Sunday, January 31, 2010

Playroom progress & Giveaway Results!

Well, the room is painted, the ceilin fan is up & the floors are etched....we've gotta stain them tonight! the leak(s) did not ruin/damage the sheet rock, WOOHOO!! The wall color is called "Wicker" but is a medium-toned khaki. :) The ceilin fan globe is beautiful! It's irredescent colored like a rainbow but not crazy! LOL.. soo beautiful! :) We will stain the floor tonight, probably get the floor molding in this week and touch-ups and the fun begins!! we are more than likely goin this weekend to get the antique furniture from my grandpas house this weekend :) soo stoaked!!
ok so i'm sure you're more concerned about the giveaway results. LOL... here goes: all had excellent guesses but no one, well other than Shelley, guessed what it is but Shelley was shown the actual item b/c I was showing her a trade randomly chose...OH, THIS IS WHAT THE ACTUAL PICTURE ITEM looks like:

The left item is a sole, the right item is the top of a shoe!!
And this is what the finished product looks like:

I know this was a tough one!!! Sorry... :(
But the pic is of these cute shoes cut out to become baby shoes, BIZZY B'S NEW ITEM! These are sewn 90% by hand.... I can do NB - 12 month size for now but can also do additional sizes if you like :) The ones cut out are not sewn together yet and can be adorned w/ any item on the toes. The pink & white ones are for sale or if the winner likes, can be their prize! Otherwise, the winner has a choice of the brown and cream swirl fabric for the shoes. The pink & white ones are 6-9 month size. Shelby's feet are too big for them so I'm guessing a size 1 b/c she can wear a size 2. If the winner has no need for baby shoes, I am willing to work something out for the prize! ok......and the winner is....
The DeLongstockings!!!
who wrote: " The DeLongstockings said...
I'm guessing a personalized banner or bib? Sheesh! This is hard :) Can't wait to find out what your latest creation is Bekah!"

Congrats!!! Thank you to all of you who actually commented and left sweet compliments & comments. Shelley, if you had a LO who could wear the shoes, I'd send ya some anyway! LOL...
"The DeLongstockings", Please email me/ message me your contact info and I'll be sure to send your handmade item!!! Please do so by Wed. otherwise, I will chose another winner randomly. :) I tried to find your blog but couldn't. :(

Thanks again y'all for ur compliments and comments!
This was fun and I'll be doin another one real soon, not as hard though this next time... OH, and I am taking orders for baby shoes now! I can also make these styles:

These are patternsthat I HAVE PURCHASED , I DID NOT create the style, but I have altered the design as my own. I do not own these pictures nor this idea but I have made the shoes my own design, for those of you who have seen these on Etsy before :). Just wanted to clarify I do not own this idea. :)
~God bless,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giveaway Comments

WOW!! Your comments are sooo original, creative and good guesses!!!! But, it's not Sunday yet so the revelation won't come until then, sorry....Maybe Monday depending on how busy I am trying to keep Shelby satisfied. She's teething really bad on top of her "almost ear infection"....
Keep the comments coming! Some of you are close... :) One of you in particular but...I may have to disqualify that person b/c I shared with her the finished product
Go here to see the giveaway post and leave a comment of your thought of what this is! :)
~God bless!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Playroom :) & :(

Well, Shelby is feeling some better today. I kept her home from Minnas again and took her out to Mammy's for the day to have her undivided attention and all. LOL.. her fever broke and she was acting more like herself when I left her this morning so we will see! Keep praying! And I'm feeling some better. The antibiotics are helping some I can tell :).
We also woke up to this:

In case you can't tell, those dark areas on the concrete is water from the MONSOON outside coming inside from underneath our new, just primed wall....yeahp.... so, the construction guys are "supposed" to come address the "issue" and HOPEFULLY solve the issue sometime soon. Until then... we are at a standstill. We do have an installed ceiling fan, primed & painted ceiling and primed walls, well that is until the water came in and HOPEFULLY DID NOT DAMAGE IT! So...who knows...
BUT, on the Up-side, my wonderful vinyl loving, designing sista from Wonderfully Wordy sent this via email to me this a.m. to brighten my day!(Click the Image to enlarge it so you can see the beautiful details of this wonderful piece of art!):

She already completed the vinyl wall-art design!! DO U SEE THE PINK BOW ON THE SHELBY BIRD?!! O M G..i about flipped out when I saw how adorable it is! I LOVE how whimsical and just adorable the whole thing is! It's also Shelley's very first time to do anything like this so I"m happy to say I have a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art! :) You know how I like originality! I cannot WAIT to get it in, and put it up...course, hoping that the wall will be painted it's lovely shade of "Whicker" which is actually a medium-toned khaki, and that there will be stained concrete WITHOUT water seeping on it.. :( lol...
Have a blessed day and check out Shelley's stuff and tell her Bizzy Bs sent ya! :)
~God bless u on this rainy or snowy or just plain NASTY weather day,

