't wait to see her! She's wearing a black hat and purple chaps :)

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