OH, WAIT WAIT, DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY! GO HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!You've got till Saturday and then I'll post everyone's comments and see who the winner is based on your answers!
God bless,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

GIVEAWAY!! Blog #2 of Jan.28

This is my very FIRST "Giveaway!" Yeah!! So, here's the deal, whoever guesses what the pic below is of, you win "this" item to soon be completed! :) And, yes these are "fabrics" so, NOPE, that's not gonna win use your thinker people! One and only one person can win b/c this item takes time to make...when it is made, it's handmade, for real...meaning 90% of it is NOT sewn on a machine...this is a never-before made Bizzy Bs item so you can't cheat and go searching through my previous posts to find this already made. :) sorry :)....just wanna see how creative the answers will be. And those of you who are sewers will probably pick this up quick or those of you who have seen this before/made it yourself before...OH and YES it's been cropped b/c a part of it was too obvious to me it seemed so, sorry..AND MOM, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE B/C YOU'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS AND THAT'S NOT FAIR B/C I SHOWED YOU THE END PRODUCT :) In different colors :) u mom :)



Oh and the sooner I get answers, the sooner I can post this new product by Bizzy Bs :) So... I'll give ya till Saturday to decide and will reveal the product on Sunday or Monday. :) I hope this doesn't turn into a flop and no one responds...LOL... I truly feel no one really reads my blog anyway..haha..but it is great therapy for me and it's fun! Oh well, here goes nothing :)
~God bless,

No More Construction!!! BLog #1 of Jan. 28

I HAVE TO show you Shelby's BFF, well they've never met but have seen each other's pics before..This is my BFF's, Nichole, daughter Cambry. She is 8 days younger than Shelby. She's the one I met on the What to Expect When Expecting website forums and we talk EVERYDAY almost and send pics and texts. Even though we've never met, we are definitely sisters at heart! She's also the one that came up w/the playroom decor ideas!

So the playroom is construction FREE!! Well, not from us though... Josh primed the ceiling last night and installed, what he could, of the ceiling fan/light. For some reason, the ring that covers the outside of the fan motor would not stay on so he and his dad will figure that out tonight but O M G...this room is gonna be fabulous!! I am soo excited!! Here's last night's pics...

Yes, the little lighted tree stays up all year long. There are two of them, one on either side of our fireplace. Yes, i need to take the fake snow and poinsettas off of them and take down my mantel garland and berries and outside garland and berries and lantern bows but DO NOT JUDGE ME... I am still celebrating Christmas in my heart and at my front door and fireplace :)..are you? :) LOL...
The "nook" where the remaining window and brick is, is the Bizzy Bs area. :) I am taking just that small area for my things. I am not going to store my fabrics out there b/c, well, that in itself is a WHOLE OTHER ADDITION. LOL I've taken up one whole side of our floor to ceiling shelves in our guest room closet of JUST fabrics! LOL.. again, DO NOT JUDGE...collecting fabric does not add pounds or harm to my health so I see it as a healthy, safe, addiction :) judgement :)....
We are going to finish the ceiling fan installation, probably prime the walls and go pick out our wall paint the rest of this week and weekend. I'm HOPING by the weekend to have it all painted and ready for me to decorate. We also still have to clean and stain the concrete. Not too sure how long that's gonna take but that's a "man job" so I'm stayin outta that! :)
OH, and I got Josh to agree, I was asked by a fellow blogger/church sister/friend how big the whip was I was crackin at Josh b/c she wanted to borrow it for her husband (LOL), to this too for this part of the wall by the window as u look into the room from the great room:

NOT THE WHITE, OR THE COLORS OR THE CHAIR RAILING AS MUCH AS I LOVE ALL OF THIS PICTURE, but the WALL VINYL! :) It's gonna be chocolate brown with 4 slate blue/gray blue birds. We are going to apply 3 of the birds for now for the 3 of us and then MAYBE when there's a "4th lil bird" we'll add the other. NO "lil birds" in thought yet, AT, this is just a pic I borrowed to send to my friend who did this vinyl for us(the April 17th post), if you remember and have read my blog a while, to see what she can do for us. I LOVE her work and want to support my fellow creative-chicas as much as possible so Shelley was my 1st thought when I saw this. :) I can't wait to see her work and get it all on the wall!! Oh, this is where it's gonna go:

LOL yes, I used the silly Paint program to do
I'll be sure to take pics of our progress!!
OH, I sewed 1 of the 1st new items Bizzy Bs is gonna offer last night! :) Hee hee!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
~God bless,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vintage Pearl & Heather Bailey

OK so I have 2 new obsessionS, yes I know that's bad but at least it's not harmful! lol.. I am IN LOVE w/ The Vintage Pearl blog and my fav piece is the Dainty Eclectic and hope I get this for my birthday! I even have the charms shape and initials picked out w/ the special meaning for each one and what a coincedence that Shelby's birthstone is a pearl! LOL.... Really must have this.. :)
Also, Erin, the Vintage Pearl creator, blogged about Heather Bailey today and OMG... i WILL DEFINITELY be ordering from her soon! Check 'em out and shop around! Tell them you found their information from Bizzy Bs! :)
~God bless,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiresome Tuesday

Have you ever felt like there's a weight on your shoulders soo heavy you can hardly move and you are so tiresome that you wanna stay in the covers for like a week? This is kinda what I've felt like since the end of last week. This weekend was a whirlwind of emotion, gossip, rumors, lies, truths, YOU NAME IT and without specifics (because they are unnecessary) I simply ask for prayer that peace, humility, kindness, love, gentleness & strength would dwell over this community. Lives have and will continue to change...this is life...there is nothing we can do to stop that but trust God for WHO HE IS. God's plan is ALWAYS greater than ours and even though we do not see that initially 95% of the time, it doesn't mean He's forsaken us or forgotten us. We are having growing pains! I remember being pregnant with Shelby all too well what "growing pains" truly felt like so that's what this is. We all need to be growing together and not falling apart. Love is all that matters... as a dear, precious friend quoted to me, "beauty from ashes..." Isaiah 61 talks about this and how true that is...
I've learned this week that I'm a person who feel like I have to carry other's burdens on my shoulders. A friend told me, "you are a caring person who feels the need to be a burden carrier. It's good that you are so caring but it's not your burden to bear or carry." How true she is. I guess I always feel the need to have everything fixed, in line, organized and everyone happy. Well, as we all know, that's an endless battle that can never be won. Guess it's also my OCD spirit. lol... I really feel like I've been in a dream and will wake up any minute but that's not the case so what I've gotta do is pick myself up, and continue caring but not a burden "carrier"... God is my burden carrier...He paid the price that I might live and have life ABUNDANTLY, that means TO THE FULLEST!Right now, I'm not honoring that. I've dwelt TOO LONG on the past and the "could be's and what if's"...
So, my "therapy" to get me out of this valley is creativity. Always has been, always will be. My mind seems to work the most creative when I'm in a trial or valley. So, we'll see...My wheels have been churning and turning all week and BOY O BOY do I have some neat ideas! So, I'm off to write them down before I forget..guess I can't blame it on pregnancy-brain any longer so I must find some excuse for my forgetfullness..any ideas? LOL...
well I HOPE to have something new to post tonight or tomorrow as a result of my "therapy" session I plan to have after Shelby goes to bed, which by the way, IS A AMAZING that she puts herself to sleep now. We HAVE TO put her down at 8:30pm (no later than 9pm) or she is a bear and no more rocking...she wants to be laid down, w/ her Sally the Seahorse (had an unfortunate incident w/ Sammy being slammed on the floor on purpose by mommy trying to make him work again b/c that was advice that had been given to me so I aided in his death and cannot for the life of me throw him away so Shelby has a "Sally" (Pink Seahorse, are you surprised?) and a "Sammy" (which he's just there for moral support), a pink fluffy bear that was a Gund Soothing bear but the stupid music got on my nerves when she'd play it at 3am so the mechanism was PROMPTLY removed) and her "Bankie" (blanket) and she's good as gold. Sleeps about 10 hours a night! Wakes up at 6 - 7 am SMILING AND HAPPY! :) We are so blessed...
hmmm.. what valley?? I live on a mountain-top because of God and the blessings He has given me!
~God bless

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fluffy Flowers & Change

So first off, THE PLAYROOM IS ALMOST DONE! Tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan.26th)it will be finished for us to paint, stain the concrete and put the floor moldings in! :) We have changed our minds on the paint color for the walls. The yellow was gonna clash w/ the rest of the house colors and would stick out like a sore thumb since it's gonna be an opened room into the great room. SO..... we've decided to go w/ khaki for the walls, a brown for the concrete stain, and still use the torquoise/slate blue for the accent colors (painting some furniture that color as well as decor). We found the ceiling fan as well as a FABULOUS RUG at Home Depot (Josh's fav store ever) and they are gorgeous! The rug is a shag rug, yes, SHAG, and it's chocolate brown, khaki and slate blue! SOOOO GORGEOUS! Here's a few pics of the progress

Well, Bizzy Bs has a new addition to the hair adornments! Fluffy Flowers!!
These are full of personality and sass! One even has zebra print petals! LOL...

Nighty night & God bless,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ThoughtFULLLL Thursday

Today I am FULL of thoughts, as the header I am amazed at how far our construction has come on our new addition/enclosure of our back porch into a Shelby Playroom/Bizzy Bs sewing Nook. They got the ceiling sheet rock hung and mudded today so that's the only newness that's not in these pics below. It's gonna be sooo nice! I can't wait to have floor space back in our great room and a place to call, well a little corner of a room to call, my very own! :) I also can't wait to start the decorating process that Nichole is sooo graciously gonna help me do all the way from of cell phone picture texts will be sent her way! LOL...
This is the progress so far... They did all this Monday & Tuesday, yesterday's HORRIFIC storm set them back, and then today's progress was just ceiling sheet rock so it's not impressive enough to take a pic of but look for more updates to come!
Our back porch BEFORE:

Transforming into a Playroom!!

There are going to be 3 windows connected together in the "framed window area", not one HUGE ONE...safer that way....The window on the right that already exists will remain and the door to the left is going to be taken out for it to be an open walkway from the living area/great room right into the playroom. :)

Change of subject....
Well, Bizzy Bs is kicking off again... I've got a new diaper bag order in the works, a FABULOUS new flower hair clippy that is totally new and gonna be soo cute (Thx Ashley C. for your order!), and a BRANDE NEW handbag design that I CAN'T WAIT TO START on that will be known as the "C & S vintage line." This new line is a thoughtFULL colaboration that Nichole and I thought up some time ago. She makes the most FABULOUS antique jewelry pieces and vintage dangles that she and I thought would make a wonderful addition to a new and vintage handbag. SO, she's making the jewels and I'm makin the bag. The "C" of "C & S" comes from her daughter who is 8 days younger than Shelby, is named, Cambry and the "S" is well, duh...for "Shelby"... here's a preview of what's to looking for this new handbag! it's a whole new shape, style and overall look than I've ever done before and it's gonna be FABULOUS!! :)Not tellin you where the prints are going, how they'll be arranged or used, or even what the FABULOUS piece of custom-vintage-jewelry that Nichole made HERSELF is going..just gotta wait! Use your imagination ;)...

STAY TUNED!! Bizzy Bs is gettin VERY BIZZY!! LOL... Can't wait to finish these amazing ideas filling my head!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


so the inevitable happened...I caught "the bug" AGAIN! Not as severe as Josh or as I had it before, thank goodness, but I am sick today and in the bed. I have caught up on some much needed rest but feel like I need to clean this house but my body just doesn't allow me to do so. :( UGH!! Shelby was "banished" to Mammy & Pappy's last night in a flicker so I didn't even get to say goodbye or goodnight or give her a hug :*(. I cried...a lot... I've enjoyed SOOO MUCH spending this entire weekend being with her and caring for her. I could get used to that! LOL...It was really tough seeing her go lat night. I guess my separation anxiety is still present on top of the other issues I'm dealing w/ in that area.

Yesterday I figured out how to use our new video camera and got some REALLY cute videos but, have no idea how to upload them. LOL... so Josh has to show me how to do that so look for videos to come to Bizzy Bs! Maybe I can do some tutorials! :)

I am soo thankful that construction on our playroom/Bizzy Bs nook, started today!! Not so happy about the sawing, banging and such waking me up but it was 11am that it woke me it was time to get my bones outta bed, even though I didn't b/c I felt like I was gonna thrwo up...anyway... these pics give you and idea of what room will look like! It's gonna be painted a light mustard-yellow and have chestnut wood floor molding and possibly a chair railing. Not sure about if we'll do crown molding or not...we may...All these ideas and pictures are thanks to my BFF, Nichole who I met online, we've never met in person, from Our girls are 8 days apart in age. Her little one, Cambry, is Shelby's BFF, they just don't know it. LOL.. they send each other pics to each other via anyhoo..she's AN AMAZINGLY TALENTED woman of God and has such a desire to be an Interior Decorater and we have promised each other that if we are EVER living near each other (She lives in Terre Haute, Indiana) we WILL open a Boutiue/Interior Decor store and live happily ever Here's her talents put to work..she has such an eye! She found all these images for me to get an idea and is guiding me through this process of a clean, new, blank canvas!

it's going to be soo fun! it's a combination of each pic so give me some input on what from each pic do you think is neat and something I should incorporate!
~God bless,